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Liquid Accounts
One of the originators of cloud accounting in the UK, the multi-award winning Liquid Accounts is a leader in online accounting software for SME businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants. No other company offers the range of functionality supported by an easy to use application. The power and modularity of Liquid Accounts means it is the perfect scaleable tool for sole traders all the way up to larger international organisations who require advanced features that no other online competitor can match. Importantly, Liquid is one of the few affordable Cloud accounting providers that can offer your business a bespoke service where your actual business needs are analysed and software is developed to provide you with a specific solution that properly does the job for you and your team. Our entire suite of SaaS products are developed, stored and supported from within the UK. A Proven UK Accounting Solution: We have taken the stress out of accounting by giving our customers control over their finances, wherever they are working, so they can concentrate on what's important... growing their businesses.

Campaign and Digital Intelligence: the Prospect Analytics Pioneer. CANDDi tells you WHO is on your website, not just how many people. It tracks visitors across time and multiple devices, combining behavioural data with social profile information to provide actionable sales insight to boost ROI. CANDDi helps you to: - Close Deals: Enable sales teams to make intelligent, timely interventions with rich profiles and real-time behaviour tracking - Nurture Leads: Identify the hot prospects and the nearly customers and automatically nurture them towards a sale - Optimise Marketing: Cut sales cycle length and cost by focusing on the campaigns that deliver sales not just leads

The delightful delivery experience platform.  Sorted is a global SaaS company, with API first technology running frictionless online checkouts, warehouses and shipping in 9 countries around the world using services from our carrier library of thousands.

Leaders in Call Intelligence Connecting and powering calls, from campaign to conversion. Call Intelligence provides real-time, actionable insight into what makes the phone ring, for marketers to optimize campaigns and call centers to maximize the value of sales. If the phone is an integral part of your customer's buying journey, make every call count.

Malinko are passionate about applying technology and expertise to enable NHS Community Services, Social Care Community Services, Cleaning and Maintenence companies solve their staff scheduling problems. Malinko have a strong belief that these organisations should have the opportunity to use cutting edge software which is interoperable, easy to use and enable them to achieve optimised and efficient schedules.

RealityMine enables many of the world’s largest market research and media organisations to monitor real consumers on multiple devices, across all major platforms, revealing unique insights from real life consumer behaviour. Our RealityMeter technology can be deployed across Android, iOS and desktop platforms, and is deployed by leading panel owners and research clients across five continents. RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, England, with offices in London and Sydney.

We enable estate and property management professionals to make decisions, maximise ROI and support operations based on 100% accurate information. Our platform takes precise CAD drawing information and translates it into accurate baseline data that can be used by all connected applications, from finance to asbestos software and CAFM software. We improve control and visibility in every aspect of property, estate and space management by enabling consolidation of multiple data sets. We also put precise, accurate real-time information in the hands of on-site operatives through our cloud-based SaaS platform. We are estate and property management specialists; we understand the complex requirements of organisations in healthcare, education and commercial sectors and we offer a configurable platform and a range of complementary applications including help desk software , asbestos software and lease management amongst others. We take great pride in delivering an excellent level of customer service, offering consultancy, solution support and collaborating with our customers to learn and improve our solutions. Our approach is business-focused with straightforward licensing, short deployment and free platform upgrades.

What We Do On average 67% of website visitors who start the checkout process don't complete it. Formisimo helps reduce that number. If you can understand how your users engage with your website then you can improve your site and then increase sales, but the checkout process is often overlooked. Users interact more with your forms and checkout than on any other part of your site; more clicks, key presses and time than on any other page. To improve their experience and your conversions, it's important to understand what users do in the checkout, where they're frustrated and what causes them to leave without buying. Formisimo is a tiny piece of code that you can install on your site in seconds. We then measure what every user does in your online forms, we record this and crunch the data to reveal why they didn't buy from you. Use our interactive, segmentable reports to gain a deep understanding of how your forms are used, then use this data to improve your process and increase conversions. It sounds like a simple way to increase sales, because it often is. Who We Are Formisimo is a technology startup based in MediaCityUK in North West England. We're a small team (eleven experts and growing) who want to make it easier for people to fill in online forms. That means providing data to help our customers make online checkouts, contact forms and any other online forms easier to complete. An online form is usually the last stage in a buying or interest process, after all you can't buy from an ecommerce website until you navigate through their checkout. That’s why Formisimo is a business focused on improving this critical, complex step Our team is supported by great advisors and investors: we're backed by the North West Fund, Creative England and the "first round fund" Seedcamp. Among our advisors is non-executive director Keith Wallington who spent six years at Mimecast. Our Story Formisimo was founded by Al Mackin and Tom New, and the technology was born out of their frustration with filling in forms and online checkouts. Al had founded a digital marketing agency where he used data and analytics to improve the performance of his clients websites. Realising that no analytics platform could help him understand user behaviour in forms, he created a prototype that could measure how website visitors engaged with forms. The first prototype was created with two key principles: it had to be installed within seconds, and it had to reveal data that would lead to an increase in website conversions. Those two principles are the foundation of everything we build. Al and Tom went on to develop the Formisimo Analytics platform: an easy-to-use cloud-based analytics package that shows you why website visitors don't complete a form. In 2014 they received VC and Angel backing that allowed them to grow the business further, and in 2015 they received follow-on funding from their VC, Angels and Creative England.

The PowerLinks platform enables brands & media businesses to adopt and scale native advertising. PowerLinks’ customizable technology enables all buyers and sellers of native advertising to connect into one global programmatic marketplace. With open APIs, white label services and a self-service dashboard, PowerLinks is the only customizable platform powering the creation, transaction and management of every native advertising format across all devices, globally. Our platform provides full-stack technology, with a real-time bidding Ad Server and Exchange, and comprehensive data management powering the delivery of personally relevant native ads.

Membr’s innovative fitness platform connects the fitness industry with its members. Features such as online exercise plans and health stats tracking helps you to give them the support they deserve, while online bookings and payments make it easier for members to access your services. It ensures you stay connected with your members while you run a slick operation inside the gym.

AppLearn® started its journey in 2001 as a System Integrator, implementing HR systems for world-leading organizations. During this time something became very clear to us, getting people to use technology is a huge challenge. Over the last decade, AppLearn® has worked with world-leading organizations, throughout their digital transformation projects, and has first-hand experience across hundreds of digital adoption pain points. Using this decade of experience AppLearn® created ADOPT a purpose-built Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) designed to support complex, large-scale change such as HCM, CRM and ERP transformation projects. ADOPT has successfully solved a vast number of digital adoption challenges and has ensured Return on Investment in digital transformation. We have continued to innovate ADOPT based on these learnings, providing next-generation training and support tailored to the user’s language, role and location, directly within the application at the point of need. ADOPT ensures that organizations are truly capitalizing on their costly investment.

Planixs is the global leader in cloud based Treasury solutions that delivery award winning cash, collateral and liquidity management to financial institutions. Our Treasury clients use Planixs’ Realiti solution to deliver intelligent insight in real time across the treasury functions of cash, collateral and liquidity management. Founded in 2011 Planixs has focused on using the latest technology, analytics and data science to build their award winning software solution.

Quill is a privately owned software house, established since the 1970s. Our software, services, support and expertise provide your practice with the ultimate practice management and legal accounts solution. Our Interactive practice management, legal accounts, case and document management system was awarded the prestigious ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Award in 2010 and again in 2012, providing industry-wide recognition of the quality of our software, which is highly recommended by our growing list of loyal reference site clients. We employ the UK's largest team of qualified legal cashiers to manage your important client accounts in compliance with defined rules, regulations and legislation. Our Pinpoint outsourced cashiering service is a safe, cost effective alternative to running an in-house legal accounts department. At the heart of our company values is our total commitment to continual software development and maintaining our exceptionally high standards of client support and training which is why we're the first choice for many new and established companies, and over 11,000 users. In addition to our legal-specific software and cashiering service, we offer outsourced typing and payroll services to any industry. We're committed to our ongoing corporate social responsibility programme which has led to thousands of pounds being donated to charity, and earned the esteemed accolade ‘Employer of the Year 2016’ by the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Best Companies 1 star status.

Dexter Intelligence
Our Solutions Dexter’s discovery solutions are horizontal, applicable to many markets and we currently focus on the following areas: Survey AnalyticsThe challenge of big data for investigators is substantial. Our solutions provide the ability to find significant links in massive amounts of disparate data. We can take data from many different sources including documents, databases, emails and pictures, helping investigators find the links they need.Big Data Corporate, personal and public data is growing at near exponential rates. The majority of this data is now unstructured. Dexter's Information Discovery Platform provides solutions to these big data challenges.

We’re a dynamic, innovative company at the leading edge of the fourth industrial revolution. Pioneering and integrating new technologies, Ditto’s here to offer enterprises a real difference. Our goal is to prepare you for, and help you make the most of, a near future. Where traditional knowledge-based sectors will become increasingly automated. Where businesses will seek to engage and transact with their customers in new ways. A near future where Artificial Intelligence could well hold sway. As with any disruptive innovation, there will be challenges and preconceptions to overcome along the way. But if AI is managed responsibly – and with a safe pair of hands such as ours at the helm – we can all ditto that vision, can’t we?

Wax Digital
Since 2001, Wax Digital has been working closely with savings-focused organisations to deliver e-Procurement and spend management solutions that help them get better value from their buying. Whether you need to reduce costs, control spend, improve compliance, or reduce risk, we’ve got your goals covered with web3 – our innovative spend management software suite.

ChannelGrabber builds intuitive, easy to use ecommerce software that helps retailers sell more, through any channel, delight their customers and conquer administration. Our omni-channel ecommerce platform facilitates the integration of web stores and online market places through a single user interface. Using ChannelGrabber's software enables merchants to manage listings, inventory, orders, billing, shipping and messaging all in one place saving time, increasing productivity and optimizing selling performance: - List once, sell everywhere - Pool and expose all inventory at once and never oversell - Manage every order in one place regardless of source - Produce consist, branded, professional invoices for every sale - Produce labels and ship every order without delay - Receive and respond to every buyer message within seconds Our software has been designed and developed with the scalability and reliability required by large enterprises in mind but it can be used by any size of business, large or small.

Smart home monitoring solutions for ensuring the safety and well-being of your elderly relatives.

Cindr is simple. In fact we think it's the simplest website builder available. We’ve left out all the complicated stuff. You can easily add text, photos, galleries, video, music and more in minutes.

DigitalBridge is a Guided Design platform that helps kitchen and bathroom retailers streamline their customers’ renovation process. When you integrate DigitalBridge with your website, you will be able to guide your customers through the entire process of creating their dream kitchen or bathroom, from concept to design to visualisation and completion. By reducing friction and reducing difficult decisions, DigitalBridge enables you to shorten sales-cycles and increase conversion and revenue. NVIDIA Most Innovative Machine Learning Startup - 2017 John Lewis Accelerator Winner - 2016 Wired Retail Startup of the Year Runner-up - 2016 Retail Week Live Startup of the Year - 2015

Inc. Travel Management
We exist to positively shape your travel experience by using our insights, expertise and leading technology to create the best solution for you.

Cyber Coach Smart
Cyber Coach Smart was setup in April 2013 to help increase the activity levels of those not normally inclined towards exercise. The obesity statistics in the UK indicate that the most effective approach to addressing the obesity epidemic is in primary schools, where enjoyment of physical activity can have a life-long effect. Almost a quarter of children are overweight or obese in Reception, rising to one in three by Year 6. 80% of children who are obese between the ages of 10 and 15 are obese at 25. By June 2015 over 2,500 primary schools in the UK and Ireland had paid for a subscription to Cyber Coach Smart leading an estimated 30 million hours of exercise!

An innovative and uber-secure authentication product which is simple, convenient and infinitely more secure than a traditional username and password process. The solution utilises a truly unique, fully patented combination of mobile device, Passcode, secure mobile channel, closed network, encrypted data vault and a secure identity protocol on a SIM card. With no need for a user to change their device, SIM card, or even install an application, we believe that the barriers to adoption are so low that mass market adoption is inevitable. The Tickvantage solution is designed to work across multiple businesses, varying sectors and the significant demands of different levels of authentication, offering simplistic flexibility from within a fully scalable model.

Prime Document
The world is changing. How about you? Driven by demographic shifts and leaps in technology, smart organisations are communicating differently. A new generation that demands information on screens, not paper, provides a huge opportunity to revitalise the way you engage with customers and staff.

Every business needs artificial intelligence (AI), but not every business has the capability to build, maintain, and generate value from AI in-house. Peak makes AI accessible for all businesses, not just the largest enterprises. By harnessing the power of your data to assist – not displace – humans at work, we improve business efficiency and productivity. ---------- We set up Peak to change industries. Our mission is to help businesses do great things, providing them with the ability to drive value from their data with AI and machine learning, at scale and speed. We’re on the side of businesses; no confusing tech jargon, no consultancy fees, no set-up costs, and no per-user licensing. Just accessible AI that delivers real results for our customers. That’s the Peak way. Peak is one of only three companies in the UK to hold Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Competency status, and one of only 14 globally.

Zaptic empowers frontline teams with an interactive record of procedures, skills and knowledge, transforming agility in operations and engagement in frontline jobs. By moving procedural guidance, execution and improvement into a single place of collaboration, Zaptic replaces operational and knowledge silos with the connectivity and workforce enablement required to remain competitive in the networked age.

Corporation Pop
At Corporation Pop we create original, intelligent and engaging tools that help our clients communicate with their audience. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of our client’s needs and those of their customers. Our agile, user-centred approach ensures that we always deliver working software on time and on budget. In everything we do we aim for innovation and originality. In everything we deliver we promise reliability and effectiveness.

Optimize is revolutionary talent acquisition software designed to answer to the question: “How do I improve my hiring process?”. Hiring new employees is not as easy as it used to be, now it often takes longer and costs more. There's a huge amount of pressure on HR departments, Talent Acquisition teams and business owners to find new employees quickly and on budget. But being quicker doesn’t always result in finding the best candidate for the role, and you risk needing to re-hire again if the hire wasn’t quite right. It’s a complex world when it comes to hiring new talent and it’s hard to know which recruitment agencies to approach or which are the best job boards for your ads. If you’re hiring on a regular basis, it’s difficult to keep on top of every email and applicant. Our intuitive tracking system makes it a breeze when checking applicant progress, personalized email templates save time usually spent writing copy and video screening helps you vet key candidates and dramatically reduce your time to hire. Optimize can also be used collaboratively by your entire team, your recruitment process can be 100% transparent and everyone can be a part of the process. Optimize has been built from the ground up by a small group of talented people who understand the challenges of hiring new employees. We believe the way businesses currently hire is outdated and is costing you time and money that could be better spent finding great talent.

Sixth Domain
Reward System is a fully integrated configurable online school reward system and behaviour tracking tool. Motivating for pupils and engaging for teachers and parents. Requiring no training to use, staff can input, track and monitor good and bad behaviour throughout a school. Senior leaders and managers can analyse and evaluate trends and follow up incidents with minimal admin. Parents can view their son or daughter's reports and can be updated termly, weekly or even daily, automatically with an overview of all incidents, good and bad. Credited by Ofsted as being a very effective tool for managing pastoral issues, Reward System is rapidly growing as a necessary tool for all schools.

MPMsim™, Material Point Method Simulation, is a next generation meshless structural analysis software for the engineering industry. It can also be used to create realistic animations, special effects and prefabs within the gaming and movie industry. MPMsim™ natively overcomes inherent limitations and subsequent inconveniences of competitor software through its unique hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian non-linear explicit dynamics solver. Featuring a simplified and shortened workflow, MPMsim™ eliminates the need for meshing and CAD de-featuring, the two most labour intensive and expertise extensive tasks in traditional FEA. MPMsim™ was designed to solve problems conventional FEA software struggle with or are unable to solve. It is extremely robust and very efficient at handling full fidelity complex parts and large assemblies along with automatic contact detection. Material Point Method has no need for periodic re-meshing and re-mapping of state variables and is therefore better suited than the traditional finite element method for problems involving large deformations, impact/contact, material penetration, fracture and fragmentation. MPMsim™ lowers the barrier to entry for advanced simulation and analysis capabilities both in financial terms and expertise level requirements.

Creation Express
CREATION EXPRESS PERSONALISED GIFTS AND CARDS, FOR ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Welcome to Creation; the leading online gift shop specialising in personalised gifts and cards for all your Family and Friends When you want a really special gift, a present that gives their heart a lift, a message to guarantee a smile, a gesture that feels so worthwhile. Whether you personalise your gift with a name, or make a photo gift to raise the game, your great gift will be unique and make a special occasion feel complete. We go the extra mile at Creation Express, each personalised gift is designed with love and care to make sure you are so happy with your purchase. Amazing Personalised Gifts! Personalise with Any Name. Whether it’s Christmas, a Birthday or a Special Friend, an Anniversary, Wedding or Warm arm you’d like to extend. With a same day click and collect service that is second to none we give free luxury wrapping that adds to the fun. Creation Express is full of great gift ideas that say ‘I made this for you’ and make memories last years. Make it extra special with a gift or card that’s personalised just for them. Whether you’re looking for a personalised gift or photo gift for a family member, or a unique custom card for a friend, Creation Express has you covered! With our huge range of customised cards and gifts, there really is something for every occasion! Treat someone special to a personalised gift for any occasion. With thousands of perfectly personalised gifts & presents, you’ll find something unique and extra special for your family and friends. Personalised Greeting Cards For Your Loved Ones, we have a whole selection of luxury personalised cards. With everything from personalised birthday cards to personalised thank you cards, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for – and if not, we’re sure you’ll be able to create it! Customise all of our designs to truly make them your own – whether you want to simply add a name, or upload your favourite photos, our 1000s of designs are so much more than just a greeting card! Our personalised cards cater to every occasion, no matter how big or small. Make your parents feel extra special at Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and give them a custom card they will treasure as a keepsake for years to come. If there’s a new arrival on the way, we have a fantastic selection of customized cards just perfect for the parents to be, plus a great range to choose from when the baby (or babies!) arrives. Personalised with their name and photos, you can make sure yours stands out in a sea of congratulations cards! Make your own personalised gifts by adding photos, names and special messages to our huge range of unique products. What’s more, for every occasion you have to buy a gift for, we’ve got an amazing range of personalised cards to choose from so you can get everything sorted at once in just a few clicks. Perhaps you’re looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day personalised gift or card for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, or even celebrating a special anniversary together – with so many customisation options, you will be simply spoilt for choice! Not only do we have an extensive range of wedding cards for the happy couple, but for the whole wedding party too! Thanking your bridesmaids, best man, father of the bride or mother of the groom has never been easier, or more personal! Whatever the romantic occasion, you can’t go wrong with a Creation Express card, personalized from the heart. Need personalised gifts to make their day? Take a look at our full online card collection, for everything from birthday cards, personalised Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards, new home cards, new baby cards, thank you cards, Valentine’s Day cards and even Christmas cards! Create Your Own Photo Gifts Online. Quick & Easy - Great Quality Fast Delivery! Award winning quality. Anytime, on any device. Order From Any Device. High-quality printing. Order From Mobile. Satisfaction guaranteed. Fast and Secure Shipping. Fast & Easy Photo Upload. Buying personalised is the only way! A New Type of Personalised Gift Service Creation Express is unique, it is the only way - that you can make a personalised gift and collect it same day. That’s a perfect solution if you’re caught napping and the best thing of all, it comes with free gift wrapping. Our aim is simple and very neat, we try to make the best Cards and Gifts online and on the High Street.

We believe that amazing software can empower creative minds, regardless of ability. We build tools that ignite ideas and innovation. Our tool - Bunting - is designed to personalise the content of e-commerce websites, so that a once static page can now instantly adapt itself to the unique interests of every visitor. Bunting reliably produces a huge uplift in sales for retailers who use it, as a natural consequence. Our direct purpose, through our software and services, is to inspire retailers around the world; to be dynamic; to be innovative; to be creative; and above all, to be bold.

My Digital Accounts
My Digital is smart, cloud based accounting and umbrella payroll software engineered to keep things simple, grow your business and build a great relationship with your finances! Our unique software was designed by accountants with decades of experience to tackle the hours spent managing, maintaining and updating traditional accounting methods. By switching to My Digital, you'll have the freedom to cut out inefficiency, potential data loss and business disruption by streamlining your accounting process and reinvesting those lost hours to growth and profitability. Utilising intuitive accounting features such as automatic account migration, payroll scheduling and our My Digital app available on both Android and iOS, you can access your accounts anywhere in the world, any time you want - no stress, no disruption, no brainer!

idibu is intelligent candidate attraction that reduces the time to hire and facilitates better relationships between candidate and recruiter. The software integrates seamlessly into the candidate’s job seeking journey and into the recruiter’s workflow. Founded in 2007, idibu is true SaaS and currently works with around 500 clients that range from start-ups through to famous brands such as Kelly Services, Blue Arrow & Pertemps. Each month idibu posts more than 400,000 jobs and handles over 800,000 candidate applications. There’s a close knit team behind the idibu curtain and we are dedicated and passionate about helping our clients find better matched candidates and giving you the power to engage with them. Working from across the globe we believe that we are well placed to help bring employers and candidates closer together in the online world.

Matillion is data transformation for cloud data warehouses. Our products are purpose built for the cloud, allowing our customers to achieve new levels of simplicity, speed, scale and savings.

Interact is a global enterprise software company that serves intranet software to millions of users across the globe. Our mission is to inform and connect every organization's greatest asset: its people. Organizations thrive when people are informed and connected. For more than 15 years, Interact’s team of experts have worked side-by-side with customers all over the world to deliver a complete intranet solution that brings their workforces together to communicate and collaborate. Interact has offices in Manchester and New York, and operates across the whole of the US and Canada, EMEA, and Australia.

EASY TO USE AND EVEN EASIER TO SELL  Invosys are a new generation of innovator; a creator of ground-breaking communications solutions, that are easy to use and even easier to sell. Our in-house development team created our call handling portal – Number Manager, and we have continued to expand on this success with bespoke, Hosted and SIP solutions.

Mobile Incident Command with GPS and GEO-Location (indoor) tracking Eyezeon develops mobile incident command and tracking solutions that work on any OS platform and any device, using an innovative approach that provides a robust application that is easy to use with customer focused flexibility to meet your exact requirement.

VST Enterprises
Founded in 2012, VST Enterprises has been lauded for its development of VCode®, which, among other applications, has the potential to revolutionise financial transactions both online and offline. The versatile VCode® technology allows genuine users to authenticate themselves across a variety of transactions and interactions. It is currently being trialled to protect against fraud in many sectors, from document verification, to unattended car park payment systems, end-to-end supply chain management and interactive charitable giving transactions.

Granada Material Handling
Design, manufacture, installation of industrial lifting equipment and full life-cycle support Servicing both onshore and offshore industries, Granada Material Handling are leaders in the design and delivery of innovative bespoke industrial lifting equipment solutions that meet customers’ specific needs. We are also UK distributors of Crosby Europe Rigging Equipment, Fezer Vacuum Lifters/Lifting Beams and SWF Hoist Units and Crane Kits. Our company is built on the understanding that customers want competitive prices, simple maintenance regimes and robust, long-life solutions that are safe and operator friendly. Combining engineering excellence with ground-breaking software, we provide material handling equipment and systems that are setting new standards of thoroughness and efficiency. This twin approach has been developed as part of our policy of staying at the very forefront of technological change and management effectiveness. Minimising risk We recognise that, with material handling, Health and Safety issues are every bit as important as technical ability. Whatever the project, we rigorously identify, assess, manage and wherever possible eliminate risk. The welfare of our own, our customers’ and our suppliers’ employees is paramount at all times.

Our Mission Amaven is a health and fitness company based in the UK. It was founded by entrepreneurs PK Vaish and Sam Greenwood in 2013. The goal is to make health and physical fitness attainable at all levels of society from primary schools to sporting academies, care homes, businesses, gyms, and more. With the use of sophisticated tracking technologies, Amaven can help you take control of your health. Our Story Amaven was founded by PK Vaish and Sam Greenwood in 2013 with guidance from an advisory board of experts from the exercise medicine, sport, fitness and healthcare sectors. Amaven started out as a platform to identify talented athletes in sports academies and schools, however the product changed when Sam and PK discovered that there was an unmet need, as primary school teachers were not equipped to teach children about healthy lifestyle choices, nor were they skilled enough to help children to develop the fundamental movement skills necessary for athletic ability. Amaven was created to meet this need, by upskilling teachers to teach outstanding PE lessons and giving children the tools to learn athletic skills at home. There is also a missing gap in the Exercise Medicine, Fitness and Corporate Wellbeing sectors. Amaven guarantees that everyone receives the care they need; taking into age, ability and medical conditions. The platform is a cost effective and convenient tool that helps schools, sports clubs, health practitioners and employee wellbeing specialists to deliver outstanding care.

The world’s leading integration platform connecting businesses to any bank, payment scheme or system Whether your business needs to route payments, connect to multiple banks or take advantage of various financial service providers, we tailor our platform to be the bespoke connector you need

We Live And Breath Identity And Access Management. ProofID is a hard-working team of professionals who live and breathe Identity Security. We have built the business on a firm foundation of high standards, quality solutions and a passion to technically excel. We have grown the business by listening to our clients, adapting to the changing environment and through a constant drive to learn and improve our delivery. We are proud of our achievements and confident in our abilities, now successfully operating in multiple markets around the globe.

Mind Moose
The importance of Mental health and well-being in children is being increasingly recognised. Children with high levels of well-being are happier, have stronger relationships, are more able to deal with life’s ups and downs and achieve their potential at school. Happier children = more learning! However, while we teach children how to keep their bodies healthy, we don’t always show them how they can look after their minds, so that’s what Mind Moose does. Mind Moose is a fun, digital platform that teaches children how to keep their minds healthy. Children go on a journey of discovery with Mind Moose and his friends as they learn how to look after their minds, keep their brains healthy, deal with emotions, develop resilience and flourish. The fun, interactive animations and activities are underpinned by theory and tools from the field of positive psychology and beyond.

Qbots was founded in 2017 by Dr Li Yao and Vijay Natarajan with a vision to bring Internet of Things(IoT), data analytics , machine learning and automation capabilities to energy management utilising energy storage. Everyday along side our talented team of passionate individuals we strive to achieve our goal to optimise the performance of energy systems, lower costs on energy bills and maximize return on investment throughout the system’s life.

activDS is a simple to use digital signage solution for small, medium or enterprise class businesses. Our solution combines our intuitive, cloud based content build and publishing tools with our easy to distribute activDS media player app. The activDS signage app can be used on any media capable device (e.g. digital media player, tablet, smartphone) to display and manage digital content via large screen or small screen formats. The product is designed for individuals, businesses and organisations that have a desire or need to use dynamic media content to communicate with the public or their workforce. activDS allows the user to manage and schedule a variety of digital media content that includes video, animated graphics, images, web pages, RSS feeds, twitter feeds and xml data sources.

Mobysoft helps deliver time and cost saving solutions, which create tangible ROI for the Social Housing sector, including its RentSense application which is a cloud based predictive analytic solution that optimises front line income management workload. The software helps over 100 housing organisations maximise income, create efficiencies and mitigate welfare reform. On average customers achieve a 15.8% arrears reduction in the first year as well as an average efficiency saving of 32%. In 2016 Mobysoft won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and the Housing Excellence Best IT system for its RentSense solution. Mobysoft is one of the fastest growing SaaS providers in the UK and has been shortlisted in the "Top 100 fastest growing technology companies in the North"​ for four successive years.

Fresh Design Base
Fresh Design Base (FDB) was launched in November 2008 as the brand behind software solutions aimed at improving efficiency within the design and construction industries.SiteP.A.D.™ is the companies flagship product and brings Computer Aided Design (CAD) to mobile platforms - the iPhone and iPad. This is the next evolution in tools for CAD dependent sectors, offering truly mobile CAD working. CAD users that have been, until now, been restricted to the office are now able to work anywhere.The product embodies the Fresh Design Base ethos of working efficiently. With SiteP.A.D.™ your business can save time, gain time, minimise negative environmental impacts associated with traditional means of sharing information (printed plans) and improve your resource management and work flow. Click Here to find out how SiteP.A.D.™ could help your business!

Dsposal is a clean-tech start-up building easy-to-use tech to connect waste producers to licensed waste services and simplify compliance. We make the relevant data accessible and convenient to drive change and create value. Based in Manchester, Dsposal is working towards a world where all waste is treated as a resource. Founded by Tom Passmore and Sophie Walker in 2016 with the online platform launching in March 2018, Dsposal has burst onto the resources, recycling and waste industry and is already making waves.

Hello Soda
Hello Soda provide ID verification, fraud prevention and personalisation software solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. Our solutions enable you to leverage unique and alternative data sources to alleviate reliance on traditional data and support more informed decisions. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, we also operate offices in Austin and Bangkok, with clients across 6 continents and a suite of multilingual solutions. Every day, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is created, yet only 0.5% is currently being analysed and used. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses and customers to create more personal relationships and improve automated decisions with the power of real-time data analytics.

Shopblocks is a hosted ecommerce platform. If you want to run an online shop it gives you everything you need. Shopblocks is designed and built in Manchester, UK.

Dynamic Path
We help brands acquire visitor consent and manage permission profiles effortlessly via our proprietary SaaS. Go from Data-Driven to Permission-Powered Marketing.

Green Cloud Hosting
As Award-winning Cloud Computing Providers, Green Cloud Hosting are here to put your team’s mind to rest by knowing that your Cloud Hosting Solution and online data and backup is secure and accessible at any time, from anywhere. Data protection is something that is at the front of any SMEs mind, and we take that seriously. All our data is 256 bit encrypted which is the same level of security as any banks’ system. With 1000’s of users across the globe, our Cloud Hosting Solutions offer flexibility, reliability and security. With us, your online data backup is stored for 365 days, and with a 99.95% uptime guarantee, you will always be able to access your information. Whether you take advantage of a full Cloud Hosting Solution, VDI Solution or Cloud Backup, you will have access to 24/7 UK based technical support. Your company is never alone with Green Cloud as Your Cloud Computing Provider. In addition to our Cloud Hosting Solutions, Green Cloud is also an Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner. From Consultation through to build, delivery, AWS optimisation and full AWS managed services, our qualified team can help with every step and area of your AWS environment. In a fast-paced world where businesses need to be working smarter and more efficiently, VDI solutions can be the answer, with online data backup being essential to business structures. Cloud Hosting or Amazon AWS services could be your next step to make a smoother more streamlined workflow. We are here to take the stress out of deploying and managing any Cloud hosting service, knowing your team can always have instant access they need, securely.

MedCircuit is a groundbreaking triage software assisting doctors and nurses in the clinical setting to improve efficiency in both emergency medicine and general practice. MedCircuit was created by a team of doctors, nurses and technology professionals. We saw the need for new technologies to aid the medical industry in coping with pressures created by ever growing demand on medical services. The MedCircuit software helps patients receive treatment as fast as possible while still maintaining the highest quality of care.

Planable is a platform that allows agencies and social media marketers to collaborate with their clients. We created a tool that speeds up the way social media campaigns are managed and makes planning, visualizing and approving social media posts easy and fun. The tool works like a live mock-up of the social feed, giving a familiar feel to both clients and social media managers. You can add posts, visualize them and how the social media feed will look, invite teammates and clients to collaborate in real time, receive quick feedback right where the posts are and get the posts approved. With Planable the approval workflow is simple and fast. We empower agencies to manage all their clients and social media pages in one single epicenter.

Pimberly is an innovative, cloud-based, SaaS PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management) and Workflow platform. It has been designed to handle unlimited numbers of SKUs and data feeds so is perfect for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Moreover, Pimberly seamlessly manages all product data, assets and attributes within a fast, scalable, modern browser experience. This enables you to have automatic interfaces with suppliers, customers, resellers, websites, new routes to market and internal systems.

Duuzra is a cloud-based Content Management System that can be used to build apps for anything from large conferences to sales presentations and training (and anything in between). We aim to simplify our clients lives by providing a single piece of enterprise software that reduces the need for multiple, separate application providers.

The Coaching Manual
Resources and Tools to Help Coaches get Better The Coaching Manual is a resource built for soccer coaches who want to improve their understanding of coaching, find real practical sessions which they can use and accelerate the development of their players by creating a first-class soccer learning environment.

Socialy helps the UK's most innovative brands super charge their Websites with Shoppable Instagram Feeds and User-Generated Content. These brands have benefited by selling more and increasing conversion rates significantly from displaying real customer photos. Socialy's platform makes it easy for brands to curate customer-generated content, to easily secure image rights and integrate customer photos into their web presence. This can be done in an easy 4-step process: 1) Collect: collect images and videos shared by people all over the world. 2) Curate: Select the photos and videos that best represent your brand and make them shoppable by tagging products. 3) Publish: Select user-generated content to supercharge your e-commerce and marketing campaigns. Improving consumer trust, conversion rates and sales. 4) Analyse: See analytics on revenue, performance, and engagement.

Shaping Cloud
Cloud is what we know and it is who we are. Formed in 2010, we have seen the ever growing impact of the technology within the public sector. We have also seen the term be misappropriated by hosting providers who view it as a new marketing tactic. Our mission is to help clients cut through the noise and get clarity on what cloud means for them and their organisation. Our Mission: Inform, Advise & Guide We believe that public and hybrid cloud provide a unique opportunity for the public sector to re-imagine the way services are delivered and drive better outcomes for staff and citizens alike. Our products and services have been designed to inform, advise and guide partner organisations as they transform their IT delivery and continue on the path to digital transformation.

Shout Platform
Shout is a local discovery platform that brings new experiences, places and activities to user’s fingertips. Shout finds out what’s going on, what is relevant and what is near, then conveniently presents it in a personalised feed. By unifying all location based information in one place users can stay up to date in real time with what’s going on around then. Businesses and organisations can use Shout to engage with specific local audiences in a personal, yet unobtrusive way, driving footfall, sales and enabling modern information sharing in both commercial and residential areas. Shout saves time and money by enabling users to make immediate and informed decisions for everyday challenges - retail decision making, pop-up event discovery, connected travelling, local job hunting, outdoor activities and countless other interactions.

usecure is a global provider of innovative solutions that centre around empowering your users to make better security decisions in their daily work life. Everything we do is targeted towards one goal: Transforming your workforce into a cyber security asset.

Rezzil is the world’s leading platform for developing elite footballers. Whether you’re just starting out or one of the best players in the world, Rezzil will improve your game. The Rezzil platform is complimentary to field work, using drills designed and tested by the world’s best players: Rezzil improves cognition, decision making and overall resilience. Rezzil drills are academically shown to identify a player’s strengths and areas to improve; with scores on accuracy under pressure, technical adaptability and our proprietary Rezzil Index you can quickly see how to step up to the next level.

The world’s only fully integrated R&D tax credits software Empowering businesses and advisors to swiftly claim R&D tax credits.

It all started when a bunch of “process” people met a bunch of “tech” people and began sharing their frustrations at how long it took to streamline processes with existing technology. We felt that existing business process management solutions were addressing the wrong problem. For many services business, work simply wasn’t following “workflows” and hence process improvement programmes weren’t achieving their aims. Our ideas came together under the banner of “life’s not linear”; the idea that we need to enable, automate and streamline a myriad of possible flows and outcomes to assist people in completing their work. This approach is often described as adaptive case management but our concept is so much more than that. Since then we have tested and refined our work management approach across a variety of different use cases; FSA Complaints, Clinical Case Management, Incident Management, Claims Management, Property Management and Legal Matter Management. Today sharedo is used by more than 50,000 people.

Shuttle Thread
Shuttle Thread is a new software development consultancy focusing on the web. With over a decade of combined software engineering experience we build fast, stable and future proof solutions. We believe in using open standards and open source software wherever possible and have the experience to know when there is an existing project to serve your needs, whilst ensuring you are not tied to a roadmap of any single external company. For our favourites see the technology page. Where possible we stick to existing open protocols. So whether it is maximising your potential audience by producing compliant (X)HTML semantic markup or creating REST interfaces using JSON, we work in a way that ensure interoperability with current and future systems. Whatever the project, you can be sure the resulting solution is of the highest standard. Being fervent test-driven-development advocates we will ensure rigourous test coverage of any code and we can work within continuous integration environments such as Hudson to ensure your systems remain functional. We favour iterative development as expressed in the Agile manifesto and have practical experience of operating in Scrum environments.

Adaptive Fertility Systems
Adaptive Fertility Systems Ltd (Adaptive) is a privately held, UK company that provides best of class patient and data management software and support services to fertility clinics. Adaptive brings state-of-the-art web technology and open source software standards to ART clinic management, making the Adaptive product the most sought after on the market today for its speed, robustness and flexibility, and for its advances in automation, data accuracy and user-friendly design. We are setting new industry standards for service provision, offering professional, local service and support including regular user-groups, that also serve to ensure continuous, interactive development of the Adaptive system. With offices in the UK and in Europe Adaptive is actively developing business in both the UK and abroad. Adaptive was co-founded by a consortium of 5 fertility treatment clinics located across the UK – including clinics from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. All 5 clinics had a common need – to create a modern patient database that is robust and reliable, contains comprehensive functionality to cater for the day-to-day needs of fertility clinic patient and data management, and can perform to current and future software expectations. The Adaptive product was developed to meet the needs of a wide variety of fertility clinics and is a fully open source software platform that is future-proof and can be integrated with a wide range of other systems. Adaptive's next generation technology brings patient data collection and management into a new era, resulting in reduced costs, vast improvements in staff efficiencies and more time for giving the highest quality treatment and care.

Rail Diary
Rail Diary aims to combine extensive industry experience with data-driven digital software to produce the market leading platform for the collation and analysis of railways infrastructure construction and maintenance data. We’ve created data collection products that utilise mobile and web application technology to facilitate a solution designed specifically for the railway construction industry, allowing for the capture of both bespoke project and industry information, to dramatically improve delivery, commercial and health and safety elements of infrastructure projects. The aim of this project is to create a market leading platform that empowers front-line project staff, providing them with the tools to enable fast and efficient processing of project information, helping to minimise delays, reduce incidents and maximise efficiency. All application and project data is securely stored in the cloud allowing for information to be input and analysed from both the worksite and the office in real time.

We Will Make Electricity So Cheap That Only The Rich Will Burn Candles. Urbanchain has developed a world-leading and innovative platform, thanks to blockchain technology and AI, which directly links energy consumers (i.e. householders and small businesses) to energy generators in the wholesale market, and facilitate switching to the best deal in almost real time. We offer significant savings in energy bills for consumers, a level and competitive market for electricity from renewables, and help in making agile and transparent enforcement cases for regulators.

Collabor8Online is part of XBC, which was formed in 2005 by the founders of Barnes Computing, a business that has provided software solutions to businesses for over 25 years. Our aim is to provide software solutions that make otherwise complex processes very simple, at the lowest possible price. We invest in high-level technical innovation but always ensure that our products are easy to use by using intuitive navigation and familier structures. Our continued investment and the emergence of cloud based platforms has enabled us to deliver highly effective services at extremely competitive rates with no long term tie in.

Established in 2004, R.O.EYE is an independent, award winning media agency which exists to help advertisers meet their sales objectives. ROI is not just in our name, it's in our DNA. R.O.EYE offers two core services: Knowledge and Insight, and Channel Management. At the heart of our business lies a very special proprietary tool, able to optimise digital media performance and improve ROI on a whole new level. Our proprietary tool acts like a truth serum for customer behaviour, generating degrees of insight previously available only to the largest organisations. The visibility it offers tells us precisely where to invest budget for the best return of investment - irrespective of marketing channel. The same platform gives R.O.EYE's account managers the cutting edge in generating the sharpest ROI across managed channels; such as social, affiliate, display, influencers, and PPC. R.O.EYE are able to ascertain with complete clarity what partners, keywords and creative fit within the entire customer journey - not just last click, but for first and assisted clicks and impressions. Understanding this tends to lead to a whole re-appraisal of how marketing spend is managed and we've been able to generate some fascinating insight for our clients to drive real business change.

Intuitive Business Intelligence
Intuitive is a global provider of data visualisation tools for application developers and software resellers Intuitive BI focuses on the business of the organisation, enabling data held within partner applications to be more valuable to their customers. Intuitive provides personalised information to business: Right Person, Right Information, Right Time​. ​ Ultimately, Intuitive BI tools improve individual, team and organisational performance by empowering employees with the most relevant information for enhanced decision-making. Unlike traditional BI software, it is intuitive, extremely easy to use and can be implemented in days rather than months, swiftly delivering dramatic business benefits. Company Background ​Intuitive is a global provider of Data Visualisation Tools for Application Developers and Software Resellers. Formed in 2010 by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and software developers the aim of Intuitive BI from the outset was to create a different type of BI solution. The team recognised that for Business Intelligence to deliver, companies needed easy to use tools that could be deployed to all employees and beyond organisational boundaries to customers and suppliers. ​ Intuitive BI sells exclusively through its network of value added partners. We work closely with our partners in specific application areas so that data held within their applications can be made more valuable to customers.

Jobtrain Solutions uses its extensive HR and recruitment experience coupled with a 19 year track record in online recruitment technologies to develop and deliver innovative, robust, flexible and easy-to-use applicant tracking systems and support services. We enable companies to take control of their recruitment by applying our online recruitment software solutions to help leading organisations: 1. Reduce Recruitment costs by up to 50% 2. Decrease time-to-hire by up to 60% 3. Increase direct hires 4. Streamline and dramatically reduce administration 5. Provide a more professional experience to candidates 6. Create 'talent pools'​ for future requirements 7. Improve communication with candidates and stakeholders throughout the recruitment process 8. Screen out unsuitable applicants and identify the strongest candidates early in the process 9. Handle volumes of applicants fairly and consistently 10. Report on every aspect of recruitment activity including; Equality & Diversity, Advertising Effectiveness and Time and Cost per Hire

At Cogenis we are making the digital world a safer, happier place. Our app Wing ( understand social media emotions, allowing parents to keep children Safe & Happy online. We developed the first AI software solution to recognize and understand human emotions, promoting media safety and mental well-being. At Cogenis, we're sorting the world’s emotions!
Built on over 10 years of experience, is the simplest way to create, broadcast, and share your own internet radio station.

Shield Safety Group
Shield Safety Group is a leading provider of Food, Fire and Health & Safety Software as a Service (SaaS), supported by consultancy services delivered by the UK’s largest team of Environmental Health Practitioners. Based in Manchester’s unique Northern Quarter, Shield Safety believes in making safety simple for every business in the UK. Trading since 2003, Shield Safety Founder and Food and Health & Safety Practitioner, Mark Flanagan, understands from experience the challenges businesses face when managing compliance. Meeting regulations can be complicated, it is time consuming and costly if it goes wrong. Mark’s aim, along with the smartest and largest team of Environmental Practitioners in the country, is to simplify the whole process of compliance. Through Software, Services, Training and specialised packages for large and small businesses, we provide our clients with all they need to ensure they are compliant, whilst saving time, money and hassle. We are proud of our 98% customer retention rate, so if you are a new start up business, or one of the biggest brands in the UK, we have the software and services solution for you.

Ampersand Commerce
Straight-talking Ecommerce Agency We help ambitious retailers who want to make a step-change with their ecommerce strategy. We architect & deliver solutions that create better customer experiences and positive operational change.

Digital Training Solutions offers a comprehensive, online learning platform. In addition to the standard benefits you would expect with such a system, central to our learning platform are unique, immersive and realistic video scenarios, which utilise interactive gaming technology. We call this innovation, “Near-Life™”. Near-Life™ is applicable to a number of training requirements for organisations and individuals who seek life-like learning experiences that allow repeat engagement, monitoring and revision but want a lower cost alternative. And Digital Training Solutions partners with recognised industry training experts to ensure that all content is of the highest quality. The Near-Life™ platform is a robust and adaptable system that can grow with organisations across international borders and languages. Our intelligent reporting feature gives a “play-by-play” analysis of users’ performance, allowing managers to provide additional support where needed. Most importantly, users learn by doing. Because Near-Life™ is accessible wherever there is a good internet connection, businesses and organisations will save on many of the usual expenses associated with traditional role-play training. Not only will there be direct cost savings on running expensive courses but there is less time away from the office and training can be scheduled to fit around other needs.

DigiDentistry Educational Resources
DigiDentistry Educational Resources are new, innovative and capture the imagination. A 3D application drilling down into core areas using augmented reality (AR) and animation, delivering user driven interactive learning. Enhanced learning and increased engagement, with real life learning content.Instantly accessible delivery via mobile and SaaS platforms while offering a multi-language platform.

Connected Creatives
Create Connect Share Connected Creatives empowers young people to self-publish their creative writing and share their work with their teachers, family & peers. A creative hub for young talent Connected Creatives provides a blank canvas for creative expression, from storytelling, poetry and journals to blogs, articles and more! Students can publish their creations and improve their literacy skills, as well as engage with other young people’s work.

DeepCognito is a research and development company focused on bridging the gap between research and industry. We employ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology to solve big data science problems in health-related information and decision support systems. We are firm believers that AI will play an increasingly positive role in improving human productivity whilst maintaining or improving safety benchmarks.

Perfect Score
Learn Japanese hiragana writing with your very own AI virtual tutor Wasumi-chan. Play this ultra addicting free drawing app today and battle with friends to get the illusive perfect score!

Everyone has mental heath. InsideOut is changing the way mental health care is provided for individuals, employers and therapists. Combining technology and carefully selected therapists we create a new and seamless therapy experience. InsideOut is dedicated to breaking down social stigma and opening up the mental health conversation.

Cloud Perspectives
We are Cloud Perspective, Informatica Cloud’s Premier Partner; specialists in Informatica Cloud Services, Cloud Customer 360, Real Time and Integration Platform as a Service. We have delivered successful projects to customers in every continent (except Antarctica!).

Welcome to the Miranex website, thanks for visiting us! We increase productivity while improving work-life balance, by providing better compute power to your teams that need it, when they need it, wherever they need it. Miranex was established to bring the many benefits of Cloud computing to those businesses that use High Performance Compute, data intensive and heavy graphics workloads. Outsourcing your IT and compute power enables you to concentrate on your core business, freeing up more of your time for the fun stuff!

TeamKinetic offers a suite of software applications that revolves around volunteering and coaching. The applications within TeamKinetic features, affordable web-based, data management systems including; VolunteerKinetic, AccessKinetic and CoachKinetic. These systems are used to power great volunteers and coaches for a range of; sports, public services and volunteer sectors. Currently providing the structure for a range of organisations including England Athletics, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and GreaterSport Manchester.

Virtual Training Centre
The Virtual Training Centre is an award-winning, exciting company to work for located in the prestigious Media City, Greater Manchester. We specialise in the delivery of regulatory, bespoke and accredited online courses to business to business and business to customer. The company affords those taking its courses a cost-effective and extremely flexible means of undertaking training and personal development. Subjects such as innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are embedded within all our online courses, ensuring you receive a head start in your future chosen profession, to assist you in furthering your career or achieving personal development goals.

Real Control Solutions
We are a Building Energy Management system specialist that provide a wide range of integrated control solutions for commercial and industrial buildings, ensuring the best environmental and energy efficiency results possible for our clients.

PPC Protect
Award Winning Google Ads Click Fraud Prevention Click fraud was estimated to cost advertisers over $16 Billion in 2017, and if you run PPC campaigns this includes you. Our award winning automated software stops this immediately & protects your future campaigns. We're so confident you'll love it we offer a 30 day free trial, no questions asked. For Every $3 Spent on PPC Ads, Click Fraud Takes $1* Competitors, Bots and Click Farms can deplete your entire Google Ads budget, destroying your conversion rate and wasting your spend. We’ll stop that happening without impacting your genuine customers.