Let us introduce you to the MINDS Framework

We have hacked the process of prioritising growth hacking experiments

With a database of over 1000 tried-and-tested marketing funnel experiments and a highly creative team, we are quickly able to generate extensive pipelines of growth hacking experiments to impact focus KPIs.

To make our process for prioritising the most impactful experiments as transparent as possible, we created our own data-led framework.

Measurability + Investment + Necessity + Difficulty + Speed

= MINDS Score


Assessing experiment ideas as a team, we give a score of up to 5 against each of the MINDS criteria. Scores ranging between 0 (don’t even think about it) and 25 (needs to be done yesterday). This allows us to quickly identify which experiments should run first.


How precisely can we track results?

Using UTM codes, website tags and pixels, we accurately measure the impact of experiments on conversion. Assessing each experiment idea in this way ensures the KPIs are the driving force behind our strategy.



How much budget is needed?

Ad spend costs are not the only investments that experiments need. Everything from a software licenses to a freelance graphic designer is part of an experiment’s cost. Only channels with significant ROI will allow you to scale your spending.



How confident are we of success?

Without experience running growth hacking experiments, predicting success is guesswork. This criteria allows our expert team to upvote bold experiments with massive potential ROI.



How simple is implementation?

Time and budget is precious to startups. We don’t like waiting round either. This criteria allows us to quickly make our way through ‘low hanging fruit’.



How quickly can we gain statistical significance?

You want results straight away. As do we. To find scalable tactics at pace, this criteria give our strategies the urgency that your business challenge needs.

As we begin to experiment and assess early growth signals, we input key metrics and learnings back into the MINDS framework. Based on successes (and failures), we also continue adding experiment ideas to the pipeline. If a project needs to pivot, all stakeholders can easily access the logic behind the change in strategy.


Want to see what the MINDS framework could look like for your business?