GrowthMinds brings in another team member – welcome Tim Hanson!

GrowthMinds is delighted to welcome Tim Hanson on board as we continue building our client-base. This extra pair of hands means we can keep pushing our clients’ businesses above and beyond and add more support to our team.

Many hands make light work – especially with highly creative people like Tim around. We want you to get know him as we do, so that everyone understands who he is and what he’ll be responsible for.

We sat down for a catch up with Tim and recorded a Q&A for you all to learn a little about our newest team member! Enjoy…


So, Tim, welcome to the team! Tell us what it is you’ll be doing with GrowthMinds.

Tim Hanson: I’ll be part of the team helping with Client Growth. My role as Client Growth Hacker is to oversee client campaigns and build our clients audiences, reputation, and revenues. This will involve lots of implementing digital marketing tactics but also guiding clients on go-to-market and product development strategy too.

After we’ve put in place things that we know will be helpful then the fun experimenting begins.


Sounds great, so what were you doing before?

Tim Hanson: I worked at a Structural Engineers creating interactive 3D timelines showing how skyscrapers would be built. I designed and wrote the software to make it happen and from there created their go-to-market strategy of how to the platform and get it out in front of prospects. I was also responsible for the company’s SEO and grew their website visibility massively for them.


Wow – that’s really interesting! What else have you done on the business growth front?

Tim Hanson: For the last two years I’ve run my own ‘home improvement’ digital agency during my evenings and weekends. Everything I know about digital growth, SEO, paid marketing I learned from courses I took online. Having a project to test my knowledge and what I know meant that I learned faster and I could get used to dealing with clients plus of course learn all the skills I need to growth hack a scaleup business.


That’s really impressive! A real role model for our clients. But what made you choose GrowthMinds?

Tim Hanson: I joined the team to bring my knowledge to a wider group of clients and ultimately help scaleups with their growth. I joined to be part of a growing team that really cares about and is proud of the work we’re doing and to work with clients in the tech space.

I have a few friends running their own startups in London, just in industries I know little about, so it’s great to be part of something that I understand and want to be a big part of as it grows.


We’re lucky to have you! What are your top tips for those keen to learn about digital growth?

Tim Hanson: My top tips for learning about digital growth are to not be so delicate about trying things. Set up a WordPress site and put that 20-minute YouTube video you watched to work. Set up the analytics and look at numbers, post on twitter.


Try everything that you learn and see what it does. Don’t wait until you feel you know everything, because by the time you actually start to get something in place you realise you know nothing and you’d have been better just learning from your own mistakes and success. That being said, find courses and videos and Slack groups and forums to learn from. Don’t stick to one source.


That’s some brilliant advice right there, thanks, Tim! So, enough about work… what do you like to do in your spare time?

Tim Hanson: In my spare time I like to play games, both board games, and video games. I’m trying to solve a Rubik’s cube in under 30 seconds by the end of the year and I love to walk my dog. I also ski for as many days as I can out of the year.

Good luck with the Rubik’s cube!! Right, time for the quickfire round to get to know a little bit more about you! Ready?

Tea or coffee: Large Black Americano

Early bird or night owl: Night owl mostly, until it runs over into early bird

Cats or dogs: My lovely German Shepherd – Booker

Winter or summer: Winter means snow, snow means skiing

What’s the last song you listened to? Joakim Koam – Canals

What’s your favourite quote? I find that a duck’s opinion of me is largely influenced over whether or not I have bread.

To set up a chat with Tim get in touch with us here.


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