GrowthMinds hires another pair of hands!

It’s been a crazy busy last six months at GrowthMinds HQ, with existing clients growing rapidly and our own client base building too. So, we’re really happy to have an extra pair of hands on deck: big welcome to Emma Leason!


Emma does business development at GrowthMinds

Our new girl Emma!

Emma’s not backwards in coming forwards (seriously, you should meet her) so she doesn’t need any profile boost on our part, however we wanted to introduce her properly so everyone would know who she is and what she’ll be responsible for.


So our digital growth hacker, Gina Edwards, sat down with Emma for a cup of tea (OK, it was wine) and a chat and recorded this nice little Q&A. Enjoy!


Gina: Hi Emma, great to have you on board! For starters, tell us what you will be doing with GrowthMinds?


Emma: Hi Gina, great to join the team. I’ll be responsible for growth, just like you and the rest of the company. I totally recognise that because we’re a scale-up everyone has to be hands-on to build the business and our market awareness.


In my role as business development manager, I’ll be focussed on growth in two different areas. Firstly, I’ll be responsible for creating growth plans for new clients and ensuring that we develop the right campaign structures to deliver their business objectives. And secondly, in bringing on board new clients for GrowthMinds I’ll be growing us too!


Gina: Sounds great, so what were you doing before?


Emma: For the last 4 years I’ve worked as new business consultant with content marketing agency Sticky Content. This means I helped well-known, major household names to devise and implement a digital marketing and content strategy to align with their overall business KPIs.


This ranged from user persona work to micro-content optimisation. Before that I worked for the Press Association’s business services division that provides PR, online marketing and SEO solutions to a broad range of businesses across all sectors.


Gina: Perfect, that’ll all come in handy. What have you done on the business growth front?


Emma: I’ve been working in business development for the past ten years, building revenues for different parts of the Press Association. And the services that I’ve been providing to clients during that time have all been about growing specific business functions, such as brand awareness, website visits or time spent on page.


Outside work I’ve also spent my life growing new ventures such as my art business and getting into the entrepreneurial spirit. So growth is something that is very instinctive to me and it’s exciting to be able to productise my expertise in this area and help other businesses with their own rapid development.


Gina: You superstar! I can see why we hired you. So, who should get in touch with you?


Emma: Anyone and everyone! I like meeting people and am always up for a coffee (or glass of wine) and a chat to share ideas and contacts. I’m also specifically looking to meet any entrepreneur or business owner who wants their business to expand more rapidly and would like some help to do just that. I always explore what’s doable and am very open with advice and ideas so no-one’s going to get a hard sell. It’s about getting a much-needed ally in the battle for business expansion and some inspiration too.


Gina: I can certainly recommend a glass of wine with Emma. So, why did you join the team?


Emma: Kate (our Chief Growth Officer) was the first manager I had at the Press Association, she’s a forward thinking and inspiring leader and I was keen to work with her again. I also felt GrowthMinds would be a good opportunity to learn more about the data-driven, analytical side of successful digital marketing as two of our founders Petteri and Niklas (based in Helsinki) are also talented software company entrepreneurs who have been delivering creative, audience and technology for more than 20 years.


In a nutshell, I will be working alongside the best, people I have absolute faith in, and as well as helping SMEs to grow and succeed, which I feel passionate about I will also be contributing to my own personal growth and knowledge of the current digital landscape.


Gina: How lovely! So as a growth expert, what is your recommended reading about digital growth?


Emma: Digital growth spans so many different disciplines that I read a lot of different and varying titles. Growth touches on lots of digital marketing strategies and campaigns such as SEO or content marketing but it also focuses on growth hacking and entrepreneurial product development and go-to-market strategy. So I read anything and everything that keeps me inspired and creative in those fields.


For example, I read Techcrunch to find out about new startups that are getting investment and to learn about what is making them succeed. I also read Talia Wolf’s blog Get Uplift which is focussed on conversion optimisation and Growthx for tips on innovation and business growth.


It’s about finding a balance, though. The growth industry is evolving extremely rapidly so it is important to keep your finger on the pulse, however it’s also such a creative space that it’s equally important to keep an open mind and experiment. Experimentation yields data which in turn can be used to learn and optimise campaign performance.


Gina: Some top tips in there, thanks Emma. OK so enough about work. What do you do in your spare time?


Emma: I have a young family – Mimi aged 21 months and Charlie aged 8, so outside of work i’m usually negotiating ipad time with my son or trying to stop my toddler from pulling the cat’s tail!


When I do get some ‘me’ time I love to paint and sell contemporary artwork under my maiden name of Emma Bateman Art (I went to art college in York back when I was a teen). Other than that I enjoy keeping up with the latest interior design trends and sourcing new looks for my home (I’ve been featured in Ideal Homes a couple of times!).


I also love food & drink (who doesn’t?!). I’m a particularly keen advocate of trying out different types of gins – my favourite at the moment is Slingsby Rhubarb Gin mixed with Fevertree ginger ale! Mmmm….


To set up a chat with Emma get in touch with us here.