Blue Prism Cloud

Blue Prism Cloud offers cloud-based, on-demand intelligent automation for organizations of any size.


Information Technology, Software
London, United Kingdom

J-Curve Stage:

Model to Scale


BluePrism Cloud (formerly Thoughtonomy) were looking to take their growth further with a solid sales footprint in place.

Our focus

  • Website experience

The team used Hotjar, Hubspot and Google Analytics to establish and test hypotheses for improvement

  • Audience relevance

New audience targeting approaches utilising jobs-to-be-done theory delivered immediate impact

  • Top of funnel

New channels for acquisition were ROI modelled and phased into experiment flight plans


Using our benchmarking tools, we were able to identify new channel opportunities and target optimisations and micro-tests at priority areas.


─── Before
─── After

This is by a long way the best agency experience I’ve ever had. The team are impact focused but also really honest and grounded in common sense. It’s kept us on the straight and narrow more than once! Keep up the good work!

Laura Galyer

Marketing Director

Blue Prism Cloud