How to make your newsletter title STAND OUT

A title can engage readers if it is right, or enrage them if it is wrong. If you don’t hit the mark, forget about the great content that follows the lousy title within your message – the reader will simply press delete and move on to the next one. Here are seven top tips for how to create the perfect newsletter title.


1. Keep titles short and sweet

According to a study by KissMetrics, you have about six words to impress the reader in the title, with the first three words and the last words being the ones that really stand out. A study by Mailchimp found that short, straightforward titles bring better results. After all, you might just have one second to make an impression! Although a one-word title can make an impact, it is commonly recommended that the title should be kept below 50 characters. Such a strategy yields the best percentages of the message being opened and a smaller risk of the title being cut off mid-sentence in the subject line.


2. Ask questions

Questions can work better than statements in newsletter titles. But you must know your target audience and, in an ideal world, be able to ask a specific audience engaging questions. The FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) factor can be important. Moreover, if you tie in a neutral question with a key message, such as ‘Are you ready to miss out on this offer?’, recipients could be lured in.


3. Get personal

If you have the ability to segment your audience, a personalised approach can be extremely effective, even beginning with the simplest strategy – inserting the recipient’s name in the title of the newsletter. Localisation is another approach that can be fruitful by mentioning the recipient’s city or neighbourhood in the title.


4. Consider how to make your newsletter engaging

So-called emoticons – a mini picture – as well as numbers and punctuation marks, can engage the recipient. People are naturally attracted to numerical modes of presentation, which is why lists are hugely popular online. A single number in the title can draw in the reader.


5. What’s new?

A mention of a new offer or product in the title is an easy way to increase the likelihood of your newsletter being opened. However, it is important to vary the offers and test different options, such as inserting giveaways and sale percentages, to see what works best. Also, it is important not to ‘shout’ the message. Offers and sales in capital letters is a bad idea as your newsletter subscribers may well get fed up soon.


6. Shock and awe – create marketing buzz

A humorous or creative approach can strike a chord with recipients – but it can also backfire badly. To err on the safe side, sticking to subtle wordplay rather than something brash can work well in humorous titles.


7. Act now to avoid disappointment!

If a newsletter title includes limited product availability and sale periods then click-throughs have a good chance of increasing. It is worth remembering though that limited-edition offers do not work with every segment, so you need to research your target markets.


8.Keep on top of new trends

Ensure that you’re up to date with the current trends in titles, are people using emojis? Are you trialling new things, can you split the list to test new titles for a portion of your list?


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