Building an audience for a new social app

Favorey are a B2C digital media scale up. Their mobile app uses the power of social recommendations to solve the challenge of finding a trustworthy new service provider.


Favorey needed to take the app out of beta phase and drive app downloads and usage.

GrowthMinds helped them end-to-end from brand positioning to audience development campaigns and conversion optimisation.



  • App downloads increased 600%
  • User app posts grew 420% week on week during the campaign
  • App retention at 83% over a 9-month period


  • Strategy and brand positioning
  • App adoption campaigns
  • Social media growth programmes
  • Conversion optimisation: store and app
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Email automation programmes
  • Content development

Successfully launching a new app

Favorey are a digital platform

Favorey are the makers of an innovative app that helps people to find other people they can trust to do things. They asked us to help them launch the app to the public, growing app downloads and app usage.


Like many scaleups, Favorey’s focus had been on product development – building and testing the app. But as soon as they needed to build an audience, they needed a marketing team to position the brand and build an audience for the app.


We worked extensively with the Favorey team in both London and Spain, during the build, pre-launch and post launch to clearly define product messaging, positioning, refine usability of the app, position Favorey in the news, and generate interest to drive new app downloads and promote app usage, with great results.


Defining clear messaging

Favorey-advertHaving the right messaging to attract potential users was crucial. It’s hard to persuade people to download and use a new app, with no track record, so it was vitally important to communicate clearly what problems the app would solve, what it allowed people to do, and how easy it was to use. Favorey needed to stand out against potential rivals, and be clear about what the app does.


We locked in the messaging for the app, defined the headline brand, and extended this through the website and overall brand identity.

Favorey became:

‘Things you need, from people you can trust, on terms you negotiate’.

Essentially, if people need help, like a place to stay, a meal, second-hand items, or a cake for a special occasion, then Favorey is the place to find it.


We broke it down into three simple steps: Ask a favour, receive offers, agree terms.


Building an audience

Favorey-adThe Favorey team decided to go for a soft launch, growing the user base gradually, so we put out a press release prior to the launch, then worked on multiple channels to build engagement: selling the benefits to potential users.


A major part of this was content, seeded and promoted via social media advertising to build app downloads. Blog posts pushed the benefits of the app, educated potential users, and drove downloads and engagement. These were boosted via social media, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and Fiverr.


We picked up on great stories of actual favours that were being done via the Favorey app, and used these to promote it further to app users.


A range of live events and stunts at student fairs, associations and institutes were also used to gain traction with the student population.


With these campaigns and a great user experience, app downloads increased 600% in the first weeks and user app posts requesting favours grew 420% week on week during the campaign.


Encouraging loyal app usage

Smooth onboarding and user experience is essential when encouraging people to download an app and grow a network of loyal users.


Before the launch to build an audience, the GrowthMinds team worked with Favorey’s developers to identify the points along the onboarding journey that would maximise conversion, tweaking and unifying language for a consistent easy-to-use experience. Together, we refined user journeys, eliminated pain points and optimised the user experience to promote great usability.


For people that were registered users, we wanted to stimulate them to keep coming back, so notifications were sent to them to promote continued engagement.


We’re proud to say that the Favorey app has an 83% retention rate (industry standard is 75%).


Ongoing experimentation and adaptation

Throughout the partnership, data insights were crucial. Through sophisticated monitoring we could see different user behaviours within the app, and where the pain points were, then work to adjust and refine these as necessary. For example, if people were falling out at the registration point then we would know about it, and work to adjust the language or the process to simplify it.

The team have plugged in seamlessly with the rest of the business and have been effective at everything they’ve taken on, which thus far has included creating our entire brand and messaging strategy, running app retention campaigns, referral and incentive schemes and producing blog and video content.


As well as having an impact on our marketing strategy, GrowthMinds have also influenced our product thinking and continue to feed ideas into our app development path so that our product is as market resonant as possible. They care about the whole business and are prepared to get stuck in and solve problems, not just run campaigns without caring about the impact.

Kabir Ahmed, CEO, Favorey

If you’re a startup that wants to grow more rapidly, then we’d love to talk with you too.

Favorey is just one of many businesses we’ve helped, and continue to work with, and we hope you will be too.