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Toronto, Canada


Uplift in traffic from social media


Referrals from email activities

1 Million

Target customers reached

J-Curve Stage:

Model to Scale


Strongpoint had a desire to model-out sales scalability through lead generation. There was insufficient data in place to drive decisions, so we designed, implemented and tracked an MVP ecosystem.

Our focus

  • Message strength

Landing pages and ad copy took customer language and A/B tested to find most impactful.

  • Website experience

Landing page tests established which page styles delivered the highest CVR.

  • Bottom of funnel

Sales activity supported with content and CTA tests to improve engagement and buyer passion.


This targeted, data-driven approach allowed Strongpoint to build scalable marketing platform with which to deliver sales.


─── Before
─── After

This has been a really successful project for us. GrowthMinds’ processes have allowed us to be really measured about our choices and to zero in on the best channels for us without wasting time and money on the wrong things.

Andrea Sorensen

Head of Marketing


Phase 1: Narrowing demand generation

Optimise top of the funnel budget through micro-segments (companies, level of seniority, geographies) and direct toward purpose-built landing pages.


Phase 2: Fire action based pixel and analytics

Distribute retargeting pixels on multiple platforms with different triggers (visit page, abandoned chart, amount of pages, topics).

Phase 3: Craft highly specific email campaigns

Craft email campaigns based on retargeting pixels and specific interests. Involve journalists or specialised writers to fine tune topic and audiences.

Phase 4: Measuring and optimising

Add clear CTA and integrate qualitative (Hotjar) and quantitative (Google Analytics, Netsuite, Adwords, Squarespace).