Utility Week Live

Optimising an adwords campaign

Utility Week Live is the annual conference for the UK publication, Utility Week. Over 3000 people go to the event each year.

Utility Week Live needed help driving registrations in the 3 months running up to the event.

GrowthMinds helped by creating and optimising new adwords and retargeting campaigns.


  • Conversions increased 162%
  • Cost per click was reduced 40%, while click thru rates more than doubled to 6%.


  • Keyword analysis
  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Campaign optimisation

A deadline-driven campaign

Utility Week Live is a huge event hosted at the NEC in Birmingham. Thousands of professionals get together each year to talk about innovations and new technologies in the utilities industry.

GrowthMinds joined the team to improve and optimise the digital adwords and retargeting campaigns that UWL were running to drive registrations and hit their 3000+ target.

There were two registration landing pages for the event:

  • The event homepage for new visitors
  • A free ticket registration page for returning visitors

Various adwords campaigns were driving to these pages, but they weren’t converting well enough for the investment. Here’s how we fixed that!


Steps to success

1. Keyword analysis

We conducted a keyword analysis to assess how to drive the right traffic to the site. This enabled us to update the keywords for each adwords campaign. By using narrow and specific keywords we targeted the right audience and minimized valueless impressions, improving the CTR instantly.


2. New adverts

We created two new ad groups – one for each of the two landing pages – and directed “familiar” traffic directly to the free ticket registration page, whereas new visitors were taken to the event homepage.

With the new keyword analysis in place, we created and wrote new text ads for each ad group encouraging free ticket registration.


3. Optimisation

By creating several ads for each group, we could test and learn which ads were most successful very quickly.

When several ads are running, the most efficient ad was shown automatically by Adwords. We also increased the max CPC for specific targeted keywords to collect the most valuable traffic and improve the conversion rate.


What did success look like?

  • The amount of clicks increased 262% in the two months of active campaigning
  • The overall CTR for the campaign improved to 6.02% (any CTR over 4% is excellent)
  • The CTR during the last two weeks of May was 7.08%
  • The average position of ads was 2.8
  • Conversions increased 162%, driving over 2,500 registrations.


If you think digital advertising can help your business grow, we can help you do that efficiently and effectively.  Give us a call and we’ll come up with a plan.