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Startup growth, without the guesswork

We are a startup growth consultancy. Using customer intelligence, we help businesses forecast impact and follow a realistic route to scale.

How we help


Strategy mapping workshops

Jobs-to-be-done audience targeting research

✓ Value proposition and messaging construction

✓ Marketing channel ROI forecasting

End-to-end customer journey mapping


Ongoing growth consultancy

All Groundwork + ongoing workshops

Evidence-based decision making framework

Data benchmarking and tech stack guidance

On-demand creative and technical support

Brainwork + Legwork

Ongoing consultancy + execution

All Groundwork + Brainwork

 Channel management by our team of experts

Data-driven experiment delivery

Full funnel tracking, reporting and analysis

Don't leave success to chance

All scaleups have followed same pattern of success. The only way to make it through the Startup J-Curve is to prioritise what’s going to move the needle and avoid tasks that distract or take away control.


Armed with our evidence-based decision making framework, ROI forecasts and advice from practitioners, growth becomes a lot less risky and a lot more predictable.


Leading startups trust us with their growth

Our founders have taken 4 businesses to exit and as a team we’ve accelerated the growth of 60+ startups. That’s a lot of important growth lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to.


Our mission is to help reverse the odds that are stacked against startups by providing a realistic route to scale.

Nobody could do a better job to grow their business than by following this framework created by GrowthMinds.

Risto Rautakorpi

Managing Partner

Gorilla Capital

Do what’s right (not what’s easy)

Your chances of success are only as strong as your weakest link. We don’t just track marketing campaigns, we support you to build and optimise a marketing ecosystem capable of scale.


✓ Nailing product/market fit

✓ Getting positive ROI from marketing

Creating engaging content & messaging

Defining audience targeting

✓ Optimising conversion rates

✓ Improving funnel performance

See what predictable growth looks like

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