How to compensate for a lack of marketing expertise in your business

Marketing know-how can take your business to the next level and growth marketing can do it really quickly. But budget management can be tricky for early state startups and marketing is often low on the list of priorities.


“Marketing, schmarketing,” I hear you say. It may be an area of your business that you’ve not given much love to in the past, but its importance cannot be overstated.


So, your business might be lacking somewhat when it comes to marketing knowledge and you are considering calling in some outside help. A common scenario. Before jumping in at the deep end it is vital that you find the best solution for your business and get clued up.


Have you considered costs? Some agencies charge large fees and it is worth scouring the market to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.


It is also essential to consider which facet of your business will benefit from a touch of marketing magic. Does your social media game need stepping up? Maybe your email newsletter could do with a rework? Different agencies meet different needs so do your homework.


“Marketing, schmarketing,” I hear you say. It may be an area of your business that you’ve not given much love to in the past, but its importance cannot be overstated. Click To Tweet


How to plug the marketing know-how gap

Here, we offer you a few tips on how you can plug the knowledge gap when it comes to marketing from within your business.


Hire an agency

Your startup will not have the budget that big corporations possess so hiring a third-party agency is often the preferred option. There are stacks of marketing agencies out there that will cater for a range of needs, so it will just be a case of doing your homework before picking the right one for you.


Agencies such as Kexino, Startup PR and Chalk & Cheese Media have years of experience and pride themselves on providing bespoke marketing services. However, beware, as employing these types of agencies can involve a huge financial outlay. Here at GrowthMinds, our expertise combined with our savvy approach results in an extremely cost-effective offering which includes the opportunity to outsource your would be marketing department.



Networking is key to the success of any business, no matter what size it may be. Networking can, of course, be used to increase awareness of your business and products, but have you considered networking as a means of deepening your knowledge of marketing?


A simple Google search of ‘UK marketing conferences’ will return plenty of results and you’ll be surprised by just how many are on your doorstep.


Spending a day or two with like-minded professionals can only be beneficial. You are guaranteed to learn something new from attending conferences and who knows, you might even bump into someone from an agency that would be willing to promote your brand.


Learn from others around you

Ask fellow founders what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t when it comes to marketing.


Know someone whose business is a similar size to yours but has 10 times as many Twitter followers? Ask them what their secret is. Perhaps a friend’s start-up has a website that is a lot slicker than yours? Ask them which website creator they used and how much it costs.


It is also worth asking if anyone in your business has any marketing contacts. Co-workers may have used particular agencies in previous jobs or heard of someone through a mutual friend.


Make the most of the people you are working with on a day-to-day basis. Talking to people from your inner circle can be more profitable than you might think.



If the thought of leaving your firm’s marketing in the hands of a third party is not particularly appealing, then you could always try the do-it-yourself route.


The internet is awash with articles offering marketing hints and tips. Searching for keywords relating to your business will yield plenty of results. Specialist bloggers are also worth keeping tabs on.


‘The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for Your Small Business’ and similarly useful title can also be picked up relatively cheaply in all the usual places.


Once you’re suitably clued up and have some insight on how to market your business, it’s time to put your methods into practice. Try it, experiment and learn from it.


And don’t do it alone. Find someone in your company who is eager to broaden their marketing horizons. Somebody you can bounce ideas off of will lead to a much more rewarding creative process.


If you’re looking to alleviate your marketing headaches then get in touch to find out what options are available to you.