Data driven growth marketing

Our approach is lean, agile, and effective. We like to get straight to it – trialing multiple approaches, and measuring what works: data-driven growth marketing. We won’t waste time and effort writing long reports on strategy and how effective different approaches ‘might’ be.

The results speak for themselves: we’ll quickly find what works for you, then focus resources where they matter.

Client Results

  • Over 1000% increase in conversions
  • 600% increase in app downloads
  • Reach 1m new users in 5 months
  • 1570% uplift in referrals
  • 107% increase in web traffic

Working with us

When you work with us, we’ll quickly get up to speed with your business, your goals and your audience.

We’ll get the right message out to your target audience, then use data-driven growth marketing to refine what we say, and how we channel your messages based on the results.

Digital marketing is full of gurus and geeks who’ll blind you with science and terminology. At GrowthMinds, we like to keep things simple, and let the results do the talking.





Your customers are at the heart of what we do, so we’ll ask lots of questions about your goals, your products, and your target audience.

We’ll figure out where you fit in the competitor landscape, and using data insights, understand what clicks with your target market, so we can create compelling ways to engage and your audience. Our content development team take great care to craft content in your tone and style, driven by what your audience responds to.




We’ll ‘sow the seed’: spreading targeted messages via multiple channels, and analyse the results closely.

From SEO, automation and influencer outreach, to social advertising, PR, and user journey optimisation, we’re highly experienced at creating successful digital marketing campaigns that reach your goals.





Our activities are 100% driven by results.

With data-driven growth marketing, we tailor your digital strategy based on what works – following the approaches that yield results. Our analysis capabilities rapidly identify receptive audiences, approaches and channels to focus further resources on, and avoid wasting effort in non-productive areas.




Unlocking growth

With comprehensive analysis capabilities, we’re able to check you have the full chain of information you need from all your different systems. And making sure we have visibility of the data, we can map which path your audiences take, and where they’re dropping out of your conversion funnel.

A clear understanding of the impact your digital platforms are having maximises your conversion rate, and guides you to opportunities for increasing sales.




GrowthMinds provide a full service offering of data-driven growth marketing tools. We take your goal and figure out the best way to achieve it.

Kate Fairhurst, GrowthMinds CEO and Co-Founder

Max impact for minimal spend

We create packages of optimised services to deliver rapid growth: scaling up your online community in a highly cost-effective way.