GeoSpock provide next generation analytics technology enabling their clients to process, layer and visualise huge amounts of data in real-time.


Analytics, Asset Management, Big Data, Cloud Data Services
Cambridge, United Kingdom


Increase in ranking keywords to bring in better qualified prospects


Incremental increase in leads month on month


Increased conversions by GeoSpock´s most important conversion spot

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Like many technology startups, GeoSpock had focused the lion’s share of their energy on developing an incredible product using geospatial database technology. When they secured funding for an expansion phase, their challenge was to scale up fast, reaching and growing their customer base while at the same time setting up a sales team and without an in-house marketing team.

Our focus

  • Product / market fit
  • Website experience
  • Top of the funnel


While bringing on board a great sales team, GeoSpock plugged our expertise into their business to focus on bringing in quality prospects for that sales team to convert.


─── Before
─── After

GrowthMinds are a fantastic organisation to work with. They are always looking at new and innovative approaches to our digital growth, which has proven successful in our commercial pipeline growth.

Collette Johnson

VP of Marketing


Phase 1 : Reaching the right audience

Having completed audience research, we moved GeoSpock from purely technical messaging to benefits-driven messaging, which was then tested and validated with a real audience.


These initial messaging tests brought in valuable leads, so messaging was extended to all touchpoints. Trust in the messaging meant we could quickly optimise GeoSpock for search, reduce their advertising budget and increase organic traffic, while informing the new sales team on messages that resonated positively in each vertical market.


Phase 2 : Converting leads online

Trialling GeoSpock’s software is crucial in converting leads to sales, so we developed and tested trial landing pages, incorporating variables to test, tracked with heat mapping technology. 


This resulted in a winning landing page that increased conversions by 128%.

Phase 3 : Testing the top of the funnel

Before trialling the software, a prospective audience further up the funnel needs to be nurtured to understand how GeoSpock can help them. By testing against real-world data, we’ve been able to establish which channels offer the best scalable ROI:


This has involved hyper-targeting seven vertical markets, refining message, and incorporating lead scoring and nurture campaigns to nudge prospects towards that crucial conversion point, that we had proved worked.