Ultimate SaaS Startup Map of London 2022

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the biggest sector of London’s startup scene. Having helped grow many London SaaS Startups, we’ve learnt where founders have successfully upskilled, found investment and created a hub for their business. So to help you navigate London’s thriving SaaS ecosystem, we’ve created a handy map including our pick of the city’s startups, accelerators, incubators, VC’s, training programmes and places to meet.



Why London?

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020 places London joint second in the world for its startup ecosystem, tying with New York and trailing only to Silicon Valley. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty produced by Brexit, tech businesses in London mananged to raise approximately £7.6 billion in 2020.


The UK is one of the few major startup ecosystems with a startup visa program which was launched in the spring 2019. Startup investors are also able to claim up to £150,000 of their investment back in income tax relief. In recent years, these benefits have further secure London’s position as Europe’s startup focal point.

London has an established position at the cutting edge of tech. Previously in Fintech, but now also AI and Healthtech. It’s critical we leverage this advantage — attract the best talent and build a supportive ecosystem.

Suranga Chandratillake OBE


Balderton Capital

Standing out from the crowd and unlocking the benefits of the city’s technology scene can have a huge impact on a startup’s growth. But without a comprehensive overview of the city’s ecosystem, London SaaS Startups can struggle identify the best opportunities and make valuable connections.


The SaaS scene in London is constantly changing, so if you’ve got a top recommendation for our map, please get in touch! Here’s what our Ultimate SaaS Startup Map of London has to offer:


 250+ SaaS startups you should know about →

  London’s best Accelerators & Incubators for SaaS startups →

  Top VCs for SaaS investment in London →

  Training opportunities for founders →

  Places to meet → 

250+ SaaS startups you should know about


There are more than 1,500 dedicated SaaS businesses based in London. We’ve selected and mapped just over 250 London-based SaaS startups making waves in 2021.


The City of London has always been the UK’s business epicentre and is still a magnet for SaaS startups of all sizes. However, in recent years, London’s SaaS startup scene has exploded across the city into new, thriving areas.


City of London









We analysed all 250+ startups in our map to find the most commonly used descriptors used.




Enterprise software


Artificial intelligence


Machine learning


Big data


Human resources


Cloud computing


Social media


Retail technology


Business intelligence



London’s best Accelerators & Incubators for SaaS startups


New SaaS startups can hugely benefit from the support, business mentoring, workshops, office space, IT, and facilities that accelerators and incubators can offer. Although equity and investment models differ between organisations, London has experienced a rapid rise in the number of accelerators and incubators in recent years.


With such an established scene, specialist support can be found for startups at each stage of their evolution:



Accelerator Academy

Southwark | Programme for ambitious digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.



MassChallenge UK

City of London | Global non-profit startup accelerator and competition with a focus on high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs.



Entrepreneur First

Southwark | Investing in technologists to help them build a deep tech company from scratch.



Go To Grow

Southwark | Part of the Mayor’s International Business Programme. They offer a programme of mentoring, expert advice and real business opportunities for high-growth companies in the life sciences, technology and urban sectors.



Founders Factory

Kensington and Chelsea | Partner for startup founders.



Techstars Worldwide

Hackney | Network that helps entrepreneurs.



Wayra Start-up

Westminster | Investing in mature and technological startups.



The Bakery 

Hackney | Helping big organisations to be more innovative by working with, and working more like, the amazing global ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs.



The Sandpit 

Westminster | Applying the Private Equity model to start-up acceleration.




City of London | Global network of industry-focused startup accelerators that provides investment and mentorship services.




Camden | Accelerator exclusively for tech nonprofits.




Southwark | Offering entrepreneurship support activities across London.



The Pi Labs

Westminster | Europe’s first property tech venture capital platform.



Bethnal Green Ventures 

Tower Hamlets | Early stage investor in tech for good.



Innovation Warehouse 

City of London | Bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and innovators.




Tower Hamlets | Connected community for finance, cybersecurity, retail and smart-city technology businesses.



Microsoft Scale-Up London 

City of London | Offering programmes for scale-stage startups.



Digital Greenwich 

Greenwich | Free specialist business support programme to digital SMEs who work in the creative, digital or smart city arena.



Top VCs for SaaS investment in London

As the most invested in startup ecosystem in Europe, London is home to some of the world’s biggest investors in SaaS businesses. London is not only attractive to VCs because of generous tax reliefs, but the city is celebrated internationally for its talent and culture of innovation.


With such a diversity of SaaS startups based in the city, there is also a range of VCs offering funding and support to business’ at different stages of evolution:


Passion Capital 

Camden | Early stage venture capital firm.



Islington | European seed fund that identifies and invests early in world-class founders attacking large global markets.


Startup Funding Club SEIS Fund 

Camden | Exclusive group formed by business angels to invest in early stage digital startups.


DN Capital 

Westminster | Early-stage venture capital firm with offices in London and Silicon Valley.



Westminster | Specialising in seed, startup, Series A, early venture, mid venture, late venture, emerging growth, and growth capital investments.


Albion Capital 

Islington | Independent investment manager with a long-term record of backing change and growth.


Downing Ventures 

City of London | Division of Downing LLP, invests venture capital into early and growth stage technology businesses.


Jenson SEIS & EIS Fund 

Westminster | Supporting UK start-ups with EIS & SEIS funding.


Forward Partners‍ 

Hackney | VC + operational expertise to supercharge startups.


Playfair Capital 

Camden | Early-stage fund backing founders building technology that changes the way people live and work.


Ascension Ventures 

Westminster | Supporting Entrepreneurs from Seed to Series A.


Frontline Ventures 

Islington | Investing in ambitious seed-stage B2B companies in Europe.


Force Over Mass

Kensington and Chelsea | Venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in technology companies.


Index Ventures 

Westminster | Helping the most ambitious entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into global businesses.



Westminster | Seed fund that focuses on the game ecosystem.


Fuel Ventures

Islington | Early and growth-stage venture capital firm that powers a global community of entrepreneurs.


Notion Capital 

Westminster | Technology fund focusing on marketplaces, platforms and SaaS companies in the UK.


Octopus Ventures 

City of London | Venture fund focused on the SaaS-based and cloud computing markets.


Balderton Capital 

Camden | Multi-stage European venture capital investor backing talented teams with the potential to build big businesses.


Connect Ventures 

Hackney | Series A-focused European venture capital firm.



Camden | Helping the most ambitious entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into global businesses.


Training opportunities for SaaS startup founders

Every SaaS startup is different, but with the right skills, small teams can make a big impact. Typically, the perfect recipe for a SaaS startup is expertise across engineering/technology and product/UX.


Constantly expanding technical and product design skills can therefore keep a business ahead of the curve, making it far more attractive to investors. Learning directly from experts in engineering/technology and product/UX often is the fastest way to master skills that can directly impact a startup’s growth.



 Camden | Offering a range of courses in web design & development.


School of UX 

 Southwark | Hands-on UX design courses with career advice run by professional designers.


General Assembly 

 Tower Hamlets | Wide range of subjects from 90-minute classes to full-time courses.


Academy Class 

 Islington | In-person courses for Designers and Developers.


Flat Iron School

 Islington | In-person courses in coding, data science and UX/UI design.



 Islington | Usability, UX and UCD Training Courses delivered by this Service Design & UX consultancy.


Training Dragon 

 Camden | Web development training courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced.


London Academy of IT

 Tower Hamlets | Affordable IT training courses.


Places to Meet

We love hopping on the tube and meeting with new startups across London. As a result, we’ve found some great spots across the city to to meet for a coffee (or a beer after 5pm) and chat about the right and wrong ways to grow a SaaS business.


If you fancy meeting up or if you’ve got a recommendation to add to our map, get in touch!