Raising the profile of a social enterprise to secure funding

Integrify is a B2B seed stage business. It’s a social impact enterprise, enabling immigrants to learn coding skills to aid integration and close a skills gap internationally.

Integrify needed to raise awareness of the business to gain further buy-in from government and secure funding to expand.

GrowthMinds helped Integrify with an extensive PR program, supported by hyper-targeted marketing on email and LinkedIn.


  • Widespread PR coverage internationally
  • Awareness in governments internationally
  • Integrify secured the funding they needed
  • Accessed to new grants
  • Awarded with 150,000€ from Next Century Builders Challenge Competition


  • PR campaign
  • Hyper-targeted marketing
  • Account-based marketing
  • Email outreach
  • LinkedIn campaign

Helping a social enterprise expand

GrowthMinds help Integrify get press coverage with PR activities

Integrify is an innovative startup based in Finland, and growing internationally. They help immigrants integrate into their new surroundings and find work, through learning coding skills.

Integrify had already proved their idea worked in Finland, but could see the idea potentially working on a much larger scale. With the EU forecast to have a deficit of 2m software developers by 2020, the idea of helping immigrants to integrate into society through training is very appealing, and something they wanted governments to be aware of and involved in too.

Integrify knew their approach could be replicated elsewhere, but to do that, they needed funding and to get funding, they needed governments to know about Integrify and its unique approach. So they approached GrowthMinds for help, to raise their profile, with a view to gaining more funding to expand.


Phase 1: press coverage

Integrify-PR-CampaignWe could see Integrify had a great positive message to sell, that would have wide appeal, so advised a targeted PR campaign with leading international titles to raise their profile.

The story was very topical, combining refugees, technology, and a good news element. We were successful in placing stories with Bloomberg, France 24, the Guardian, BBC World Service, Reuters, and the Huffington Post, to name a few.

We adopted a completely personalised approach: contacting individuals directly to place stories, and following up our initial contacts. That’s part of the secret to GrowthMinds success. We have experts who have worked in the media for years, as journalists and in PR. We don’t just send journalists an email and expect them to write a great story. We call them first, tell the story and then follow up. We build rapport, and with our expertise, we’re able to really pitch the idea properly.

So, we got the word out, Integrify was now on the map, and in the public’s consciousness, but we wanted to build on that, with action. That called for the second part of our efforts.


Phase 2: targeted marketing

Having raised awareness of Integrify, we wanted to open the purse strings to more funding. That meant targeting individuals in government that would see the potential of the idea, and could be persuaded to deliver funding, or advocate the idea further.

We launched an account based marketing campaign direct at these people, with the aim of promoting a conversation about Integrify, to gain further buy-in. Whereas PR is a broadcast mechanism to a wide audience, account based marketing focuses on a narrow audience of decision makers and influencers to improve conversion rates.

This campaign was executed through a mix of targeted advertising to specific email addresses, and additional messaging in tandem, using LinkedIn, which gives us the ability to filter our adverts to very specific groups, job titles and levels of seniority within organisations.

This direct content followed up the wider press coverage, which had already ‘warmed up’ the audience, making our direct approach easier.


…and the results

We’re proud to say that Integrify secured a 150,000 Euro grant following these activities, and are actively engaged in talks to expand their model to other countries, as a service to help governments integrate refugees into society in a really positive way that will result in them gaining real jobs that are in demand, with great prospects to help them on to happy fulfilled lives in their new country.

For us, that’s extremely satisfying: we fulfilled our brief of getting great coverage to raise the client’s profile, they secured funding and contacts to expand, and together we’ve helped improve people’s lives!


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