Accelerating the growth of an expanding success story

Strongpoint is a B2B series A stage business, delivering compliance technology management software.

Strongpoint have a great product, but people didn’t know about it. They needed to grow their customer base fast.

GrowthMinds helped Strongpoint build awareness with their target audience and build leads and conversions through targeting marketing campaigns.

Results: 5-month campaign

  • 1057% increase in conversions
  • 1580% uplift in referrals from email activity
  • 107% increase in website traffic
  • Reached over 1m target customers


  • Brand positioning
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Demand generation campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Brand building campaigns
  • Conversion optimisation

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Growing faster with a higher profile

Strongpoint is a rapidly expanding technology scale up. They provide automated documentation, change management and compliance for NetSuite and Salesforce systems.

We helped Strongpoint to build awareness with their target audience, driving conversions further with targeted marketing, all tracked to focus efforts on the most effective means of converting potential prospects to customers.

The campaigns achieved significant increases in leads and referrals from social and email channels.


Great products that more people need to know about


With over 180 customers across public and regulated sectors, Strongpoint is the fastest, safest, and most compliant solution for automated documentation, change management, and compliance in NetSuite and Salesforce systems.

When we started working with Strongpoint, they had a great set of products, with a potentially vast customer base. It’s just that many people didn’t even realise that what they do was even possible. Through automating tedious labour intensive tasks, they can make things so much easier, saving money, and making corporations more agile to change.

Customers that had taken on their product were loving it.  Strongpoint wanted to get the word out quicker, and grasp the opportunity they had to roll out a great product that people really needed, but just might not know existed.


Phase 1: raising awareness

Our goal was to reach as many potential customers in the US and Canada as possible: growing Strongpoint’s footprint, and building their client base geographically.

We wanted to engage potential customers with the right messaging to communicate the product benefits, the problems that their product solves, and give them an opportunity to convert their interest into sales.

So to move these contacts through a chain of behaviours towards converting, we built landing pages offering the opportunity to book a demo or trial, or contact Strongpoint for more info.

Through demand generation, we contacted the potential audience, and led them towards converting.

The key to success was getting the right messages to the right people, on the right platforms.

We didn’t want to waste resources sending the message out to people who the product didn’t relate to, or wouldn’t be influential in purchasing decisions.

We targeted only people who were working with Salesforce and NetSuite at a certain level of seniority, and in the right geography to achieve our client’s goals.

Targeted adverts on well picked themes led through to custom landing pages with related messaging and a call to action aimed at driving conversion from incoming sales enquiries.

By monitoring take up of the campaign, we were able to retarget further campaigns in the most successful ways, and follow up with more advertising further down the line.


2. Marketing content

Creating compelling, insightful content pieces that would strike a chord with potential customers was crucial.

We knew we were dealing with a savvy technical audience, so took great care to ensure the content that reached them spoke to their needs, in order to be compelling.

In partnership with our client we were able to identify a series of themes and create associated articles on highly relevant business and compliance issues. To create these, our team of experienced journalists interviewed the client about a range of subjects for us to use in a series of email campaigns.


3. Demand generation through email

A targeted email campaign focused on key topics such as new changes in compliance, and change management, providing authoritative insight and weaving in explanations of relevant features in Stronghold’s products. All emails included clear calls to action for demos or trials.

Emails were also sent to the client’s existing audience of low level leads, existing prospects and customers, reminding them of product benefits, with the aim of moving them through the sales funnel. Existing customers would be reminded of why they bought, and then provided upselling opportunities.


4. Tracking and delivering quality leads

icon of digital trackingAll of our campaigns are tracked, so we could see the engagement from each email campaign, the take up for each email, and track engagement and conversion.

Identifying the most productive points for lead generation, or where people fell out of the funnel all fed back to us and the Strongpoint sales team, to improve future activities.
By using a variety of tools such as Squarespace, Google Analytics, NetSuite, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords we’re able to monitor all the marketing outreach we do for clients, gaining valuable data and insights.
The level of data allows us to analyse all possible actions, or lack of actions – all of which generate a lead score that feeds straight through into the client’s CRM for further analysis.


Impressive results

In under two months, we managed to generate an 8 times increase in leads, and reach over 100,000 targeted potential customers with key messaging.

The client experienced a 250% uplift in website traffic via social media, and a 1580% uplift in referrals from email activity.

We are growth hackers, so what ultimately matters is results.

That’s why everything we do is closely monitored, and we interpret the data, and adapt accordingly, following what works.

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