The LinkedIn plan you need to boost your B2B marketing!

With more than 400m global users, LinkedIn is THE social network for the business world. While it may not have the overall reach of Twitter or Facebook, it is a place where people feel comfortable talking about work, sharing business ideas and connecting with peers rather than posting photos of their pets and kids.


As with the other networks, LinkedIn can be done well and badly. Get too salesy and people switch off, be too abstract and you’ll lose your connections’ interest.


Your social media content strategy should include a balance of your best blog articles, offers, and industry-related news. Your success can be judged in terms of interactions, a growing number of connections and, ultimately, new sales opportunities.


Here is a snappy yet comprehensive list of LinkedIn tips for your B2B social media strategy.



LinkedIn Groups are less popular today than they were two years ago, however they are still great places to find people who are all interested in a particular business vertical. Click To Tweet


1 Plan ahead

If you stick a photo of your lunch on Instagram you might not consider that you have a social media strategy as such. LinkedIn is a little different for most as they seek to create or further their business network.


In order to achieve the best results, you need to plan. Find articles that you wish to share, and other content – from blogs to infographics – that are relevant to your industry. Then organise the content on a calendar, perhaps linking some of them with specific dates. When you have a plan, you not only save time, but you are able to focus your energy on finding the right content for your audience.


2 Regular posts

Don’t be a stranger, but don’t be a pain. 20 posts a day comes across as needy. Let’s be honest, people may also wonder whether you actually work! Post once a year and you’ll be considered retired.


To help you achieve the right balance, here are some guidelines:


Status updates: 2-3 times per week

The white box located just below your picture on your homepage can be used for quickfire updates. These may be your own thoughts on a relevant subject or links to interesting articles, websites or videos.


Long Form Publishing: 1-2 times per month

LinkedIn long-form posts are a way for professionals to share their insights on LinkedIn in the form of a blog that is linked to their profile. They are considered among the most valuable tools for B2B marketing as they offer business people the opportunity to influence and engage their audience, and often gain huge traction in terms of Likes and sharing. These blogs, including ‘top tips’ and opinion pieces, should have a headline that will make your connections eager to click. They can be illustrated with infographics and imagery.


Find out more here.


3 Be sociable

Your regular activity is sure to lead to greater interaction with other LinkedIn members. This could be increased views, connection requests, or even direct messages from viewers. If people are viewing your profile or requesting to connect, why not strike up a dialogue with them. By uncovering what interested them about your profile, you can then begin to uncover potential opportunities for collaboration.


Make sure to interact with anyone who comments on your posts. Be gracious about any positive comments, and try to answer any questions about your content.


4 Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Groups are less popular today than they were two years ago, however they are still great places to find people who are all interested in a particular business vertical. Don’t overwhelm the discussion with your sales messages but – as with all social media – sit back and listen and learn where the conversation is going. This will allow you to add information that is useful and informative to group members.


5 Create Pages

If you are looking to boost a corporate on LinkedIn, you have to try creating pages. LinkedIn now allow companies to have Company Pages and Showcase Pages. Why not try having one of each of these for your business?


Company Pages are great for publishing top level corporate information. Company Pages are information centres and will allow you to explain the brand of your company on LinkedIn, while also creating useful inbound links to help your SEO.


Showcase Pages are extensions of Company Pages and are more about engagement than Company Pages. As such, they are much better marketing channels. At GrowthMinds we use Showcase Pages to focus on a particular client initiative or product and publish all the high-value content that we produce on the pages to stimulate discussion and engage readers.


6 Try a campaign

Last but by no means least, don’t forget to try a small paid advertising campaign on LinkedIn. The platform has three different mechanisms for advertising – Text Ads, Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail.


Having tried all three, we find that Sponsored Content advertising campaigns provide particularly good conversion rates. With a Sponsored Content advert you can amplify the material on your Showcase Page so that it is placed within the front page stream of your target audience.


You can be very specific on the audience that your sponsored content is served to. Choose those people who match your target location, market vertical and job type and you can be sure that you are not wasting your money.


Implementing an effective growth strategy can prove a landmark moment for your startup. To find out how GrowthMinds can help your organisation reach its potential drop us a line here.