London SaaS Startup Directory





BarnetOnSerro has developed an online platform that enables companies to centrally create, manage and analyse social media accounts and campaigns in order to increase customer

Barnetvideowire develops software which allows users to access global news and entertainment sources.

BarnetBlackbullion offers online classes that educate students how to manage their personal

Affective Systems
BarnetAffective Systems produces software tools for marketing that analyse customer behaviour to anticipate future

BarnetUspaah has developed software that allows users to find, book appointments for and review spa treatments at home with wellness

BarnetTagDox develops software that uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing to perform analysis on documents, particularly legal, allowing users to tag and apply structure to content.

BarnetOseven develops apps that allow motor insurance companies to adjust their insurance policies based on customer’s usage, using big data analysis to analyse risk and encourage safer

BarnetHubX develops white label platforms for professional investment networks and institutions, helping them to find new opportunities and manage their investment

Active Health Tech
BarnetActive Health Tech develops technology designed to help improve health. It’s first product is TrackActive, software that designs and allows you to track exercise programmes.

BarnetVideni3D develops AI software which allows businesses to produce applications which process sensor data to recreate 3D

BarnetDextCloud develops management software, that allows the integration of cloud apps via micro-services, aiming to simplify data

BarnetSirenum develops staff management software for businesses that employ hourly workers.

BarnetSearchSmartly develops a property searching tool for estate agents and prospective residents, featuring a matchmaking algorithm, that aims to connect users to appropriate properties based on lifestyle

Growth Enabler
BrentGrowth Enabler provides consultancy services for early stage companies, providing them with guidance and tools to help them

BrentCorpronet develops software for the construction industry that provides a range of features designed to improve operational efficiency, with tools such as those that allow for cost analysis and collaboration.

BrentAvasam develops software designed to improve the Dropshipping process.

BromleyJobzooma operates a recruitment agency, providing an online search engine as well as selling its software tools to other

BromleyDataform develops software that allows users to build SQL workflows and format data in a way that enables analysis.

Sentience Technology
CamdenSentience Technology develops software that enables companies to analyse incoming data to make business decisions, among other

CamdenDevicePilot develops IoT analytics software designed to enable physical asset monitoring with visual data, which can measure device performance and identify problems in real time.

CamdenLoyaltyLion has developed software that integrates with business websites to offer loyalty and social sharing rewards to

CamdenShopwave has developed iPad point-of-sale software for e-commerce businesses, including

CamdenKare has developed a mobile app that aggregates online storage services, email clients and various other services. Before pivoting to its current business model, Kare was developing software that analysed unstructured user data in order to generate recommendations and

Third Financial Software
CamdenThird Financial Software develops wealth management CRM

CamdenDiginius provides software for digital marketing, to analyse and assist clients’ online

CamdenMetafused develops software for analysing large amounts of customer data to provide marketing insights for

CamdenCENTURY is developing an online educational platform that allows data on teaching and learning patterns to be efficiently collected and analysed by educators and

CamdenHunted is developing an online service designed to help recruitment professionals find jobs in the recruitment industry, as well as track their performance and earnings. The service also allows users to share performance data on a confidential basis to maximise their own chances of being

3D Repo
Camden3D Repo develops open source software for Building Information Modelling, which allows architects, consultants and contractors to share 3D files and keep up to date on project

Camdentrellyz helps cities and non-profits coordinate services and people and facilitates collaboration to make the most of their $1.7T budget (in the US alone). Thousands of organizations and municipalities have signed up (on their own, without an ounce of marketing) because the existing paper-based system is expensive, time consuming outdated and incomplete. It takes a village to solve homelessness, hunger and disaster relief – trellyz makes this process faster, cheaper and more efficient for everyone

Fractal Labs
CamdenFractal Labs is developing an online service that analyses small companies’ financials and makes recommendations for key business and financing decisions. The service also connects small companies with potential backers and provides financiers with objective data on a company’s situation and

Trigger Buzz
CamdenTrigger Buzz develops social media marketing campaigns. The company has also developed a project workflow and content management platform to assist companies in creating and distributing advertising

Camdenvyn develops a tool that allows sales and account managers to record short video summarising their last meeting, and integrate it with their CRM or business workflow to save on administration time and communicate details effectively.

Tech Essence
CamdenTech Essence develops suites of online software, Marketing Town, for use by marketing and sales teams. For sales teams, the company’s software ranks individual salespeople in order of success in real time and for marketing teams the software acts as a lead management tool and assists in decision making on resource

CamdenTerrabotics has developed software that combines satellite, aerial and drone imagery to transform 2D images into 3D maps.

GlobalReach Technology
CamdenGlobalReach Technology has developed software for managing large-scale public WiFi networks, for example on public transport has developed software for predicting and managing congestion and crowd flow in urban infrastructure such as stadiums and public

CamdenAbly operates a data infrastructure provider which delivers and streams real-time data to power a range of applications and

CamdenCoconut (previously Monizo) has developed a digital banking service tailored for freelancers with features to assist with accountancy and

CamdenIntruder provides continuous security monitoring for digital assets, and identifies and resolves vulnerabilities.

CamdenDynaRisk provides online security services to businesses and individuals by conducting cyber security risk assessments, and providing  personalised reports on how to improve your online

CamdenJuro develops software that is designed to make the creation and signing of legal contracts easier for businesses.

CamdenChemistry has developed software to predict and review individuals’ performance at work, and offers consultancy services to businesses to improve their hiring

MWS Technology
CamdenMWS Technology has developed Aptem, an online platform that combines tools for job-seekers including eLearning, CV building and recruitment modules.

CamdenKyolab has developed software that monitors and archives mobile messaging communications for regulated financial services

CamdenRailsBank has developed an API that connects banks and fintech

CamdenPerlego operates an e-book subscription service for textbooks via their own app based

Zodiac Seven
CamdenZodiac Seven develops tools and software for use in the financial trades sector, bringing standardisation and automation to

CamdenKiln provides data-based consultancy services and training in data visualisation, and have developed their own interactive data visualisation platform, Flourish

CamdenThreatInformer develops software for cyber insurance underwriters that analyses security metrics, generates tailored policy reports, and helps them balance their overall

CamdenProportunity develops and applies machine learning technology to the property market, enabling price forecasting.

CamdenBlokur develops a platform which uses blockchain technology to manage IP rights and licensing issues within the creative

Camdenteclet develops software for estate agencies that automates many of the tenancy set-up processes such as compliance checks, documentation tasks and referencing.

CamdenArthur has developed a platform and mobile app for letting agents, property owners and tenants that manages all areas of the tenancy process and their

CamdenFifty (formerly Fifty Media) has developed insight software for marketing companies that analyses social data in order to measure consumer interaction and the success of marketing

Camden42Crunch develops a security platform for enterprises to protect their IT infrastructure, through a range of tools aiming to target different aspects of security, such as firewalls.

CamdenVaix develops analytics software that uses artificial intelligence to monitor individual users’ engagement with online gambling and e-commerce sites.  This provides owners with usage statistics and allows them to target

CamdenSeedLegals develops online software designed to simplify the creation and assembly of legal documents required when starting a

Camdennkoda offers a subscription service for access to a library of digital sheet

CamdenBeacon develops software that provides analysis to companies, which enables them to assess how their social media marketing campaigns affect activity on their website.

CamdenTussell develops a database that collates and presents data on the activities of the UK public sector, such as how much is spent and which industries receive the largest

CamdenFaultFixers develops an app that allows users to report property faults at work by scanning a barcode and detailing the issue, which is sent to the office manager who organises it’s

CamdenKoodaa develops an accountancy tool for businesses that uses artificial intelligence to interpret finances.

CamdenNewsful develops a tools that collects and analyses stories related to the financial

CamdenGeektastic operates a web-based service designed to help companies assess and recruit software engineers.

CamdenLenses develops web-based streaming data management software.

CamdenYumpingo develops software that allows restaurants to collect and analyse reviews of their dishes in order to inform their business decisions such as pricing.

CamdenShiperd develops software designed to allow importers and exporters to track and manage their

CamdenSova develops software that provides psychometric testing for businesses, allowing them to test potential

Clear Review
CamdenClear Review develops software that provides performance management services, enabling employees and their manager to engage on objectives and

CamdenKalgera is developing financial management technology that enables elderly people to defend themselves against scams and financial fraud by alerting family members, or trusted friends, to suspicious bank account

Unmanned Systems
CamdenUnmanned Systems develops software designed to provide a platform to autonomously operate aerial and ground vehicles.

Cogent Credit
CamdenCogent Credit provides a cloud based service for food and drink wholesalers, intended to help with client on-boarding and the monitoring of payment risks.

Living With
CamdenLiving With develops healthcare software designed to help healthcare providers monitor the condition and health of their patients through an online shared platform which patients update on a day-to-day

Exit Bee
CamdenExit Bee develops advertising software for businesses, which aims to analyse user behaviour to help targeting.

Lexical Labs
CamdenLexical Labs develops software for reviewing and analysing contracts, picking out key concepts and

CamdenGateHub develops software, specialising in digital payment processing technology such as Wallet , and Gateways , a gateway-as-a-service API for financial

CamdenAirGrid develops software that provides data analysis for the advertising industry.

CamdenLearnWorlds develops white-label e-learning software for businesses.

Della AI
CamdenDella AI develops software which utilises AI to help with the processing of legal documents.

Potter Ventures
CamdenPotter Ventures operates a holdings company for for hospitality based technology companies, including Ordamo , which develops digital menu software designed to replace paper menus, and inamo , a chain of Pan-Asian restaurants with interactive ordering software.

City of LondonSSLPost has developed web-based software designed to enable organisation to securely send documents and emails to users or other

Big Button Media
City of LondonBig Button Media is a digital production company that specialises in commercial films, animation and visual effects. The company has also developed an online platform that aims to allow companies to upload, manage and measure the impact of their online

City of LondonPhysitrack has developed a mobile app and accompanying online platform that allows healthcare professionals to prescribe and track exercise programmes for their patients. It also provides these patients with video guides on how to complete the exercise with correct

Board Intelligence
City of LondonBoard Intelligence has developed software for creating and sharing board packs, briefings, and management

City of LondonGoSpace provides a seating plan for businesses to optimise their office space using software to analyse interaction between employees.

M9 Group
City of LondonM9 Group operates a data centre, which hosts clients’ data and internet based video communications. They also provide support services for users of the data centre and specialise in advising and developing businesses customer relationship management software

City of LondonLabstep has developed a web-based software that facilitates the creation of shared laboratory protocols and libraries between different teams of scientists working on the same

City of LondoniPushPull develops software that allows data from desktop spreadsheets to be automatically shared with mobile devices.

Land Insight
City of LondonLand Insight has built a web-based tool that allows users to gather information on land ownership in the UK and assess risks associated with the valuation of land, such as planning

Quant Insight
City of LondonQuant Insight has developed web-based data visualisation and analytics software that helps users to track financial markets and

City of LondonOTCX has developed a web-based software that acts as a point of contact between buyers and sellers during over-the-counter (OTC) trading. The company safely stores a record of all communications between buyers and sellers, both to comply with regulations and to provide analysis of historical trading

Digital Contact
City of LondonDigital Contact has designed web-based software known as an “Insights Engine”. It gathers information on desired topics from social media, blogs and numerous other sources. It attempts to find trends and present the user with the overall sentiment of the news.

City of LondonETLogic has developed software that assists sellers of fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives to analyse their investment

City of LondonOnePulse has developed an app that allows users to get paid to fill in market research questionnaires. Brands can select specific groups of users and the price they are willing to pay to obtain

City of LondonProcensus gathers data and opinions from financial industry professionals in order to provide sentiment analysis and predictions on price changes of various financial products and asset classes. Access to the company’s platform is dependent on invitation or referral by current

City of LondonTictrac develops an online health and fitness platform that enables users to track their calorie intake and activity

City of LondonBrismo develops loan performance track record tool for loan originators and investors, aiming to provide useful loan performance metrics and facilitate cost effective

City of LondonGamar has developed augmented reality software that enables users to create interactive visitor tours and educational

City of LondonPassfort develops an online tool that allows financial organisations to automatically manage client authentication and transactions according to the latest industry

City of LondonConverge develops sensors and software that collates the information collected from these sensors, so that the data can be analysed in real-time. The sensors are able to monitor a multitude of metrics, dependent on the users requirements.

City of LondonSatoshiPay is developing software for bitcoin

City of LondonEchobox develops artificial intelligence software used by companies to operate their social media

City of LondonEnjoyHQ has developed a software tool for collecting and organising customer feedback.

Avoco Identity
City of LondonAvoco Identity develops digital identity verification and security software.

Loyalty Prime
City of LondonLoyalty Prime develops web-based software, designed to simplify the set up and maintenance of customer loyalty programs.

Enable Business Solutions
City of LondonEnable Business Solutions has developed software to assist business with creating pitch documents and legal and marketing paperwork, as well as to track and bill employee time.

City of LondonETFmatic has developed investment management service software, allowing users to build portfolios and invest.

Research Tree
City of LondonResearch Tree provides an internet platform that provides individual investors with equity research and stock

City of LondonSkwile has developed two financial software products that allow start-ups to manage their financial activities and forecast cash

City of LondonSourceBreaker develops online tools to help recruiters find suitable candidates, analyse movements in the market and uncover new

City of LondonTorsion is developing software that automatically keeps access controls accurate across all

City of LondonThoughtRiver develops software that utilises machine learning to analyse legal contracts, and produce visuals of the risks and other relevant contractual information in order to increase

City of LondonAxiomHQ develops automation, risk management and compliance tools and software for business in the financials

City of LondonCorax develops software that allows businesses to manage their online risk by analysing and informing users of the particular threats they are facing, and compiling a personalised action plan. It can also be used in conjunction with other security software products.

City of LondonWi-Q has developed software which allows shops and restaurants to sell online to customers without having to build their own e-commerce

City of LondonIssufy develops an online platform to facilitate the IPO process where companies issuing shares can announce deals, upload information and receive real-time feedback about pricing and demand. Registered investors can directly access relevant IPOs and communicate with the issuers and their

City of LondonAllicia operates a branchless bank targeted at both businesses and consumers, run through an online banking platform and a network of local

City of LondonBillon develops software that uses blockchain technology to enable the storage of money and data.

VChain Technology
City of LondonVChain Technology develops blockchain technology software that uses machine learning, big data analysis and biometrics to verify digital

Payment Cloud Technologies
City of LondonPayment Cloud Technologies has developed digital.VISION, a cloud-based banking and payment platform. The company also offers mobile banking, prepaid cards, and travel compensation

City of LondonScreenCloud develops digital signage software to help companies publish engaging content on normal consumer hardware such as TV

City of LondonKeyNest has developed software which allows users to drop their house keys in secure locations for other individuals to pick up when

Aesthetic Integration
City of LondonAesthetic Integration develops formal verification software for the financial sector, that analyses algorithms in order to understand, verify, test, and improve their

City of LondonTradeCore develops software which provides a range of analytics, payment processing and CRM services, to be used by startup and established brokers and within the financial services

City of LondonSphonic develops regulatory compliance software for businesses.

Kluster Intelligence
City of LondonKluster Intelligence develops software which uses artificial intelligence to produce sales and pipeline forecasts and can be integrated with CRM systems.

City of LondonLiquidityChain provides software to businesses in the capital markets industry that allows them to unlock

Kite Edge
City of LondonKite Edge develops search & content management software designed for asset management.

City of LondonShipamax develops fleet management and booking software for ship owners and companies that hire

City of LondonTraydstream develops internet based software for businesses in the finance industry that uses artificial intelligence to digitise documents containing financial data and verify their compliance with market

City of LondonGuestRevu operates a web-based service through which clients such as restaurants can manage their online reviews.

City of LondonIdeavate develops Onedox, a household bills and account consolidation software, allowing users to monitor and manage their home administration in one place.

City of LondonAutto develops software for lawyers that uses artificial intelligence by putting together component tasks in the most efficient order to create personalised

Advanced Logic Analytics
City of LondonAdvanced Logic Analytics develops analysis tools allowing businesses to analyse large amounts of structured and unstructured data, from which market trends and other useful information can be deduced. Their core plaftorm, OneLogic, specialises in financial

City of LondonNeudata develops web-based software through which subscribing investment managers can connect with new or alternative data

City of LondonRecordsure develops a conversation recording software that uses AI to analyse peoples’ interactions, which is used by businesses to monitor and predict potentially problematic customer

City of Londonartificial. develops data analytics software for

Cable Dental
City of LondonCable Dental develops software designed to track the workflow of

Substantive Research
City of LondonSubstantive Research develops a platform that allows portfolio managers to explore and compare different research providers to find one suited to their needs.

City of LondonJamieAi develops web-based recruitment software that matches data science and AI professionals with relevant job openings.

City of LondonChainThat develops software for businesses in the finance sector to securely carry out blockchain processes.

Secure Code Warrior
City of LondonSecure Code Warrior develops subscription-based software that uses gamified processes to help teach secure coding.

Supernova Studio
City of LondonSupernova Studio develops web-based software that simplifies the process of creating apps for developers.

City of LondonMarketsFlow develops a range of software tools that are designed to help customers manage their investment

LOMi Artificial Intelligence
City of LondonLOMi Artificial Intelligence develops web-based software such as Prospex, which utilises artificial intelligence to help identify new sales leads.

City of LondonInvestly develops invoice financing software for businesses, designed to improve the efficiency of the process.

Virtual Auction Global
City of LondonVirtual Auction Global provides a space for the online trading of global governmental

Human Technology
City of LondonHuman Technology develops artificial intelligence based products for the workplace, such as psychometric tools and psychological profiling systems.

City of Londonaprao develops software that allows users to run property development appraisals on any device.

City of LondonFrontm develops an artificially intelligent marketplace for mobile applications, aiming to allow users in remote locations, such as cruise ships and airplanes, to maintain an online presence by using a lower percentage of network

City of LondonSaaScada provides banking services via its software, designed to enable cost effective and inclusive online

City of LondonMapStand develops software that provides geospatial analytic services within the oil & gas industry, focusing on data and information interpretation through geometric and geographic means.

Cloud Canyon Media
City of LondonCloud Canyon Media provides web-development and marketing services for businesses in the retail sector, specialising in performance marketing through customer acquisition and payment processing amongst others.

XYZ Reality
City of LondonXYZ Reality develops augmented reality and virtual reality technology that enables its clients to view digital 3D models of their construction projects.

Saffron Robo
City of LondonSaffron Robo develops software designed to provide portfolio management services for the Fintech industry, from using gamification as an investment e-learning tool to portfolio reporting and monitoring.

City of LondonVeratrak develops blockchain-based software for pharmaceutical companies to collaborate on private documents with suppliers and

City of LondonKeepabl develops software designed to provide information and tools to help SME’s become GDPR

City of LondonDPL combines behavioural science, data science and machine learning to give brands actionable insights into their customer’s

Orpheus Cyber
City of LondonOrpheus Cyber develops cyber security software for businesses.

RISE Financial Technologies
City of LondonRISE Financial Technologies develops blockchain financial ledger systems for the post-trade

City of LondonCapdesk develops software that allows shareholders to manage their

City of LondonMeddbase develops software for healthcare providers that offers a range of practice management

City of LondonStructureFlow develops software for lawyers and accountants, designed to produce visualisations of corporate structures and transactions.

Varius World Tech
City of LondonVarius World Tech develops blockchain software designed to provide payment processing services in the online gambling

Marcel Art
City of LondonMarcel Art operates a mobile app for artists to store and share

City of LondonFin-Whiz develops software for companies operating in the supply-chain, aiming to streamline and automate complex processes for both buyers and suppliers.

Trade Ledger
City of LondonTrade Ledger develops lending-as-a-service technology, designed to provide support for business lending services such as supply chain financing and invoice

Atlas ML
City of LondonAtlas ML develops open source software, designed to allow users to collaborate on deep learning technology

City of LondonBlaize develops software that automates a number of customer retention processes.

City of LondonBLOC-X develops trading software for OTC Oil Block Future markets.

City of LondonJoinedUp develops software for businesses to manage temporary

CroydonUniqodo has developed a platform for businesses to manage voucher and coupon code marketing

CroydonExplori has developed web-based market research software, based around a customisable survey tool that allows media owners, event organisers and visitor attractions to better understand their audiences.

CroydonBunk provides an online service that aims to simplify the renting process, removing the need for deposits and allowing users to list, search and sign for properties in one place.

CroydonSocital develops subscription based software that analyses customer data, allowing companies to personalise marketing campaigns.

Open Medical
EalingOpen Medical develops software for the medical sector that offers a range of features, such as trauma management systems and analytics.

EalingSwitchd develops software that automatically switches users to the best energy tariff continuously.

GreenwichBulbThings has developed asset and fleet management software to track their usage and

Lacuna Solutions
GreenwichLacuna Solutions develops ClearScope, a software which allows businesses to easily maintain regulatory, commercial and risk relationships with

GreenwichCYjAX provides digital security services on a subscription

HackneyGeckoboard has developed web-based software that collects information for businesses from various online services, summarises and displays

Hands HQ
HackneyHands HQ has developed software that automatically creates custom-made health and safety compliance documents. Users enter details to their website and the system generates a document meeting their

Ditto Sustainability
HackneyDitto Sustainability has developed software for businesses to manage their environmental and social impact and help train their staff on sustainability issues.

Raising IT
HackneyRaising IT has developed white label fundraising, donation, event management and campaigning software for

Swipe has developed software that allows users to create and share presentations on mobile

HackneyBasestone (formerly known as BlueRonin) has developed tablet-based collaboration software for draughtsmen and constructions

HackneyCutover has developed software that can be used to monitor the progress of large switches from existing software or hardware to new

HackneyCapium operates an accounting software platform.

HackneyZapnito is developing an online service that allows corporate clients in sectors such as academic publishing to broadcast content produced by their own internal network of experts.

HackneyProvenance develops blockchain technology for businesses to track items through their supply chains, so that customers can verify the origins and histories of the products they

HackneyAvocet has developed a web-based tool that allows companies to create digital advertisement

SmartFrame Technologies
HackneySmartFrame develops software that enables photographers to build websites and watermark pictures they share

HackneySeldon is developing an open source machine learning technology that can be used by web developers to predict the behaviour of website users in order to provide product or content

HackneyStitched is developing customer relations management software for the recruitment

HackneyRangewell has developed software to assist companies and their advisors in finding and comparing financing

Segura Systems
HackneySegura Systems has developed online software to assist companies in monitoring supply chains in order to mitigate the risk of supplier

HackneyHarden’s develops software for restaurants and other related venues which aims to promote booking time slots and spaces in venues that are convenient for the business owner.

Sideways 6
HackneySideways 6 develops middleware to add functionalities to software such as Yammer and Microsoft Office to help increase engagement and better collaborate on employee

HackneyMotivii has developed online software that allows employees and managers to track performance and employee well-being through the use of digital feedback

HackneyThriveMap develops software designed to assess the personalities of potential employees to ensure they fit in with the culture of the

HackneyMendelian develops an online medical search engine targeted at physicians, which takes patient data and produces a list of possible rare conditions and necessary tests to get a diagnosis.

HackneyCharlieHR has developed online software for managing human resources in small companies. The software has a number of functions, including employee personal data storage, pensions administration and tracking sick leave and

Hackneymagpie develops a chatbot that uses AI to recommend its software learning courses for

HackneyTyk has developed an API management software which provides services such as reporting on how they are used, secure them with flexible policies and publish interactive

Illuminate Agency
HackneyIlluminate Agency have developed Geode, a native advertising service, as well as offering a range of digital marketing

HackneyElectron uses blockchain technology in order to provide a secure trading and collaboration platform for companies within the energy

HackneyFindie offers a curated streaming service for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Hackneyzeroheight develops software that allows designers to keep up to date with what their colleagues are designing, through a centralised online hub.

Credit Kudos
HackneyCredit Kudos provides credit scores to lenders based on client’s spending habits, for clients with a minimal credit

HackneyAgrivi provides software for the purpose of managing and monitoring farms and vineyards.

HackneyContentCal develops software that acts as a calendar which enables businesses to manage their social media, with a range of tools such as auto-posting through social network integration, content scheduling and categorisation

HackneyBizzon provides software and hardware that allows retail business to sell and accept payments in their physical and online stores using one

HackneyBlink has developed a collaborations service which uses chatbots, deep search and natural speech recognition to improve coordination, communication and efficiency within

HackneyNative develops a website that allows users to manage their property

HackneyPriceSquid has developed software that offers easy competitor monitoring and automatic price optimisation for web

HackneyCyberSmart has developed software which automates certification and compliance to cyber

Agility Sciences
HackneyAgility Sciences develops ledger technology, MAS which can be edited simultaneously across multiple locations.

The Bot Platform
HackneyThe Bot Platform designs and develops chat bots for businesses, which reply to and perform targeted interactions with customers via messenger

HackneyHeresy operates a workflow and analytics platform, with the aim of improving sales professionals’ access to useful data.

Thrive Partners
HackneyThrive Partners operates an on demand mentoring and training service for business professionals in mid-level management.

HackneyEDGE10 develops sports performance analysis

HackneyTrumin prvides a suit of web-based software services designed to simplify event planning and management.

HackneyPOP develops a platform that enables businesses in the film, TV, and advertising sectors to manage all aspects of production from one place such as call sheets, payments of extras, and

HackneyFocaldata develops web-based software, which is accessible by subscription and provides users with data on British consumer and electorate trends.

HackneyPace develops artificial intelligence technology that uses statistics and data to optimise prices for hotels.

HackneyHomewings develops web-based software through which users can gain access to a wide range of interior design services.

HackneyDeepStream develops a web-based platform which enables businesses in the energy sector to connect with each other and manage their supply chain network.

Hackneyheydoc develops software that centralises a range of information for doctors, including patient data and appointment times.

Client Share
HackneyClient Share develops software that aims to improve the relationship between buyers and suppliers by offering collaboration tools that enhances information

Equity X
HackneyEquity X develops an AI-based equity valuation tool that aims to simplify business

HackneyVauban develops software for clients looking to start up a range of different investment funds, such as hedge funds, venture capital funds and crypto funds.

HackneyCleanCloud develops point-of-sales software for dry cleaning and laundry businesses, which offers features including performance metrics and fleet management tools.

HackneyKiplot develops software for businesses, designed to collate data from a range of sources and generates reports, which are continuously updated as new data is integrated.

HackneyMetaCompliance develops cyber security software for businesses, which includes an e-learning system to train users in cyber security and compliance, and anti-phishing software.

Plural AI
HackneyPlural AI develops software which allows businesses to analyse and collect insights into raw financial data.

Quantum Technology Solutions
HackneyQuantum Technology Solutions develops software designed to provide testing and compliance services for trading strategy.

HackneyMergerLinks operates a database which collects information on mergers and

Briq Technology
HackneyBriq Technology develops project management and collaboration software for the architecture industry.

Raptor Digital Marketing Tools
HackneyRaptor Digital Marketing Tools provides digital marketing services, with a focus on developing machine learning software to automate the SEO process. develops cloud-based software designed to provide SME’s with sales compensation and quota management

HackneyMattereum develops software for the legal industry, designed to provide a range of services such as asset and documentation

HackneyImpala develops a JSON API for businesses in the hotel industry, allowing users to integrate a range of property management

Igloo Trading Solutions
HackneyIgloo Trading Solutions develops commodity trading and risk management software.

Arkk Solutions
HackneyArkk Solutions develops a wide range regulatory reporting

HackneyVentrata develops a platform specialising in the integration of multiple sales channels, such as web apps and

HackneyFINEAZY develops a chatbot that uses AI to provide advice on

HackneyFNA develops monitoring and analytics software for financial institutions.

HackneyAPEX:E3 develops software for retail and institutional investors.

Clear Books
Hammersmith and FulhamClear Books has developed online accounting software for small businesses, start ups, bookkeepers and accountants.

Hammersmith and FulhamSmartway2 has developed a web-based application enabling users to rent meeting rooms, office spaces and places in shared

Intelligent Reach
Hammersmith and FulhamIntelligent Reach has developed software tools for e-commerce retailers, allowing them to analyse data from multiple sales channels and optimise listings to increase

Hammersmith and FulhamUnitu has launched an online platform where students can post their feedback and issues during their time at

Hammersmith and FulhamAudiotube has developed an online platform that allows independent record labels and artists to manage, distribute and promote music videos and analyse their

Sime Diagnostics
Hammersmith and FulhamSime Diagnostics develops technology that utilises big data analytics to identify and diagnose diseases from a singular drop of body fluid from patients.

Hammersmith and FulhamOddslife develops online social betting and gaming software.

Systemsync Solutions
Hammersmith and FulhamSystemsync Solutions has developed pensionsync, a software tool for reducing the cost of processing enrolment pension

Hammersmith and FulhamCaura develops a device that measures stress hormone levels, and combines this with data extracted from the patient’s smart devices in order to supply behavioural advice on how to manage their stress.

Hammersmith and FulhamTenzo has developed software that collects sales, staff performance and customer satisfaction data for retailers and restaurants, and provides them with insights to improve their efficiency and profit

Hammersmith and FulhamPhotoCert has developed an app which uses software to certify images taken on the user’s mobile by recording the date, time, GPS location and source

Hammersmith and FulhamLocumTap develops subscription-based software that allows healthcare companies to recruit temporary

proquo ai
Hammersmith and Fulhamproquo ai develops software that provides branding strategy services by attempting to identify user’s responses to

Hammersmith and FulhamCausaLens develops software that uses artificial intelligence to make real-time predictions in a variety of industries, including food production and

Cognitive Credit
Hammersmith and FulhamCognitive Credit develops software that uses machine learning to provide analysis on the credit market.

Hammersmith and FulhamNomio develops software for the law

Race Space
HaringeyRace Space has developed an event management tool for small and medium-sized sporting

Viral Loops
HaringeyViral Loops has developed software which helps businesses launch and manage their viral marketing campaigns.

HaringeyFiskl develops an online and mobile software for SMEs that has a range of financial and productivity management features, including tools for invoicing,  expense report writing and currency conversion.

HarrowCNIguard develops Internet of Things devices and software designed to provide real-time monitoring of infrastructure and utilities to detect interference or disruption.

HarrowKustodian is developing an open source platform designed to improve productivity in the fertility, child protection, aerospace and healthcare industries by dealing with non-compliance messages before they become

VCare Systems
HarrowVCare Systems develops medicine management software designed to improve the safety of patients through accurate medicine

Cura Systems
HarrowCura Systems develops software for care homes that provides a range of healthcare management

HaveringCrosspay develops an app and software allowing businesses and individuals to make payments

HaveringOrkestro develops operation management software for online retailers and couriers, aiming to allow businesses to track local deliveries and scale up their

HillingdonmyHealthPal has developed a mobile app and online service that allows users with long term illnesses to track their health and medication intake and to share data with medical professionals and other users with the same

Air Ticket Arena
HillingdonAir Ticket Arena develops web-based software that is designed to help airlines maximise the number of passengers on each plane.

HounslowSalesSeek has developed an online Client Relationship Management (CRM) system for sales and marketing teams which provides visual performance analytics and feedback to its

New Vector
HounslowNew Vector creates Matrix , an open source network, and Riot , web-based software that is designed to allow for more fluid communication between networks of

HounslowCORQ develops a database of social influencers, complete with individual profiles and comparison tools such as CORQ scores. It also provides digital marketing consultancy and training services.

Oxford Edtech Labs
HounslowOxford Edtech Labs develops software for teachers, which allows them to automate lesson preparation and collaborate with schools in other

HounslowEduMe develops an app that businesses can use to provide educational material to its

HounslowBramble develops software designed to provide a collaborative learning portal for online tutors and their

IslingtonCube19 has developed web-based software that analyses raw data and presents it in a visual format in order to monitor performance and aid has developed software to help businesses to publish and distribute their existing web content across other online platforms and applications, such as social media

IslingtonLine-Up, formerly known as PlanVine, has developed an online service that allows users to create profiles for events (such as gigs and concerts) which are then automatically advertised through its media partners. Event-goers can also view events through the counterpart

Growth Intelligence
IslingtonGrowth Intelligence has developed software that helps firms to target the right clients through the use of the open-source data made available on the

IslingtonIRCCloud supplies a real-time internet based communications messenger for businesses and their employees.

IslingtonConversio has developed a free online service that allows businesses to send their customers customisable branded receipts that may include special offers or requests for feedback. It can integrate with a business’s existing sales

IslingtonConfers has developed online software that allows organisations to host virtual consultation spaces where users can post questions and answers and make presentations to each other using slideshows and video

IslingtonTravelTime develops software and maps that work with travel time rather than distance.

IslingtonCupris is developing physical attachments for smartphones that allow them to be used for medical examinations. The company is also developing an online service that allows clinicians to monitor a patient’s

Massive Analytic
IslingtonMassive Analytic is developing online AI software that provides users with insights into massive data sets. The company claims its software can analyse business trends and perform predictive analysis on unstructured

IslingtonDoorda has developed software containing all publicly available data and providing tools to navigate through it. It also provides data packages for

IslingtonLytbulb has developed online software aimed at engineering projects, to help collaboration and workflow on

IslingtonLocpin develops a system for pinpointing locations for delivery by allowing users to assign six digit codes that correspond to addresses, confirmed by locating them on a

IslingtoninstiHub provides a database and publishes asset management reports to provide investment information and analysis services of European and Asian

4TEUS Solutions
Islington4TEUS Solutions develops software for the financial industry, including web-based tools for counterparty review and trade

IslingtonWeShop developed a web application that allows users to set up their own online stores and to sell to friends and connections via social

IslingtonCronofy has developed software and API tools that allow developers to identify when either employees or customers makes changes to their calendars using Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook provides an internet platform that describes and maps the networks of key

IslingtonBibblio develops web-based software that enables online publishers to recommend, curate and share selected content for their

IslingtonWealthKernel is developing an online service that gives users automated wealth management advice.

IslingtonSolvassure has developed an online service that allows clients in the finance and insurance industries to manage and record information related to compliance

Learn Amp
IslingtonLearn Amp develops software designed to help employers measure and improve employee engagement through features such as educational material and knowledge trackers.

IslingtonXanview develops surveillance cameras that are connected to the internet and allow monitoring on connected mobile devices.

IslingtonCybertonica develops software that uses machine learning to reduce fraudulent activity in e-commerce, in order to increase the chances of customers following through on purchasing items they have added to their online baskets.

IslingtonNexTenders offers web-based Procurement solutions for Governments and corporate

IslingtonGoSquared develops online software to monitor internet traffic on websites. The company’s product provides e-commerce performance analytics and is able to collect and track user

IslingtonMachine develops software that prevents fraudulent app installs before, during and after the install. It aims to help marketers ensure they are targeting their intended

IslingtonKrzana develops a search-engine that collates real-time information in the news and finance sectors, allowing traders, analysts and journalists to access relevant news before it reaches mainstream media.

IslingtonOpenCapacity develops software that analyses and predicts occupancy and accessibility of public

IslingtonEventsCase creates software to manage events, aimed at the B2B

IslingtonResponseiQ develops software that alerts sales teams as soon as leads are active, as well as providing basic information on each one. Subsequent sales calls are also recorded and uploaded to a dashboard, allowing for analysis of leads.

RiskSave Technologies
IslingtonRiskSave Technologies develops technology that enables investors in retail to carry out  risk assessments for potential

IslingtonFriday develops software that provides question packs and surveys to employees and analyses the results. These tools can be used by companies to measure their employees’ happiness levels at

IslingtonLibryo has developed software that provides clients with a customised list of all their legal obligations and updates of proposed and final changes to laws that affect

Convertr Media
IslingtonConvertr Media has developed a digital advertising and marketing platform that captures, verifies and ranks lead data from client’s advertising sources, then delivers it to their CRM system. The platform also provides feedback on the performance of different marketing

IslingtonPathfinder has developed marketing software that tracks website traffic from different advertising sources and shows visitors customised web pages based on their on-site behaviour. It also writes personalised emails and creates marketing campaigns for individual sales

The Booking Factory
IslingtonThe Booking Factory has developed management software for independent hotels that handles their bookings, invoicing and inventory. They also provide web-design, digital marketing, and professional writing and photography

IslingtonDataSine develops psychological profiling software for banks that analyses the transactional and biographical data of its customers in order to help them offer more relevant products and

IslingtonMindzilla provides access to scientific news, journals, research and analytics via its’ search engine,

IslingtonFinimize sends subscribers succinct daily financial news that aims to improve their financial literacy, and is developing an online tool to provide them with financial advice and planning.

Islingtoninploi has developed a recruitment app and website which connects users with jobs in the hospitality

IslingtonDoordeck has developed software which enables to control and give access to electronic locks through a mobile

IslingtonThingTrax develops software which enables tracking and data analysis of machines and operators in the manufacturing

IslingtonSenSat uses drones to provide high resolution land surveys for companies within the engineering and construction provides age verifications services to companies to ensure their goods are sold to the appropriate

Ideal Flatmate
IslingtonIdeal Flatmate runs a site that allows people to advertise flat shares and find suitable flatmates by matching people’s compatibility through a series of

IslingtonGRAKN.AI operates a hyper-relational database for artificial intelligence systems, which enables businesses to manage their AI datasets in ways that traditional databases

IslingtonFarillio develops web-based software through which SMEs can access a range of legal services, including advice and a collaborative legal document editor.

IslingtonArtuData develops web-based software, through which businesses can score the value of potential customers with machine learning-enabled tools.

IslingtonAllocator develops subscription-based software that provides financial information on funds and their portfolios.

IslingtonCervest develops software that allows users to measure risks in the agricultural industry.

Islingtonfieldmargin develops note-taking software for the farming industry, that allows users to carry out actions such as drawing maps and leaving notes, on or

IslingtonProgrammai develops machine learning software designed to allow brands to predict their customers behaviour and then adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

Qwil Messenger
IslingtonQwil Messenger develops software designed to enable secure instant messaging between businesses and their clients.

Digital Insight
IslingtonDigital Insight provides commercial research services, using machine learning and automated collection to produce profiles on individuals of commercial interest.

Storm Harvester
IslingtonStorm Harvester develops IoT software that links civil infrastructure to a weather forecast algorithm which allows action to be taken to prevent flooding events.

IslingtonAdmix develops a plugin that displays advertising on virtual and augmented reality

IslingtonCreditDigital develops digital lending software for businesses, allowing them to offer various finance options to customers at online checkout or

IslingtonXelix develops a range of software for the finance industry, including analytical, profit protection and compliance

IslingtonMigrate develops software that analyses energy bills and automatically switches users to cheaper

IslingtonLeadPro develops software designed to help estate agents generate vendor and landlord

IslingtonStoryShare develops communications software for business employees, that uses analytics to determine what content is shown.

Recruitment SMART
IslingtonRecruitment SMART develops software that uses AI to compare CVs with job specifications, designed increase efficiency in the recruitment process.

Uhura Solutions
IslingtonUhura Solutions develops software that uses artificial intelligence to highlight and analyse key clauses in

IslingtonBraveno develops online exchange software for virtual currency transactions.

IslingtonGreendeck develops software for the retail sector designed to use AI to inform the pricing and promotion decisions of its clients.

IslingtoniNBOTiQA email management software, designed to provide actionable and trackable tasks through business email accounts, aimed at reducing operational

IslingtonMiperform develops software for businesses designed to provide data and insight into individual and team performance.

IslingtonSunntics develops software designed to improve the efficiency of CSP tower technology by supporting plant design and assessing

IslingtonAccelex develops data management and analysis software for the financial industry.

Jigsaw XYZ
IslingtonJigsaw XYZ develops software for the financial sector, such as Spoke, data exchange technology designed to help people and businesses make and receive quotes for

Kensington and ChelseaLawBite operates an online legal service that provides simple contracts for small companies, which are written in plain English without legal

Kensington and ChelseaAula develops software that allows students and teachers to share class

Kensington and ChelseaFisikal has developed a website and an app for fitness professionals to schedule classes, perform fitness assessments and manage payments. It also enables sports clubs to send training videos to their team and sign up new

Kensington and ChelseaCodigital has developed a collaboration tool that enables users to invite participants to suggest ideas for projects. Participants can then vote on the ideas and propose edits to improve

Kensington and ChelseaHotelSwaps operates a website that enables participating hotel owners and their staff to book free hotel rooms from other members. In return, hotels receive points that they can spend to book free hotel

Kensington and ChelseaConcured has developed a machine-learning platform for content marketing that analyses trending topics and suggests what to write about

Kensington and Chelseaedozo develops software that allows people in the commercial property industry to store, manage, track and search property

Kensington and ChelseaOrpiva has developed machine-learning software that recognises items of clothing in a photograph, finds retailers for the exact item and similar items in different price brackets, and allows users to virtually “try-on” the

Kensington and ChelseaEnvizage develops financial planning software for financial services firms.

Kensington and ChelseaVoltaware develops electricity monitoring software that connects to a sensor fitted to the relevant fuse box or

Kensington and ChelseaSupaDupa develops web-based software that provides users with a suite of website and e-commerce store building tools.

Kensington and ChelseaFloww develops software which allows financial institutions to analyse their portfolios.

Virtual Power Solutions
Kensington and ChelseaVirtual Power Solutions develops software that provides energy management services aimed at allowing the user to receive and analyse data on energy usage through an app or internet

Kensington and ChelseaSewport develops software that allows fashion designers to source suppliers.

Kensington and ChelseaKinteract develops software to increase interactions and collaboration between students, parents and teachers, including features such as progress tracking and document
Kensington and develops software designed to provide a platform for students and tutors to correct and purchase dissertations and academic
Kensington and develops software designed to generate 2D and 3D data for sports performance analysis, providing data on a range of performance metrics from ball movement and speed to player

Kensington and ChelseaBrisk develops software which utilises AI to provide risk analysis to businesses.

Kensington and Chelsea7Bridges develops software which utilises AI to help businesses optimise their logistics.

Kingston upon ThamesAgsenZe develops wearable technology for the agricultural industry with the aim of monitoring livestock and crops. 

LambethJellybooks operates an e-book online discovery tool that allows readers to sample the content of newly-published works. The company offers authors and publishers the possibility of uploading their catalogue and is developing a system to collect reader data and aggregate it into “virtual focus groups” for

LambethPhrasee has developed software that uses machine learning to help marketers devise better subject lines for promotional

Lambethrais develops software for online retailers, allowing them to analyse customer data and improve their marketing and client relationship

LambethBeMore is developing an online platform that connects students with teachers for any type of lesson, and allows them to book through the

Tectonic Interactive
LambethTectonic Interactive provides broadcasters with audience interaction services through their software, for shows such as game shows, talent shows that require voting and quiz

LambethInvoCap (previously called Invoice Cycle) develops software which allows businesses to upload their invoices and use them to receive short-term

LambethKashing has developed a card reader and corresponding software that allows small businesses to take payments either online, by card or mobile, and then stores all transaction invoices on the Kashing

LambethYordex operates an online payment processing platform for businesses, that provides a range of tools to help with B2B ordering, including payment, pricing and

LambethBubble (formerly Signkick) operates an online self-service website for booking billboards. It also develops software that allows media owners to manage their sales and

LambethImproveWell has developed a software platform that allows students and staff in the NHS to communicate ideas for healthcare improvement directly to their senior management.

LambethTrunomi develops business consent software designed to allow businesses to request and process customer consent to use personal

Dark Beam
LambethDark Beam develops a subscription based software service that detects potential cyber security issues in companies that are in stealth

LambethAxis develops online software that aims to simplify the running of business

LambethKortical develops AI software which allows businesses to build and deploy their own machine learning services, and provides consultancy services to clients looking to integrate AI into their operations.

LambethpsHEALTH develops software that processes medical referrals at health

LambethDragonfly develops software which utilises AI to analyse consumer attention in shops.

LambethVu.City develops software which creates 3D simulations of real city spaces for use in planning and architecture.

LewishamIMONT develops software that allows users to connect multiple devices and creating IoT network.

LewishamHICX develops supplier management software that allows its clients to digitise their procurement, financial and supply chain processes.

Odin Medical
LewishamOdin Medical develops AI software designed to assist cancer diagnosis by using cameras to locate cancerous

MertonPushfor allows users to store files online and send them to contacts through a mobile app. It also allows the transmission of business documents that are automatically timed to

Mertononkho develops a project management software for accountants that contains features such as a client communications feed and smart calendar.

Harmony Business Systems
MertonHarmony Business Systems develops online software, called HarmonyPSA, that provides a range of contract modelling, project management and professional services for

MertonClubSpark develops software for users organising sporting events, such as clubs, coaches and other associations, providing features such as online booking and programme setting.

RedbridgeMachineOS develops software which utilises machine learning in the aim of providing companies insight into the performance of their own business.

Richmond upon ThamesAuthoritas has developed web-based software that enables users to track keywords in order to achieve a higher search

BASE Media Cloud
Richmond upon ThamesBASE Media Cloud provides a web-based storage platform for digital media files and movie

WISE Analytics Group
Richmond upon ThamesWISE Analytics Group collects consumer behaviour information on platforms such as social media, relating to cosmetic and fashion trends. This information is provided to brands, giving them insights and information with which to target their marketing campaigns. It is also used to improve the sales opportunities of WISE Analytics own e-commerce

Apply Financial
Richmond upon ThamesApply Financial develops payment processing software such as payment information validation

Richmond upon ThamesObserve uses a range of sensory devices and artificial intelligence to monitor fish farms, optimising feed usage and monitoring stock

Richmond upon ThamesAcumentive develops software and hardware that allow businesses to locate, track and manage their assets in real time, and their consulting branch tailors this technology to the individual companies they supply

Richmond upon ThamesTAXO’D develops software that allows users to track their income, expenses, and taxes in real time and files their tax reports for them.

Richmond upon ThamesFraim develops web-based software that allows users to transcribe audio and video files.

Richmond upon ThamesNuaxia develops web-based software that allows entities operating in the healthcare sector to conduct video interviews with relevant experts and patients.

Richmond upon ThamesIotatech develops pay-per-use claims management software and provides insurance and GDPR consultancy.

SouthwarkEMSOL develops software that provides data analysis on road emissions.

SouthwarkBubbl develops a mobile app plugin and internet platform which provides marketing and customer engagement tools.

SouthwarkGrowthMinds offer growth as a service to SaaS

Lineup Systems
SouthwarkLineup Systems delivers collaborative advertising booking, management, analytics and CRM tools specifically for multi‐channel media

SouthwarkKnowledgeMill has developed a web-based email management platform that deals with filing, archiving, eDiscovery and business intelligence. The service is offered as a virtual appliance or a hosted cloud

Southwarkemoquo has created educational videos that address work-related people issues. Companies can access those videos

SouthwarkEventsTag designs a range of social media tools for events, creating live displays where photos are pulled from social media

SouthwarkAkoova has developed a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage e-commerce

Elevate Direct
SouthwarkElevate Direct has developed a web-based recruitment software that connects contractors and employers using

SouthwarkSAVORTEX has developed an energy efficient hand dryer for washrooms that provides real-time reports and analysis on

SouthwarkSpirable develops software through which retailers can automatically generate videos that respond to real-time

SouthwarkMiappi develops software that helps companies find and collate the best user-generated social media

SouthwarkTrail develops a web-based application to assist hospitality and retail managers with the administration of their

SouthwarkuMotif is developing online software and mobile apps for use by clinicians and patients recovering from surgery or suffering from long term chronic conditions. The app allows patients to see targets related to beneficial behaviours like abstinence from smoking or alcohol, and to monitor their progress in relation to these

SouthwarkAutoTrip has developed a car attachment and web-based software that enables businesses to track lorry

Idea Drop
SouthwarkIdea Drop has developed an online forum where employees within a company can post and discuss ideas relating to the

Match Capital
SouthwarkMatch Capital UK curates a database of investors who specialise in early stage companies, providing entrepreneurs with an online facility to match their business with appropriate funders.

Citycom Solutions
SouthwarkCitycom Solutions has developed risk and compliance management software for financial institutions. Their services include health checks for existing and new investments and trader compliance

SouthwarkPepper has created a platform that allows companies to create their own mobile apps offering mobile payments and loyalty schemes.

SouthwarkCampaignAmp has developed an analytics platform that uses campaign data to help brands promote themselves and manage their PR

The Good Till Co
SouthwarkThe Good Till Co has developed an app that enables shops, restaurants and cafes to process payments using

SouthwarkComprobo has developed software that checks a user’s identity and progress when they are participating in online training procedures or

SouthwarkHuma BI develops software designed to provide data analysis services for the financial sector, from business training to a range of modelling and advisory services.

Fresh Relevance
SouthwarkFresh Relevance operates an online platform for retailers, providing users with customer data and a range of marketing tools .

SouthwarkAdvizzo has developed a software which monitors and analyses the utility consumption patterns of consumers and provides tips and insights on how to reduce

SouthwarkFixflo has developed software for estate agencies that helps their tenants repair problems and issues

SouthwarkPolecat develops software that monitors large amounts of data online, searching for risks to clients brands and the intrinsic risk of suppliers and the sectors they are

The Happiness Index
SouthwarkThe Happiness Index produces software for businesses to survey and analyse staff and customer sentiment, to help drive

SouthwarkMawsonia has developed web-based software through which it publishes data on investment deals and articles focussed on the global venture capital and start-up ecosystem from a corporate, government and university perspective. It also hosts networking and educational events on corporate

SouthwarkF-LEX has developed software that allows law firms to find, connect with and hire paralegals for specific

SouthwarkBlackCurve develops tailor-made pricing and quotations software for

SouthwarkRotor develops software that generates music videos for clients based on the style of music, their choice of scene and stock or uploaded video clips.

SouthwarkAmbie provides a curated music streaming service for stores and venues that can be accessed and modified online and via an app.

SouthwarkXihelm is developing software for street surveying and city infrastructure that creates visual models of underground assets from multiple data sources, and displays them on

SouthwarkHinterview is a recruitment agency which provides video interviews of potential employees for companies to view and

SouthwarkPaybase develops an API that can be integrated into business’s existing payment systems, enabling an overview of financial transactions across a number of electronic mediums.

SouthwarkFalconDHQ develops a web and mobile app for efficient staff administration and management within the private security sector, replacing the role of logbooks.

Creative AI
SouthwarkCreative AI develops Zo, a social media advertising tool which automatically creates content.

SouthwarkAprexo is developing a platform used by investment managers that provides extensive real time information regarding investment

SouthwarkShepper operates a website and mobile app through which you can book inspections and security check-ups on your physical property.

SouthwarkPRODA develops software that tracks properties and provides interest performance data to real estate investors.

SouthwarkUNIQUEDOC develops software that enables users to share files and documents on one platform.

Big Sofa
SouthwarkBig Sofa develops a platform for storing, sharing and editing visual content.

Albora Technologies
SouthwarkAlbora Technologies develops software and technology for drones and driverless cars.

SouthwarkPlandek operates software designed to mine and analyse project data and use this to produce automated reports and predictions for a variety of

SouthwarkBulbshare develops software that allows brands to connect with selected audiences and analyse their responses, providing them with briefs for content creation and

SouthwarkWatchMyCompetitor develops a software based service that allow businesses to monitor other companies’ activities, including alerts on items such as new products and recent social media

SouthwarkBookMyScan develops online software that allows users to book scans on demand at a selection of local

Cezanne HR
SouthwarkCezanne HR develops subscription-based software that provides a range of HR services, including managing time sheets and performance

SouthwarkMagicbooking develops an online booking service for the childcare industry.

Simply Get Results
SouthwarkSimply Get Results develops software that uses data to analyse employee actions and how they affect the business performance of its clients.

SouthwarkSynchtank develops cloud-based software that provides catalogue and copyright management for the broadcast, music and film industries.

SouthwarkLimio develops software for B2C websites aimed at managing subscriptions and improving customer engagement through personalised offers amongst

SouthwarkCloudTrade develops software that provides an electronic invoicing

SouthwarkLMX is developing an online marketplace which will allow buyers and sellers to purchase forwards and options in media and advertising companies.

SouthwarkArcspire develops advertising software that aims to deliver advertisements to their appropriate audiences, based on various data

SouthwarkVetstoria develops software for veterinarian practices aimed at providing an online appointment booking platform for greater scheduling control.

SouthwarkPantacor develops container technology for various Linux devices, enabling the sharing and deployment of Linux

Elective Technology
SouthwarkElective Technology develops AI voice-powered recruitment software which is designed to automate candidate screening and assessment.

Vault Platform
SouthwarkVault Platform develops software that enables employees to record misconduct, and track the timeline of subsequent events.

Real Links
Tower HamletsReal Links boost employee referrals by auto matching employees’ contacts to open jobs and use tailored gamification models to increase employee

Tower HamletsNetberg offers an online service to help small online businesses get online. The company also operates a recruitment website for accountants called

Tower HamletsCityFALCON provides updates on business topics by searching multiple news sources and runs a paid subscription service for updates on relevant Twitter

Tower HamletsQuantone (previously trading as Decibel Music Systems) provides clients with data on pop music, including information on people active in the industry as well as metadata and musical connections between different tracks. This allows clients to build music recommendation services or use the data as an aid when producing new

Learn Forward
Tower HamletsLearn Forward is developing an online educational platform that allows teachers to upload digital textbooks, learning resources and teaching materials

Tower HamletsAlgoDynamix provides a risk assessment engine, analyzing the impact of disruptive events on investment

Tower HamletsDerivitec has developed internet-based software which provides analytics for the derivatives industry, specialising in risk and market

Tower Hamletsre:infer is developing an API tool powered by artificial intelligence that organises and understands unstructured

Engaged Tracking
Tower HamletsEngaged Tracking provides investors with analytics on the carbon-emission data of listed investments. They also are developing low carbon indexes and

Tower HamletsSingletrack develops Singletrack Edge, a CRM software for capital markets that allows them to manage and analyse their processes.

Tower HamletsChattermill has developed customer experience, insights and analytics

Tower HamletsAvvoka has developed an online platform for businesses to create, store and share legal

Tower HamletsLegatics develops software designed to automate a range of legal

Tower HamletsHowsy develops software to aid landlords with letting properties, uploading ads to the internet and providing a dashboard for collecting rent and scheduling

Tower HamletsBEYOND develops a financial management software that allows businesses budget’s to adapt in real-time, with every employee able to upload their expenditure immediately, in order to increase the transparency and efficiency of budgeting.

My Clinical Outcomes
Tower HamletsMy Clinical Outcomes develops software that allows patients to upload the outcomes of routine treatments and clinicians to access the reports in real-time, in order to identify the efficacy of treatments and improve

Tower HamletsTeskaLabs has developed mobile security technology allowing users to build and operate mobile and Internet of Things applications securely.

Tower HamletsAssetVault has developed an app to catalogue assets, record key details, and track their value over time. Within the app, the user can purchase insurance for their assets, manage their policies and claims, and create an electronic will.

Credit Vision
Tower HamletsCredit Vision develops web-based, corporate credit analytics software.

Tower HamletsEnhancing Video Streaming with Advanced Machine Learning. iSIZE is the first company to deliver deep neural networks for data-driven video preprocessing in order to provide significant bitrate savings over any standard encoder, or significant quality improvement at the same

Tower HamletsHuddlestock has developed a crowdfunding investment platform that receives investment ideas from hedge funds, investment banks, and other professionals, then allows users to collaborate on funding decisions.

Tower HamletsLicklist has developed an online platform and mobile app that sources information, such as reviews by users of the platform, on nightlife events and venues.

Tower HamletsEnternships provides recruitment services for startups and SMEs and operates a talent programme for international companies. The company also manages Learnerbly , a professional development software for businesses curated by senior members of staff to train and mentor new starters.

Tower HamletsKami has developed artificial intelligence based chatbots which can reason and communicate like humans and are used in the financial advisory, sales and marketing

Tower HamletsFind.Exchange provides an online marketplace for currency exchange, allowing users to locate and compare the best exchange rates through their mobile app and

Sentient Machines
Tower HamletsSentient Machines develops software for the call centre industry, which uses artificial intelligence to better understand

Tower HamletsAiden develops an AI personal assistant and budgeting tool for marketers and can be integrated with apps such as Slack, Messenger and SMS.

Tower HamletsVable develops current awareness software which helps companies to manage and deliver content.

Tower HamletsNimbla develops software that provides SMEs with invoice insurance

Tower HamletsHazy develops security software allowing companies to automatically anonymise data and protect customer

Tower HamletsSentiSum develops software that uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide product recommendations based on opinions collated over time.

Tower HamletsCitizen utilises biometric technology to help companies tackle online personal data

We Know Data
Tower HamletsWe Know Data develops bespoke data management software to improve business efficiency.

Tower HamletsCybSafe develops web-based cyber security and assessment software.

Tower HamletsApplied develops recruitment software which allows for the creation of tailored, situational assessments to anonymise applicants and help remove biases in

Tower HamletsConsentEye develops web-based consent management software, allowing users to manage what personal data they have or give access to.

Study Rocket
Tower HamletsStudy Rocket develops an online revision programme for students studying for GCSEs and A

Tower HamletsEyesClear develops software which utilises artificial intelligence to provide analytics for financial

SET For Business
Tower HamletsSET For Business develops sales management software for SME’s, aimed at providing a CRM tool for sales data collection and

WandsworthChaser has developed an online service that automatically sends emails reminding a company’s clients to pay their

WandsworthLimeglass develops market research software and APIs for businesses in the financial sector, allowing users to search financial documentation to identify relevant paragraphs and articles, tailor content for clients, and organise

CHI Capital
WestminsterCHI Capital is developing software for the hospitality and travel industry, as well as investing in the hotel and travel sector.

WestminsterWIREWAX provides a tagging system for online

WestminsterGleanin has developed web-based software that aims to help event organisers by allowing them to keep track of and analyse online social

Night Zookeeper
WestminsterNight Zookeeper encourages children to create their own illustrations and stories around the Night Zookeeper brand. It provides a subscription service to teachers that includes educational materials for the

WestminsterGrabyo has developed an online service that allows broadcasters and content rights holders to create and distribute real-time video clips of their

Pocket High Street
WestminsterPocket High Street has developed a platform for retailers that tracks their stock inventory and promotes their products through online publishers local to the retailer.

Image Analysis
WestminsterImage Analysis provide advice and analysis for clinical trials involving MRI scans, specialising in inflammatory conditions relating to arthritis and immune disorders. They also provide an open access piece of software call Dynamika, used in MRI

WestminsterEvvnt publishes its clients’ events to a range of relevant customer facing

WestminsterFriendlyScore provides banks, mobile phone companies and other businesses with credit ratings for people based on analyses of their social

WestminsterFabriq (formerly EnergyDeck) develops online software that allows clients in the construction and building management sectors to monitor data points such as energy usage and pollution in and around their

WestminsterVeset has developed an online service that allows users to create and manage their own TV channels and broadcast them over a variety of networks including satellite and

WestminsterKidslox has developed an app that allows parents to set restrictions on apps and websites on their children’s phones. The app also allows to remotely lock mobiles

Kuber Ventures
WestminsterKuber Ventures develops an online platform that allows users to access and compare data on EIS, SEIS, & BPR investment

WestminsterRetechnica develops tools employing machine learning technology. The company’s products include Ingenia, an analysis tool that allows companies to add contextual tags to large amounts of textual content in order to categorise it and later display it to their users, and Compass Insight, a program that filters relevant information from news update

WestminsterClosir provides research services about listed companies in emerging markets to institutional investors and helps them to connect with corporate Investor Relation

WestminsterPureGroup has developed software that enables users to research funds and analyze their investment portfolio, taking into account legal regulations and a risk model estimated through the company’s credit rating

Westminsteringage provides remote and face to face investor relations services for publicly traded companies and their shareholders. The company does not provide stockbroking services to its corporate clients and therefore claims an unusual level of

Blackdot Solutions
WestminsterBlackdot Solutions develops software to speed up internet research by improving the efficiency of processes such as collection, prioritisation and mapping of Internet sourced data.

Huq Industries
WestminsterHuq Industries develops technology that can provide mobile developers with information about the habits of their products’ users. The company’s analytics engine can be integrated directly with existing mobile

WestminsterParcelly has developed an online subscription service that allows users to have packages delivered to approved addresses, such as local businesses, in order to avoid missed

WestminsterLocomizer develops software that analyses consumer behaviours in different locations in order to create profiles of them, allowing companies to target their marketing to more specifically tailored audiences.

Value Chain Lab
WestminsterValue Chain Lab develops software that’s designed to simplify the management of a company’s supply chain, with an added tool that estimates the chain’s greenhouse gas emissions.

WestminsterCrowdEmotion develops machine-learning software that analyses facial expressions through a webcam in order to predict emotions, measure audience engagement and provide personalised content for marketing

WestminsterLocalistico has developed a marketing tool aimed at making local businesses visible on multiple platforms.

WestminsterExpressly has developed software that stores users’ log-in details to e-commerce sites, enabling them to shop at multiple businesses without repeatedly setting up

WestminsterNomisma is developing online accountancy software that can be programmed to produce monthly financial reports. The company intends to sell its software both to accountancy firms and directly to small businesses and sole

WestminsterLinkbundle has developed an online platform that enables its clients to measure and analyse the online performance of

Property Detective
WestminsterProperty Detective has developed an online tool which provides information and research on properties and

WestminsterALPIMA provides consultancy services, advising on investment strategies and technologies, many of which can be accessed through their online

WestminsterPeoplevox has developed warehouse management software for the e-commerce sector, including barcode scanning and order planning tools.

Littledata Consulting
WestminsterLittledata Consulting has developed data analytics tools using Google Analytics that allow companies to compare their performance against their competitors’

Grad DNA
WestminsterGrad DNA is developing a mobile app which allows employers to find and recruit students based on specialised test results and desired traits.

WestminsterTallarium develops software that provides news and pricing for OTC commodities

Silicon Investing
WestminsterSilicon Investing has developed machine learning software which uses trading algorithms, user preferences and access to multiple trading platforms to help retail traders perform trades in financial

WestminsterV9 is developing software and mobile apps to assist white label suppliers to sell to their clients and monitor their stock. has developed software that provides customer retention tools to multi-channel

WestminsterClearMacro develops software tools for the visualisation of economic trends, assisting investors with their asset allocation. The software also integrates with online brokers, allowing execution of trades from the

Infinity Health
WestminsterInfinity Health has developed software and a mobile app to let doctors and medical institution employees access, update and share patient medical

WestminsterFelcana develops wearable technology for animals, designed to collect health and wellbeing related data such as temperature and heart rate, in order to assist vets in diagnosing diseases more accurately.

Circular Wave
WestminsterCircular Wave develops management software for healthcare institutions to find and request temporary is developing software to help business build custom chatbots for their

WestminsterAkoni is developing a cash management system for SMEs that integrates with banks and ensures that deposits are constantly getting the best possible interest

Zenith One
WestminsterZenith One develops software that uses machine learning to improve the client facing side of financial advisory services, with features such as online interviewing and portfolio management.

WestminsterHuman develops personality analysis software that uses facial and speech recognition of video-CVs to determine whether candidates possess the right traits for employers. It also provides employment-seeking advice and courses, video-CV creation services, and a jobs

WestminsterIslamicMarkets develops software that provides information and analytics on the Islamic financial market, with a focus on socially responsible investments. It also supplies collaboration tools for financial professionals.

WestminsterBrolly develops software that allows users to manage and assess their insurance cover

WestminsterCalipsa develops software that uses an algorithm to automate traffic and human surveillance

WestminsterFiredrop has developed software that automatically creates and updates websites and apps based on the user’s

WestminsterCablato has developed software to create personalised digital advertising campaigns based on consumer

WestminsterFeedStock has developed software that automatically identifies and prioritises research for

WestminsterPoGo develops an online shopping platform.

WestminsterCoinfirm is developing a risk and compliance platform for blockchain-based transactions, that aims to combat money-laundering and the financing of terrorism as well as helping clients meet other regulatory requirements regarding

WestminsterPimloc develops vision-based machine learning software allowing the user to search and locate

WestminsterAirfinity has developed web-based software which allows users to access data on UK business events and sponsors.

WestminsterHughub has developed an online platform for insurers and brokers to assist customer interaction.

WestminsterVisionable has developed video conferencing software designed for the education, health and business

Global Alternatives
WestminsterGlobal Alternatives operates a number of online marketplace platforms focused on enabling real-time asset allocation for alternative

Infinite Software
WestminsterInfinite Software develops web-based data analytics software.

WestminsterVizlib develops extension software for Qlik Sense , a data visualisation app.

WestminsterEdgePetrol develops pricing software to be used by petrol

WestminsterQuantave offers a suite of services to professional brokers and fund managers interesting in the digital asset markets.

Medical Realities
WestminsterMedical Realities develops medical and surgical training software that uses virtual reality to create operation scenarios in which students can practice techniques and

WestminsterDeepView develops artificial intelligence software designed to provide real-time tracking and alerts for any potential data breeches through employees sharing photos and video via social media, as well as providing business training services with the intention of increasing employee compliance in their social media interactions.

WestminsterFundment provides a range of investment management tools such as portfolio accounting and investment proposal generation, which subscribers are able to access through an internet

WestminsterTrounceflow develops software that enables investment professionals to make their data human and machine readable.

WestminsterCharacterScope develops leadership training software.

WestminsterGappt develops web-based and mobile app software designed to improve how beauty businesses fill last-minute appointments.

Clarida Technologies
WestminsterClarida Technologies develops data discovery

WestminsterSmilePass develops identity verification technology which helps businesses secure themselves against fraud.

WestminsterThirdfort develops software that uses third party management designed to increase the security an efficiency of property settlement transactions.

WestminsterHystreet develops CRM software for high street estate agents.

WestminsterJaggu develops software that uses machine learning to provide insights on consumer behaviour.

WestminsterMedicSpot provides online GP consultations, and develops a system that allows for a number of clinical examinations, with instruments such as stethoscopes and thermometers.

Gower Street Analytics
WestminsterGower Street Analytics develops software based on ComScore Movie’s data, aimed at enabling the film industry to make data-based booking and forecasting

WestminsterProximie develops remote surgery technology featuring augmented reality, aiming to provide worldwide surgeons with access to remote training and develops AI technology designed to analyse conversations to identify weak points in its clients’ communication, and to improve its effectiveness.

WestminsterBridgeweave develops software designed to allow its users to make investment decisions based on the analytics and insights generated from its machine learning asset intelligence software.

WestminsterSecureAid develops an online payment service, designed to facilitate financial support for workers and businesses in unbanked crisis zones.

WestminsterPolymatica develops data analytics software designed to handle large data sets, as well as providing data-related consultancy services.

Yes Programme
WestminsterYes Programme develops e-learning software targeted at KS2 pupils, which has a range of educational videos and lesson sheets focusing on English, Maths and Science.

WestminsterMercaux develops software for retailers, that allows customers to access a number of digital services in-store, such as mobile checkout and digital styling.

WestminsterWalkIn develops booking management software for the hospitality industry, designed to help restaurants better manage queues and

WestminsterSmartXpo develops analytics software targeted at businesses in the events industry, which provides services such as automated pricing and budgeting.

WestminsterAuditXprt develops software which utilises artificial intelligence to help businesses with compliance and regulatory issues.

WestminsterConcep develops marketing software that provides CRM integration and assistance with digital marketing

WestminsterFundstack develops online software, designed to enable funds to manage their pipelines and relationships.

Nodal Labs
WestminsterNodal Labs operates a blockchain-powered marketplace for freelancers, designed to help employers and freelancers through smart contracts, to save referencing, management and payment

Looper Insights
WestminsterLooper Insights develops media management software for VoD service providers to track and manage marketing, promotion and merchandising for all

WestminsterHowamigoing develops software that provides an employee feedback and performance review management

WestminsterSyntheticGestalt develops software for the life sciences industry, including tools for biological analysis and synthetic

WestminsterQuorso develops business intelligence software designed to provide analytics to help managers and executives track and manage their revenues.

WestminsterImployApp develops a mobile app which connects recent graduates with employers.