All the GrowthMinds guides

These growth marketing guides are a treasure that we are really proud of. Each one of these guides is based on the expertise and best practices that we gained on the field by our team of data analysts, business strategists, ethical hackers, and growth experts during their career. And in our daily work with startups and scaleups across the most different sectors.

Read the GrowthMinds’ growth guides, use them as a reference to learn where your business stands on its growth maturity curve.

The growth guides are meant to help you to understand where to start when it comes to Social, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation and all the growth marketing techniques. Learn from our experiences. Reach your market efficiently. And discover techniques that our favourite ethical growth hackers use to scale up fast.

Growth hacking
Growth is about getting new customers and retaining existing. You know there’s a potential market out there. But without growth hacking, it’s difficult to reach and convert that audience quickly.
Marketing automation
Marketing Automation adds great value by growing your leads, speeding up conversions and improving retention. Discover how you can automate customer's journey to align sales and marketing.
SEO is essential to ensure your product, your company, your content is found on search engines by people you don't know yet. Find out the top 10 things you can do technically, on-page, and off-page.
Social media rewrites possibilities when it comes to marketing. You can reach vast audiences, target user groups, and engage in conversations to increase the demand for your products among clients.
A/B Testing
A/B testing helps you find efficiency. Compare two different approaches before deciding where to place your bet. And your budget. Learn the fundamentals of A/B Testing with our guide.
Use email marketing effectively to connect with your customers. Find out how to target and personalise, and which emails feel so natural, your audience will want to convert.
PR is an invaluable channel. However, putting out a press release is not enough. Read this guide to increase the appeal of your stories, and to add the personal touch that journalists love.
Landing pages
Landing Pages are essentials to drive conversions. The best landing pages are optimised to have one single purpose: getting the audience to do one action. Learn how to design effective landing pages.