We are experimental and 100% backed by data

Taking guesswork out of growth hacking

Partnering with us is the fastest way to embed growth hacking into your business. Our tried-and-tested processes will identify your biggest opportunities to scale. Our expert team will then make your business goals reality.

What does the road to growth look like?

Straight after your intro strategy call with us, we’ll start building your road to growth. This gives you instant access to our proven growth frameworks and expert team.

Step 1

Understanding your growth blockers

We will look under the bonnet to perform a complete audit of your customer journey and existing marketing channels. Turning data into insight, we will generate ideas to fix leaks in your marketing funnel.

Step 2

Applying the MINDS framework

Based on your KPIs, we will build a strategy using our database of over 1000 tried-and-tested marketing funnel experiments. We prioritise the experiments most likely to create impact using our MINDS framework.

Step 3

Scheduling a flightplan

We will design an experiment programme in weekly sprints and schedule progress catch-ups. As we gather data, you will learn alongside us.

Step 4

Repeat and iterate

We will translate data into actionable insights, optimisations and new experiment ideas. We don’t stop testing and iterating until we have found the formula to smash your targets.

In one quarter GrowthMinds helped us to increase by 8 times our conversions. Beside the significant growth of our pipeline we can now rely on an end to end growth process from demand generation to close deal.

Andrea Sorensen, Head of Marketing of Strongpoint

Working with us

Because we immerse ourselves in your business, we go above and beyond what you would expect from a ‘growth hacking agency’.

We’re a startup ourselves so we know your time and budget is precious. That’s why your KPIs are our only focus.