We take a complete view of digital and marketing

GrowthMinds is a growth engine based in London and Helsinki who make marketing work better. We are all about making campaigns and channels more effective with a strict no-bullshit attitude. All of our work is directly aimed at accomplishing our clients business goals in order that our activity puts them exactly where they need to be.

We deliver the three digital marketing functions of content and messaging, marketing campaigns to deliver audience, and technical development in order that platforms excel. What’s different about us is that we do so in a completely seamless way. We have seen that our clients do best when they have all marketing activity working together so they can analyse and control the entire process. We have aligned our delivery of marketing services so that they complement each other. Our content, campaign and technology professionals work hand in hand to review your business priorities and budgets, and give you what you really need.

We take the pain away from your digital processes

Are your digital systems and databases all stitched together beautifully so that they work in harmony with one another? Is it easy for you to access data right across all of your different marketing activities in a single view? Do all of your various marketing activities link together in order so that the benefits from one directly flow to the others? If you have answered ‘yes’ to these questions then we are certain that you are a marketer who is very much in demand!

If on the other hand you have answered ‘no’ then don’t feel bad – you are very much in the majority. Drop us a line so that we can make the chaos go away! GrowthMinds are a very unusual digital agency in that the majority of our staff are technologists and developers. This means that we are able to take a very technical view of your marketing systems and make them work together so that they perform optimally. We’ll help you figure out how to take control in no time.

GrowthMinds are a team of digital leaders

The GrowthMinds management team is led by Chief Growth Officer, Kate Fairhurst, and her co-founders Petteri Erkintalo and Niklas Lahti. Together they have been delivering creative, audience and technology for more than 20 years. Find out about our key team members.

That’s enough about us, we’re much more interested in hearing about you! We exist to help you succeed so get in touch and tell us what you want to achieve. We’ll make sure you get there. Get in touch.