We’ve got a great sales team – why do we need marketing?

“We don’t need to worry about marketing,” I hear you cry. “Our sales are through the roof!”


Ah, a common misconception. Sure, a sales team that is hitting every target is a vital part of any successful business. But a well-thought-out marketing campaign can be just as valuable.


Of course, sales and marketing go hand in hand. Marketing drives sales; sales data influences marketing. Here, we’ll give you a few pointers on how you can use both to your advantage.


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Marketing attracts the casual customer

When a customer calls you directly, hits your website or enters your office or store, it is pretty evident that they have an interest in whatever it is you have to offer. They have gone out of their way to sample your product. That is when your skill as a salesperson comes into its own.


Marketing, though, is a much more nuanced practice and is about attracting the customers you don’t yet have. It could be a poster on the London Underground that catches the eye of a passer-by, or a targeted Facebook advert that leaps out while potential customers are scrolling through their timeline.


In the digital age, a successful marketing idea could reach thousands, if not millions of potential customers. Get the marketing right and the leads for sales will take care of themselves.


Sales and marketing dream team

Consumer research falls under the marketing umbrella. Having a better understanding of your customers’ preferences can only help when it comes to the actual transaction.


Ask customers to fill in a simple questionnaire once completing an online transaction to garner what it is they liked or, heaven forbid, disliked about their experience. Position the questionnaires so they are difficult to ignore, too. Make the customer feel like their opinion is valued and they will be more inclined to give up an extra two minutes of their time.


Any information gathered, no matter how small, will come in handy. It will improve marketing decisions – perhaps email shots and offers – which in turn will influence sales. Sales and marketing – it’s all just so symbiotic, you see!


Marketing can be outsourced

For some business owners, the mere mention of the word ‘marketing’ can lead to them waking up in the wee hours in a cold sweat. You’re nodding in agreement, aren’t you?


If you can relate then fear not, as there are plenty of third-party marketing firms such as GrowthMinds out there that would be willing to lead your campaigns.


Whether it’s simple tasks such as the management of social media profiles and sending out weekly newsletters, or trickier assignments like website creation or product development, your marketing can be outsourced.


New skills through marketing

Perhaps you are the ebullient type and selling just comes naturally. While this is a fantastic trait to have – and all successful businesses have such members – an eye for marketing can be just as useful.


Taking time to construct social media posts or putting together online newsletters requires a different skillset that will allow you to explore other areas of your professional profile.


Being firm but fair is the sign of a good salesperson. Conversely, there is often a subtlety to a good marketing campaign, so being able to call upon both techniques will only prove beneficial to you and your business.


There may be a time where a sales pitch requires a more considered approach, or a marketing campaign is in need of a bit more bite. But being strong in both sales and marketing will give you such versatility and will help you stand out from the crowd. You can never have too many strings to your bow.


If time is of the essence and you need rapid growth and fast then you need growth hacking. Get in touch here and we’ll put together a growth plan which we can start executing as soon as you’re ready to move.