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Everything you need to go-to-market and succeed

Our go-to-market services create an actionable roadmap to help achieve your business goals faster:

Launch or relaunch a product to market

Validate product-market fit

Drive market share

Establish a scalable marketing ecosystem

Competitive benchmarking

 Typical project length: 6 weeks


Our experts will map out your full-funnel performance and compare it to industry and competitor-matched benchmarks. With this insight into which strategies are driving impact and which are under-performing, our strategists will create a prioritised list of recommended actions.


Channels assessed:

Paid advertising / Website performance / Sales outreach / Email marketing / CRM / Organic social

With the insights provided by Competitive benchmarking, you can move forward with confidence of what marketing activity will optimise customer acquisition and retention. This provides the perfect launchpad to communicate what realistic results can be achieved to the rest of your business.



✓ Benchmark report

✓ Audit summary

✓ Strategic recommendations


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Market positioning strategy

 Typical project length: 12 weeks


Our experts will turn detailed market intelligence into a clear view of where your business stands in the market and how positioning should be adjusted to attract more customers. To do this we gather rigorous, data-driven analysis of the market, consumers and your competitors and then translate insights into practical brand messaging guidelines for your whole business to follow.


Process activities:

Customer / user interviews / PESTLE research / Competitor analysis / Buyer segmentation / Persona development / Value proposition development / Strategic branding recommendations / Buyer journey messaging frameworks

This proven strategic process will clearly define how your business and products provides unique value to existing and potential customers. Constructed using data-validated insights, a Market positioning strategy will help create the fundamental clarity needed to build impactful buyer journeys at scale.



 Market intelligence report

Persona profiles deck

Brand / messaging guidelines


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Go-to-market execution

 Typical project length: Ongoing


As your product marketing partner, our experts will embed themselves in your business to deliver your objectives through a holistic go-to-market strategy. By comparing your existing funnel performance to competitors and elevating your existing brand positioning work, we will guide your teams through a roadmap prioritised by data-validated insights.


Research and strategy:

Full-funnel audit / Customer / user interviews / PESTLE research / Competitor analysis / Buyer segmentation / Persona development / Value proposition development / Strategic branding recommendations / Buyer journey messaging frameworks


Acquisition and conversion:

Content strategy / Email outreach / Paid search / social / Programmatic / Partnerships / PR / Landing page creation / Conversion rate optimisation


Activation and retention:

Onboarding / nurture journeys  / Marketing / sales automation  / Remarketing  / Referral strategy  /  Referral strategy  / CRM management

When you partner with GrowthMinds for Go-to-market execution, we’ll provide the strategic and technical support deliver a multi-channel strategy based on your growth objectives and competition. We commit to becoming experts in your product-market fit so strategic decisions are always driven by data-validated insights.



 Competitive benchmarking: Benchmark report + Audit summary + Strategic recommendations

 Market positioning strategy: Market intelligence report + Persona profiles deck + Brand / messaging guidelines

 Go-to-market roadmap

 Performance reporting and forecasts

 Weekly sprint meetings


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Product marketing solutions for every stage of growth

For startups

We break the startup journey into 7 stages to provide a roadmap of what needs to be done as you move from idea, to traction, to scale. Each of these stages can be accelerated with the right tailored product marketing approach.


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For SMEs

Building on your existing strategic work and insights, we work with your team to define your competitive edge through positioning and a route to market. We also forecast impact and provide support with execution, so nothing holds you back.


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For scaleups

Working through our product marketing frameworks at pace, we help rapidly growing organisations to forecast impact before investing at scale and organise priorities to sustain growth through market expansion.


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Holistic strategy. Specialist channel expertise

We help every client to execute the actionable roadmap we create for them. Our team all have deep technical marketing expertise and we also collaborate with a network of vetted, expert freelancers to ensure everything looks, sounds and is built to the highest standard.

Content production







Case Studies

How-to Guides


Channel management

Email marketing

Paid/Organic social








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