These data analysis tools could be the making of your marketing drive

Your digital platform can only reach its true potential if you manage it properly, and that means focusing on your visitors and their habits. Customers might be clicking like crazy, but if you are not monitoring and assessing their behaviour you will not be able to capitalise on this success.



There is an almost unlimited supply of data available to marketers, and all of this can be used to direct better decision making and, hopefully, drive more sales. The goal is to make the most of the data without having to hire a team of staff to collect and analyse it, and that’s why you need the right tools for the job.


Here are five great cost-effective and simple services to help you manage your strategy.


1. Google Analytics

It’s free and simple to use, and provides key data such as who is visiting your site and what they are looking at. To measure basic things one only needs to implement a single JavaScript tag on the site, although there are experts out there who can help to fully utilise analytics data.


2. Excel

Spreadsheets are key for anybody or any business looking to record data, and then do something with it. It’s useful for everything from pricing to accounts and even creating graphs to view this quarter’s achievements. The great thing is that you just have to enter the info once, and you can then use it in all manner of ways. Loads of people use it in their day-to-day jobs, and you might discover that everyone from your husband to your mum is an expert.


3. Optimizely

This is a great tool for A/B Testing – the comparison of two versions of a web page to see which performs better – and can be incorporated to your site through a snippet of code. As a bit of advice, make sure you have established why are you are testing in the first place. Don’t waste your time with testing if the answer is already clear, but be wary of too many decisions based on hunches rather than facts.


4. Lucky Orange

This is an amazing tool that offers site owners the chance to snoop on customers in real time. With Lucky Orange, you can chat with visitors on your site and actually watch their mouse move around the screen. You can then generate heat maps of clicks, mouse movements or eye tracking or even create quick insightful polls.


5. Mailchimp

Reaching out to your customer list is a no-brainer, so you should aim to send out regular newsletters, product promotions or other messages. Mailchimp lets you modify, maintain, distribute and develop email and customer marketing, and can be used by anyone who has a basic grasp of Word. Beyond this, look at the various CRM systems out there which help to manage and analyse customer interactions with the goal of improving retention.


At GrowthMinds, we believe that thorough data analysis will make sure that you get the most from your marketing spend. We can help you can track your performance across your channels and see what’s working effectively. Get in touch!