How to create a successful seasonal marketing campaign

It’s that time of the year again. Summer has been and gone in the blink of an eye, the nights are drawing in and nobody will complain if you put the central heating on. With Halloween, Bonfire Night and (whisper it quietly) Christmas around the corner, it can be a busy time of the year – both personally and professionally.


Holidays such as the ones just mentioned represent a great chance to add a seasonal twist to a marketing campaign. Halloween is no fad and can be used as a great tool to attract customers, while a well-thought-out Christmas campaign can propel firms into the wider consciousness – just ask the bosses of John Lewis.


Tips for a super seasonal marketing campaign

Here, we provide a few pointers on what to consider when creating a successful seasonal marketing campaign.



We all know people who stock up on Christmas gifts months in advance. Perhaps you’re one of those people yourselves. A similarly organised approach to your advertising campaign can pay off. Don’t do the marketing equivalent of rushing to the petrol station at 11pm on Christmas Eve and grabbing what’s left on the shelves.


If you’re planning a Christmas marketing campaign, then you should probably start putting the wheels in motion now, if you haven’t already. Make the relevant parties aware that you’re planning something. When are your customers most likely to be responsive? October half-term? Mid-November? December 10?


Specially-designed products or services can also be a great way to tempt an impulse-buy. Customers will be aware that these won’t be available in a few weeks so make them impossible to turn down. Such an approach might require a lot of prior planning so if it’s too late to target the Halloween or Christmas markets, there’s always Valentine’s Day!


Research the market

The afore-mentioned John Lewis is an example of how Christmas marketing campaigns can work, and the retailer’s adverts seemingly generate more hype with each year that passes, like their Buster the Boxer ad from last year



While your business might not have the budget that John Lewis possesses, there are elements of its campaign that can be drawn upon.


John Lewis’ adverts are not in-your-face, tinsel-waving productions. They are subtle, they tell a story and generally enhance the brand’s image with what feels like the personal touch. Their budget may be thousands of times greater than yours, but your core principles should be the same.


Successful campaigns are also relatively simple. Don’t bombard yours with stuff that isn’t relevant. Scan the market to see what works and what doesn’t and try something emotive that will really engage with your customers or clients.


Reuse old ideas

So, you have a seasonal marketing campaign that has worked in the past? Use it again this year. Chances are customers who used the service last time around will be eagerly waiting to see if you’ll be offering a similar promotion this year. They might even have recommended you to a friend or family member.


Of course, it would be foolish not to tweak campaigns to account for any changes in customers’ purchasing habits, or recent trends in your sector. But a good idea is a good idea forever, so don’t be afraid of revisiting old material. And yes, we did just quote David Brent. Don’t judge us.


Social media

It goes without saying that social media can be used to elevate any marketing campaign. Promotional videos can be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, while initiatives such as virtual advent calendars can be incorporated, too.


Why not come up with 25 unique Twitter posts for each day of December, featuring limited-time offers or examples of your work? Taking time to create bespoke GIFs to accompany the tweets will give your profile a degree of authenticity and make your followers pause for thought while scrolling through their timelines.


If you don’t have time to create something as in-depth as an advent calendar, then simply adding a touch of decoration to your social media profiles can be just as effective. Whether it’s adding a Santa hat to your profile picture, or a few snowflakes or cobwebs to your background image, these subtle changes can make you stand out from the crowd.


If you’d like to talk more about seasonal campaigns, or boosting your company throughout the year, get in touch with GrowthMinds.