Startup Consulting

Confidence starts with informed growth decisions

Our disciplined growth plans for businesses at different stages of the Startup J-Curve have been built by founders with 4 successful exits under their belt. Start with a free consultation to see what predictable growth looks like.

Build growth strategy into your routine

Brainwork starts from £3500 per month. 


We will help you to create a clear go-to-market strategy and marketing ecosystem, without any wasted time. Our objective is to accelerate your business through the Startup J-Curve.


Working together through our evidence-based decision making framework with structured workshops and strategy sessions, we will help you make confident data-driven growth decisions.



Take the right action at the right time

Our evidence-based decision making framework is tailored to where your business is on the Startup J-Curve

Morph to Model

Refine your market positioning to meet customer interest.


We will help you gather and organise customer intelligence to establish your product/market fit. Business analytics and value proposition refinement then support a founder-led sales approach.


We provide:

 Strategy mapping sessions

 Product/market fit frameworks

 Founder-led sales flight plans

 Growth & business analytics


Model to Scale

Test assumptions and develop a profitable marketing funnel.


We will test prototype routes to growth whilst undertaking full funnel tracking to inform how we optimise until all business analytics are tracking positively against benchmarks.


We provide:

Strategy mapping sessions

 Growth & business analytics

 Experiment prioritisation

 ROI modelling


Scale to Harvest

Expand validated strategies to maximise return on investment.


We will design long-term growth initiatives and run micro-experiments to optimise specific funnel stages while dialling up investment in marketing channels with predictable ROI.


We provide:

 Infrastructure development sessions

 Growth & business analytics

 Experiment prioritisation

 ROI modelling


Why do I need Brainwork?

We’ve distilled our decades of startup experience into a framework that makes growth less risky and more predictable, so you can focus on doing what’s right (not what’s easy).


The consulting and strategic workshops that our Brainwork provide is like having a personal trainer for your business.

Need a different kind of intervention?

If your business is at the Create, Release or Harvest stages of the Startup J-Curve or you’ve got a specific challenge you need help with, just get in touch. We have tons of experience in:


Advising on branding decisions

✓ Building cost-effective marketing stacks

Embedding a growth mindset into marketing teams

Interviewing/testing candidates for growth roles


In one quarter, GrowthMinds helped us to increase conversions by 8 times.

Andrea Sorensen

Head of Marketing


How it works

We’ve got you covered, every step of the way

Get in touch

Send us an email. We’ll set up a call and find out what stage in the Startup J-Curve your business is at. We will then show (not tell) you how our Brainwork could help.

Foundational strategy sessions

We’ll immerse ourselves in your value proposition, your target market and existing marketing channels. Our workshops and tools will help create a blueprint for your business growth. Together we will connect the dots between where you are now and where you need to be.

End-to-end support

Weaving a custom programme of strategic workshops (online or in-person) and strategy sessions into your team’s calendar, we’ll help you make smart growth decisions until you’re confident your team can fly solo.