GeoSpock have developed a location intelligence engine that enables people to process, layer and visualise huge amounts of data in real-time.

GeoSpock needed to build a customer base fast as they set up their sales team.

GrowthMinds became their plug-in growth team, running growth campaigns and experiments, which in turn have led to improved customer insights and better qualified sales leads.

Results (in 6 months):

  • 46% increase in ranking keywords – bringing in better qualified prospects
  • Incremental month on month increase in leads of 173%
  • Increased conversions by 128% for GeoSpock’s most important conversion point.


  • Audience intelligence
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Content development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Growth campaigns
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Landing page testing
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead nurture campaigns

Reaching the right audience fast

Like many technology startups, GeoSpock had focused the lion’s share of their energy on developing an incredible product using geospatial database technology. When they secured funding for an expansion phase, their challenge was to scale up fast, reaching and growing their customer base while at the same time setting up a sales team and without an in-house marketing team.

While bringing on board a great sales team, GeoSpock plugged in GrowthMinds’ expertise to focus on bringing in quality prospects for that sales team to convert.

GrowthMinds are a fantastic organisation to work with. They are always looking at new and innovative approaches to our digital growth, which has proven successful in our commercial pipeline growth. They always go above and beyond and feel like an extension to our team.

Collette Johnson, Head of Marketing, GeoSpock

How we did it

Getting the pitch perfect

To kick off the work with GeoSpock, we ran a messaging workshop to develop benefits-driven sales messaging rather than purely technical messaging, and to align on which vertical markets and decision makers were quick wins.

A dual approach to reach the right audience

What followed next was a period of rapid content development – content that needed to be tested with a real audience.

1. Testing the messaging

By putting budget behind a LinkedIn and Reddit campaign, we were able to test various messaging approaches. By constantly keeping an eye on what was working and converting, we could make changes rapidly, continuously optimising so the budget delivered results.


2. Trusting the messaging

Not only did those initial campaigns bring in leads, the messaging and insights we observed, rippled into other work, resulting in a unified approach at every touchpoint.  Trust in the messaging meant we went on to:

  • Quickly optimise the GeoSpock site for search, reducing the advertising budget, as traffic increasingly arrived via organic search
  • Inform the way the sales team approached prospective customers in each vertical market.


Organic search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation can take a few months to take effect, but having proven messaging and conversion insights made it faster. We knew which terms, which messaging and which decision makers would drive GeoSpock’s growth – and we optimised to that!

We drove more traffic to the site, while reducing the costs to get that audience. And we know that it’s better qualified traffic, because it’s converting.

  • Referring domains increased 184%
  • In 6 months, GeoSpock’s site ranked for 251 new targeted keywords
  • Traffic increased 230%


Growing conversions

GeoSpock were growing and hired their first Head of Marketing to continue to develop the growth strategy with GrowthMinds as their execution team.

Together, seeing that prospects often wanted to test and trial the GeoSpock engine, before committing, we enabled exactly that – a showcase site to test and trial the engine – and once it was built, we optimised those pages to convert faster.


Optimising a landing page with heat map technology

GrowthMinds developed and tested custom landing pages. We developed a new page to test, which featured a video alongside the lead form. Using heatmap technology from Hotjar, we could instantly see the difference.

The images below show the original page (left) and the test page (right) and the heat marks represent where a visitor spends time looking at the page.

Visitors scan across the page.
Visitors focus on the video

The video focused audience attention on the page and drove engagement.

And the results were impressive:

The original page (without the video) converted at 3.63% (below average)  The new page (with the video) converted at 8.27% – a 128% improvement!

GeoSpock are now driving traffic to the new page.


An approach to optimising the funnel

It might seem counter-intuitive, but focusing on the top and the bottom of the funnel first is a really effective way of ensuring your growth efforts reap results.

  1. Put budget into the top of the funnel to reach and audience in order to test and trust your messaging
  2. Ensure your final purchase conversion points are perfect
  3. Build an audience organically through search engine optimisation
  4. Analyse and understand where leads are not converting and address each point

And this final point is exactly where GeoSpock are focusing their efforts with GrowthMinds’ support.


Scaling up and nurturing conversions

The “try before you buy” approach has been a huge success for people who are very close to purchasing.

But a prospective audience higher up the conversion funnel needs to be nurtured to understand how GeoSpock can help them before they start playing with the product itself.

Again we’re taking a multi-faceted strategic approach:

  • Developing nurture campaigns to nudge prospects towards conversion
  • Implementing lead scoring and layering in crucial information for the sales team to further qualify and prioritise prospective customers
  • Using every insight to further refine messaging and hyper-target to seven vertical markets

And you can see, that this becomes a feedback loop – real customers help us understand prospective customers and vice versa.