5 point plan for successful online sales

A customer’s progression from interest into actually buying something can be long and hard. It is important to make the experience a positive one and remove any hurdles that may dissuade them from going any further. Here are some top tips to make the most of your customer interactions and get maximum sales.




In order to attract visitors your store must be easy to find. As with an traditional shop, customers will be less likely to go in if it’s hidden down a side street and doesn’t advertise itself. It is therefore extremely important to invest time and money in making sure that you are known to your target customers.


  • Make your website work for SEO
  • Have a social media presence
  • Consider some paid advertising



Competition is increasing between online stores and it is increasingly important to stand out from the crowd so your potential sale doesn’t leave again. Once someone has come to your site, give them the information that they need and make it easy to find.


  • Make sure your shop’s appearance – is attractive and up to date.
  • Include useful information such as prices, delivery times, benefits and customer service.
  • Many sure your products are attractively presented and that product information is current and in depth.
  • Include product endorsements and benefits for buyers.
  • Have unique content which is attractive to your site visitors



With online sales, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure that the buyer sees the process through, proceeds to check out and pays for the goods. According to research, up to 70% of would- be purchasers fail to commit at the final hurdle. The following mechanisms can be used to encourage potential customers to buy immediately:


  • Award a bonus for purchasing within a particular timeframe. This has the effect of creating a feeling of urgency and taps into the fear of missing out.
  • Use ways to boost sales such as awarding free gifts, free delivery, discounts, product endorsements as well as selling additional products or services to existing customers.
  • Display customer testimonials so customers are reassured that the product is right for them
  • Consider rewards that trigger once a shopping cart reaches a particular value
  • Give multiple options on payment method



Customers are the bedrock of a thriving, online business. It takes time and money to find a buyer so it is worth retaining their loyalty. This loyalty is best seen when the customer returns to your online store, perhaps on a regular basis.


  • Use your marketing newsletters to provide ahead-of-time information about future products related to their purchase
  • Notify customers of offers that may be available within a particular window
  • Think seasonal and keep in touch with customers around particular times of year with items that they may need
  • Offer loyalty discounts



There is nothing more powerful in any type of sales than a recommendation from your customer to their friends. Not only does it drive revenue but is also increases your online visibility through social interactions and blog posts.


  • Encourage customers to rate recommended items
  • Capture customer feedback on their buying experience
  • Offer incentives for customers to share with their friends that mean that they will bring business to you
  • Incentivise customers to talk about their new products on their social media accounts
  • Capture feedback through surveys


Do you need help with any of these suggestions? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll share some more advice with you.