Attracting audiences to your digital platforms takes time and money. After all that energy wouldn’t it be terrible if they navigated away immediately? We want to make sure that your audiences will move through your conversion funnel so you get your return on investment. Your digital platforms play an enormous part in this. At GrowthMinds, our goal is to increase your sales. We consider how your websites and apps are determining your audience behaviour, your page views, and your conversion rates.

We can guide you to success

Our digital strategists lift the lid on your platforms and establish what’s working and what’s not. We assess the path your audiences are taking and where they may be dropping out of the conversion funnel. By understanding the impact that your digital platforms are having, we can deliver you the maximum conversion rate. We will guide you as to which opportunities exist to increase your sales at the best return on your investment.

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Usability Analysis                 Digital Strategy                            Technical SEO                        Conversion Strategy

Expert development of your web services & platforms

If it appears that your web services are letting you down, that’s where we call in the big guns! Through our sister company, Nord Software, we can build, refine or revolutionise your platforms. Our friends at Nord have decades of experience of producing technologically superior web services. People at Nord are coders. Developers. Programmers. Authentic, code-blooded nerds. Along with tailor made software, they are experts in the eCommerce and mCommerce markets. Nord services include e.g. platform & software integrations, building business-critical websites & apps and software auditing.

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Software Development                     Website                                         Platform Integrations                       Usability & Visuals

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        Applications                                      eCommerce                                  mCommerce                              Maintenance