No Limits Sports

No Limits Sports: sports coaching company based in Sydney, Australia, delivering coaches and coaching programs to schools. Needed to market and increase bookings in a short amount of time.


Solution: Messaging > Email marketing



  • 10% uplift in open rates from 22% to 33%
  • Click rate up to over 1% from 0.3%
  • More bookings than ever before and bookings with new schools


  • Audience intelligence
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Performance Analytics
  • Growth campaigns
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead nurture campaigns

Optimise email campaigns to increase bookings

No Limits Sports is the leading provider of sports coaching for children aged 3-18 in the Sydney area. They provide coaches and coaching programs after school, in the holidays and during school terms.


They have a good reputation among the schools they work with, but needed to market their programs more effectively and increase bookings in a short amount of time. We released over 10 campaigns in 10 weeks. The result was more bookings than ever before, including bookings from new schools, who signed up quickly and easily.

How we did it

Know your audience

We took the time to understand the different audiences that No Limits Sports market to, and the services that they offer. In particular, we gained a deep understanding of what is important to each target audience when making the decision to hire in a coach or coaching program. We also looked at the approach and performance of previous campaigns.


A new email marketing program

We quickly developed three new email templates, revamping the messaging according to our research and creating a new look and approach – going from a simple plain text introductory email, to a branded marketing email to really convey the offering and benefits of booking with No Limits Sports.


Different templates were created according to the goal of the email – one for a strong offer message, one for communicating with new schools, who hadn’t booked before and one for No Limits Sports’ pre-school offering.

before and after email optimisation

We also created a framework for messaging, starting with the offer, moving into the specifics of the service, followed up by a client quote and a section defining why a school would want to choose No Limits Sports over and above any other service provider.


Knowing that many of the clients wanting to take the service would not be clicking the email to make a booking, but rather calling for a conversation, we ensured the final section of the email was personable – developing a sign off call-to-action module featuring a photo of the Director of Coaching with the phone number clearly visible and mobile-activated.


Finally, we invested in imagery that would instantly convey the experience of the sessions for children, ensuring that culturally, they looked right for the region.

Bookings for the upcoming holidays are the highest we’ve ever had, so I think email campaigns have been a big success! We’ve also picked up a few great new schools through our school marketing emails which is a great result!

Josh Clark, Director of Coaching, No Limits Sports


Open rates were one of the most important measures. The new templates delivered a10% uplift in open rates from 22% to 33%. Click through rates weren’t directly relevant to booking as we knew the majority of bookings would come via phone calls. However, click-through rates were important to drive new schools to the No Limits Sports website, where they would gain more insight into the company. Click-through rates increased over 1% from 0.3%.


And most importantly, in a very short space of time, No Limits Sports increased the number of bookings they had and secured bookings from new schools in the Sydney area.

We’re continuing to test, refine and develop campaigns that deliver results for No Limits Sports. If you need support with email marketing, get in touch to discuss what you need.