Busting some common myths about content marketing

Content can boost your Google rankings and send sales into the stratosphere, but that doesn’t mean business owners don’t have valid concerns about its effectiveness.


From cost to impact, website owners are right to question whether the addition of blog pieces or videos will actually make a difference to their organisation’s performance.


Like any kind of marketing, editorial won’t make a digital silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but it can play a key and quantifiable role in improving performance.


Here are a few explanations in response to common assertions made by website owners that are doubtful about the benefits of a content strategy.


I already have a good Google ranking!

Great! Good for you. If you’re already up near the top of the charts and receiving plenty of traffic without any kind of content strategy, you’re really bucking the market! Remember, though, there is always further to climb, and you could be doing even better by adding some more great content. It’s also worth thinking aboutmaking improvements to ensure against a drop in the future.


Furthermore, are you ranking well for all of your service areas? Sometimes we can find ourselves with a successful ranking in one area but many services that remain invisible to search. Having a strong editorial strategy fixes that, and also boosts your brand in those areas when you share that content socially and through your email newsletter channels.


I’m getting lots of visitors already!

It’s great that people are finding their way to your site, however while attracting visitor numbers does affect your ranking it’s not the only show in town. Search engines also consider the duration of visits to your site, so it’s important you give people a reason to stick around. Adding more content to your site, such as blog pieces or review sections, could therefore have an impact on your ranking.


Furthermore, do you know that you are getting the right kind of visitors? Only by having a content plan that speaks about your service areas can you be sure to attract audiences with the same interests as the services you are wanting to draw attention to. This doesn’t have to be a blog – keyword landing pages are important too – but regularly updated insight and analysis really does help here.


I get my content for free!

Whether you’re loading your site with cut-and-paste blogs or free product descriptions from retailers or manufacturers, if it’s free, you’re unlikely to rise above your competitors. While it’s good that you are populating your site with content, you are missing an opportunity to improve your position through exclusive, rich editorial.


Content isn’t just about having ‘stuff’ it’s about showing who you are and what you think. Can you really do that by using another company’s voice? Maybe you can curate and add to the message but simply copying and pasting is not advisable.


If you’re looking into writing your own content, check out our go-to guidebook on writing your first blog posts!


Adding exclusive content will be expensive!

Spending money on stock, office space or wages all adds up, but expenditure should have the effect of boosting sales and growth. You might spend a few hundred quid on content marketing, but if it generates a surge in rankings and sales it’s undoubtedly worth it. Having said that, it’s possible your existing staff might be able to play a part in generating content such as blogs or videos, so consider if they can add such tasks to their workload.


If you would like to find out how great content could make your company even greater, get in contact with us at GrowthMinds.