Come for the growth. Stay for the people.

We’re a small but very effective startup growth consultancy and agency based in and around London, UK. We believe in helping your customers get their jobs done, our framework, and the power of experimentation. 

Do the right thing

Like the startups we work with, we’re also constantly experimenting and adapting to changing customer behaviours.


From our decades of collective experience growing businesses of all sizes, we’ve learnt the right and wrong way to build a customer-base from the ground up. We decided to turn ‘the right way’ of designing and delivering a growth strategy from theory into a evidence-based decision making framework.


Meet the team

Kate Fairhurst

CEO and Founder

Chris Peters

Chief Client Officer

Jack Bartrop

Head of Product Marketing

Selena Arsene

Growth Programme Lead

Monika Kauliute

Growth Marketing Manager

Jenny Teasdale

Growth Consultant

Our promise

✓ We will never choose the easy way out or assume X will work for Y because it worked for Z. 

We will always listen to data first and put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. 

We demand two-way accountability so nothing gets in the way of growth. Because we only succeed when you do.



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Is GrowthMinds right for my business?

We choose our partners carefully. Our favourite and most successful clients have two things in common: open minds and being unafraid to find solutions through collaboration.


We also work with startups all over the world. We haven’t invented the solution to timezones yet but we always find a way to make it work.