You know your startup, we know growth hacking

Our big hairy audacious goal

We are working to be the world-leading resource for startups to realise their full potential, get funding and reach exit.


We’re growth hackers, not magicians

Like our startup partners, we are also in constant beta. As our team and experience expands, we will always equip our partners with the insight needed to scale. We want to build lifelong relationships with everyone we work with and offer value long after growth is first realised.

growthminds team picture in london


We love what we do

We are a team of data analysts, business strategists, ethical hackers and growth marketing experts.

In past lives we’ve worked with some the biggest scale-ups and all kinds of B2C and B2B businesses.

Together, we bring a powerful mix of digital marketing best practice, fresh thinking and outside-the-box ideas to the table.

What makes us different to ‘growth hacking agencies’?

When you partner with us, you get access to our tried-and-tested, yet cutting edge, processes, ideas and technical skills. We’re not a faceless agency that works away in the background.

We work closely with all our partners to help them understand and solve their blockers to growth. To realise our big hairy audacious goal, we are also working to productise our frameworks and growth hacking processes. As a partner, you are first in line to benefit from the new tools we’re developing.

GrowthMinds are a fantastic organisation to work with, they are always looking at new and innovative approaches to our digital growth which has proven successful in our commercial pipeline growth. They always go above and beyond and feel an extension to our team.

Collette Johnson, GeoSpock

The GrowthMinds story (In the words of our founder)

At the turn of 2016, I noticed that scale ups had a common challenge. The increasing complexity and technical nature of digital marketing meant that smaller companies didn’t have the diverse range of skills in-house to plan and implement effective digital marketing campaigns in order to grow.

The solution, to assemble a highly experienced team to act as an external marketing department and CMO for startups. Our technical expertise could be plugged-in to solve the unique challenges of every company we worked with.

The marketing industry had changed and digital marketing requires an increasing set of technical skills and know-how. Growing startups simply can’t justify hiring the amount of people with skills needed to ensure detailed analysis and effective targeting of resources. Finding one person with all the strategic, technical and operational skills is pretty much impossible.

So GrowthMinds exists to solve this problem, by offering an external team of ‘growth minds’ with all the skills needed for modern digital marketing as and when needed.

I joined forces with Petteri Erkintalo, with his own impressive track record of rapidly scaling businesses with Omni Partners. Together with Niklas Lahti we formed GrowthMinds.

They also knew the market was ready for a new approach and that by launching a growth engine to disrupt the traditional agency world, they could offer a positive impact whilst building a really successful and profitable business. The team conceived a business that would help the 99% of the UK market to successfully scale in a way that delivered bottom line. A growth-engine that capitalised on their own success in growing businesses and the entrepreneurial tactics it requires, and put that knowledge into action for clients.

With over 1000 successful growth hacking experiments delivered, our team and knowledge continues to grow.


Kate Fairhurst

CEO, GrowthMinds