We've partnered with Teston.io to transform startup user testing

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership that gives UK startups the opportunity to validate product/market fit and identify opportunities to scale faster. The collaboration with Oslo-based user testing platform, Teston will provide scaling businesses with greater access to human insights and quality testing to inform their growth strategies. 


Born of a requirement for early stage businesses to have greater control of their market resonance, this new partnership will provide deeper insight into user journeys than heatmaps and analytics can offer. With this new partnership we are able to overcome our clients’ barriers to growth more effectively. The insight into customers’ emotional, functional and social motives provided by Teston allows us to create scalable marketing funnels that resonate with startup’s target audiences.


Speaking about the partnership, Kate Fairhurst, CEO of GrowthMinds said “Having helped grow UK startups across industries, we have seen the impact that removing friction from a user journey can have on a startup’s ability to scale. We use cutting edge tools to measure online user behavior and inform our strategies but direct user feedback is massively underutilised. Organising user feedback is often a hassle, so it’s no surprise not enough businesses and agencies use it. Our partnership with Teston removes barriers to user testing, making it easier and more affordable.”


Working with Teston to connect with remote user testers, we are now able to quickly gather detailed reactions to specific elements of a startup’s user journey. With every tester matched based on detailed target audience criteria, the process provides startups with cost-effective, unbiased and unmoderated feedback. Recordings of each testers’ face, voice and screen, allow us to fully empathise with users’ pain points. 



Since launching the partnership, we have been able to identify marketing funnel leaks faster and implement impactful data-driven experiments inspired by user feedback. As heatmaps and sophisticated analytics become more prevalent, the partnership with Teston allows us to translate detailed insight into tactics that give startups a competitive edge in their market. Solutions inspired by Teston insight have been proven to impact customer acquisition and retention KPIs, both of which are key to a startup’s success.


Teston’s CEO & Co-founder, Chris Moen said: “Businesses don’t test their products and services enough, and they know it. This is even more vital for early stage businesses. We’re thrilled to be partnering with GrowthMinds and helping some of the UK’s most exciting startups transform how they gather the market intelligence they need to scale.”