Marketing Audit LP | 3 Pain Points

Take control with a rapid marketing audit

Quickly learn what your doing well and what is holding you back with an expert-led assessment of your marketing ecosystem. In your audit report, we’ll document:


Feedback on how channels are set up
How performance compares to industry averages
Recommended actions and strategic priorities

Get out of the weeds

Get a holistic view of where your team’s effort will create the most impact by handing nitty gritty insight gathering to our analysts

Get out of the dark

Prioritise key fixes and double down on your strengths with a calculated comparison of how your marketing is performing against competitors

Get out of deep water

Confidently follow steps to improve the impact of your marketing with actionable recommendations across all assessed channels


What our expert analysts and strategists will look at

Everything we measure is assessed against industry-matched performance benchmarks to highlight priority areas for improvement

Your paid advertising

✓ Campaign setup

✓ Ad content

✓ Click through rates / Cost per click

✓ Conversion rates to MQL

Your website analytics

✓ Account structure

✓ Tracking set up

User behaviours

Content engagement

SEO performance

Your email marketing

✓ Deliverability

Email content

Engagement rates

Conversion rates to MQL

CRM integration

Your sales outreach

✓ Deliverability

 Email content

✓  Engagement rates

Conversion rates to SQL

CRM integration

Your social media

✓ Engagement rates

Content analysis

Guiding the marketing strategy of fast-growing companies


Why trust GrowthMinds with your marketing audit?

We are a product marketing agency who provide companies with strategic frameworks and expert manpower to make growth more predictable.


Our team have decades of experience working with B2C & B2B businesses around the world to design and deliver scalable marketing strategies. This experience has been distilled into a rapid marketing audit process to accelerate the time it takes to start making more informed and impactful marketing decisions.




Get your audit breakdown deck

✓ Timeframes and pricing

Platform access requirements

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