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GrowthMinds helps fast-growing companies to accelerate the research, planning and forecasting that make impactful buyer journeys. Guided by product marketing experts, our Strategy Sprint process outputs precisely what needs to be done to effectively engage your target buyers.


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No marketing team can afford for aligned priorities and impact forecasts to be a ‘nice to have’. With GrowthMinds, you get a clear plan of activities that will deliver the most impact – backed by channel forecasts, market research and meaningful buyer personas. All this, delivered in days, not months.



Why businesses choose GrowthMinds

Personal, expert guidance

Since 2016, we’ve helped more than 50 businesses to transform how they attract and retain customers. GrowthMinds was created by startup founders with 4 exits under their belt, so we’re committed to help marketing teams do what’s right, not what’s easy.

Agile workflows and processes

The 15 exercises that make up our Strategy Sprint process are designed to produce the best possible outputs without any fluff or wasted meetings. When it comes to putting a plan into action, we set up dedicated project Slack channels and take care of project management.

Affordable, expanded capacity

Following the Strategy Sprint process, our team of experienced marketing practitioners provide hands-on and strategic support to drive impact. If you don’t have the right specialist skills in-house, we can help with the heavy lifting or connect you with the right people.

Sprint phase 1

Built for fast-growing companies of all sizes, our structured strategy design process requires <10 hours of your team’s key decision-makers’ time over Zoom to generate these essential outputs:

Buyer personas

 Jobs to be Done


 Pain Points

 Connected decision makers

 Messaging triggers 

Product positioning

Keyword research

Market analysis

Competitor analysis

Value proposition

 Tone of voice

Strategic narrative

Sprint phase 2

With your buyer personas and product positioning defined, we then use performance data benchmarks and content frameworks to forecast which channels and tactics will deliver predictable impact.

Channel impact forecasting

Email marketing

Paid / Organic social


PPC / Remarketing


Affiliates / Partnerships


Content development

Video / Animation

Blogs / Ebooks



Case Studies

How-to guides

Go to market execution

Once your strategy has been defined and we’ve handed over the activity roadmap, we offer flexible support services to help you drive impact. Our clients see the fastest impact when our experts manage roadmap delivery and our technical specialists collaborate with your internal team to develop content, operate priority marketing channels and run optimisation tests.

Nobody could do a better job to grow their business than by following this process created by GrowthMinds.

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Managing Partner

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